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Love it!
Karen, Texas,
I fill my girls caddi a couple of times a day with fresh veggies or fruits.....They absolutely love it and come running when they see me! It keeps the treats up off the ground and provides great stimulation for them. One of my best purchases!
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
Perfect treat holder
We previously used a cheap bird feeder but it didn’t last. This is great. Well made and easy to fill. String is perfect length too. Thanks.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
Well made. Chickens love it!
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder & Poppy Peck Toy
Happy girls...
Our hens love pulling their vegetable leaves out of the Caddi Treat Holder. We love it too - the food is kept off the ground and we can fill it in the dry before taking it out; it's also easy to move about so can be inside or outside the covered Eglu areas.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
Healthy eating for hens
Sue, Leics,
The holder keeps the food off the ground so the chickens don’t trample on it. I also have one in an aviary which the birds love to feed from.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
Amazing stimulation
Super toy for enrichment and providing treats and greens in an hen-tertaining way!
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder & Poppy Peck Toy
Caddi treat holder for chickens
How did I manage without this for so long? Perfect for stuffing greens in, even a largish apple will sit in the bottom. The girls love it too and weren't frightened of it at all.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
Treat caddy
Awesome love it!
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
My girls love their greens and pulling weeds but loose greens are too difficult for them to eat. This was the perfect solution. I was able to pack quite a bit in there too. At first the girls were nervous because it was swinging a bit. But once they realized it was full of yummy stuff they didn’t care.
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
Caddi Treat Holder Pendent Peck Holder
The Caddi Treat holder is great-I use it daily for leafy greens-The Pendent Peck Holder broke after the first week-It cracks around the top where you screw the top in, company never acknowledge it broke
Review for: Caddi Treat Holder
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