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Great cat run - Ellie,

Simple to put together and take down if needed. Cats absolutely love it! Just waiting on the beds which then hook onto the run itself! We anchored the run to the house so they can go in and out of the run when ever they like!
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 9ft

The reviewer has 2-4 Bengals pets

A faff to put up solo, but does the job! - Ceiswyn,

A DIY catio seemed like the simplest way to give my FIV+ cat some outdoor time. The catio plus pole took me literally all day to put up, and I think the roof would have been impossible to get on if I'd been shorter than 5'7 or had less arm and hand strength. I also went wrong twice; the instructions were correct, but maybe not entirely clear. However, my 6 kg chonk has been up and down the pole with it barely moving, and watching him listening and sniffing while sitting in a sunbeam makes everything worthwhile!
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 12ft

The reviewer has 1 pets

A sturdy enclosure made just for a cat - Lindell,

So many people think they can use a large dog kennel for cats..but they don’t realize that there is space all around the bottom and top and along the door that is just wide enough for a cat to get out. This has no such space anywhere. My cats are Houdini’s but no escape was possible. The doors open easily to put a cat in quickly or extract one. Two of mine jumped on the same side of the enclosure and it didn’t even wiggle! One comment is that the paper instructions are not good and they don’t quite follow the order of construction as shown in the video. It took longer to assemble than originally thought. Use the video and watch it several times and stop when needed for assembly.
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 12ft

The reviewer has 6-8 Ordinary house cats pets

Enclosure attached to our old Trellis - Claire,

Thank you for helping us create a relatively quick outdoor place for out cats to explore and sleep! We'd barely finished building this enclosure, put in a few rough walkways, and our 2 cats are already playing and enjoying spending the day outside. We plan to build platforms and walkways throughout the structure so they can look out over the world
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 9ft

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Fantastic cat enclosure - Sally-Anne,

Am absolutely over the moon with the omlet catio pen and equipment, it has now given freedom to both disabled cats who can now enjoy outside freedom. Unfortunately Sebastian was rescued after being involved in an Rta which resulted in an amputation. Also Brear force one who was rescued from a sad situation has a condition called PRA is now completely blind and didn't understand why he couldn't go outside. The pen and fantastic equipment omlet produce specifically for the pen allows even disabled cats to have there freedom and enrichment.
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 12ft

The reviewer has 2-4 Domestic short haire pets

Great product terrible instructions - Pamela,

It’s a well thought out design to be fair and perfect for our deaf cat. It was a bit of a nightmare to assemble. Instructions like complete the mid level aren’t very helpful ????
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 9ft

The reviewer has 1 Cat pets

I have bought the balcony enclosure as I wanted to be able to move it around. - Pamela, Lancashire,

Love my purchase, my husband has mounted it on a plinth with wheels so it can be moved to wherever is best to keep an eye on my cats.
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 12ft

The reviewer has 1 Oriental pets

Wonderful product! - Christie, Wisconsin,

I am super impressed with the product AND the company! FAST shipping, GREAT customer service, and sturdy QUALITY product!
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 9ft

The reviewer has 1 Cat pets


Deciding to have cats once again, it seemed that with a few modifications, the Omlet balcony unit(s) would fit the requirement for a protected outdoor environment. Because I was modifying the basic units by increasing the height and joining together 2 units, the order was complicated by the parts additions I needed. No problem! With the help of a lady member of staff, who really knew their product, the order arrived in 17 separate boxes and was COMPLETELY correct. Next, I checked the quality of the individual parts, which met or surpassed my expectations with the welds on the mesh being neat and the paint finish being both durable and a pleasing colour. I personally found the assembly instructions straight-forward and the accompanying videos informative. After modifying certain of the extra parts to suit my modifications, it all went together very smoothly and relatively quickly. We're very pleased with the end result and think it looks an reasonably elegant addition to the rear of the house being practical but not too intrusive. We have next to furnish it with shelves and cat tree, followed by acquiring a couple of occupants. Lol. Price-wise it's reasonable against other makes, and VERY reasonable, once you add in the quality and 'look' of the finished project. I would definitely recommend this system of Catio building.
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 12ft

The reviewer has 2-4 (Will be) Maine Coon pets

A Great Catio - Shawn,

It was intimidating at first and I procrastinated because I thought maybe I would pay a handyman to put it together. I’m glad I didn’t. I ended up doing it all by my self! I’m 65 and short! I did not find the video helpful. They really need to have a diagram of step 1, 2, etc. But call them on the phone if you get stuck. My cats love it. It is really well made and sturdy. I bought 2, a 6’ balcony and a 9’. I haven’t put the 9’ one together yet as I need a lot of room to lay it out and I am still in the middle of a move. CATIOS ARE THE GREATEST. They will change your life and save your cats’. No coyotes, no cars, no fights, no loss and no calling the cat in the middle of the night wondering where she or he is. If you are wondering if it’s worth the expense, absolutely! I had wood kits before and screened in porches, but this is really a great kit. Really pretty easy to put together once you get in the groove.
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 6ft

The reviewer has 2-4 DSH pets

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