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Verified Reviews for Clear Tarp with Gutter Edge for Walk in Run – 6ft

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Lovely quality, good fit, weatherproof. - Val,

I bought this to go over my cats Omlet run, and it fits perfectly. It arrived the day after ordering, very efficient service, I would recommend this company every time.

The reviewer has 2-4 British Shorthair pets

Good product - Sean,

The clear cover is lightweight yet strong and is simple to install.

The reviewer has 6-8 Fowl Light Sussex, L pets

balcony catio rain/shade cover - Stephanie,

I bought the green cover but decided that it felt heavy as the cage is on a balcony and I want to preserve the light that comes through the window, so I got the clear cover, which I don't even notice now, so that's good. Both green and clear covers are great quality, and very good value for money. I should have returned the green one but didn't get round to it, maybe it will be useful when we move and expand the cage. At first the cats were a bit worried about the cover when it got windy because it flaps about a bit, but I figured they'd get used to it and they seem to have done so. I like the cover, I feel happier knowing that if they are out there and it rains a little they will be protected, and hopefully it will help to keep their fabric steps etc nice a bit longer too

The reviewer has 2-4 cats pets

easy to construct - Tony,

good value, well made strong!

The reviewer has 1 ex battery hen pets

Excellent cover - Josie,

The clear cover fits perfectly over the balcony Omlet and allows light to enter whilst keeping the rain off. Perfect for our needs.

The reviewer has 2-4 Tabby cats pets

Happy chickens - John,

Several rainstorms have come and gone in the last few weeks with the cover has been in place. Very happy chickens! They can still roam their run and ignore the downpours!.

The reviewer has 6-8 Hybrid chickens pets

Excellent Product - Sue,

This keeps off most of the rain (sometimes rain falls sidewards!). It's durable and strong and a doddle to put on. I live in an area which has strong winds but this cover has never budged. Definitely recommend.

The reviewer has 2-4 Sussex hybrid pets

durable - An Omleteer,

A thick plastic cover, clear, with heavy duty grommets and bungie cords to keep it in place. As is typical with Omlet, there are design details that only make sense when you install it. In this case, the free edge of the cover inserts right between the mesh of the run and the ridgeline of the coop, so there are no drips between the coop and the cover. Only regret: wish I'd ordered two to cover the length of the run. This 6' cover doesn't go all the way to the ground, so some snow does drift into the run along the edge.

Pricey but does the job - Hannah, Kent,

I have a dark cover on my run but wanted to let more light in when I added an extension. This is perfect. It's been up for a month in strong sun and high winds and still looks like new.

Fine for those who need to get sun in - Charles,

This product is OK but I have found that under the elastic tension of hooks the plastic is too soft and the metal eyes which the elastic goes through are distorting the plastic. it is also much more light weight than the heavy duty cover which is excellent and will clearly last many times longer. If given the choice again I would have gone with 2 heavy duty covers

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