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Verified Reviews for Clear Cover for Eglu Go - 1m

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Happy chickens - Sheila,

I have a two metre run attached to an EGLU go. The weather proof cover leaves a gap of about 12 inches on both sides of the run, so I have cut the 1m cover in half and covered the gap on each side. Run now fully weather proofed on each side equals happy chickens

The reviewer has 2-4 1Barred Plymouth Roc pets

Clear Cover - John,

Does what it says on the packet. Shame it took several months to be delivered.

The reviewer has 1 Ginger Ranger pets

Omlet Says: Hi John, Thank you very much for leaving us a review. I am happy to hear that you received your cover. We would like to apologise about the delayed delivery. In these uncertain times, Brexit, Covid and the recent Suez canal blockage all impact the global supply chain. Once we have the products back in stock we are dispatching them as soon as possible. We stay at your disposal if you need any further information. Best Regards, Clemence, Omlet Customer Service

Clear cover for Eglu Go 1m - Dena,

Good thick plastic, durable, good hooking. Will last! Fills gap in my defence against Avian flu.

The reviewer has 8-10 Various hybrid hens. pets