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???? A Clucking Good Time - Eglu Cube, 13ft run, stand & wheels, automatic door. - Cheryl, New Jersey,

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I was hesitant to purchase this coop because I really didn't think the plastic would be as good as a traditional wooden coop. However, it was so easy for me to put together, TO CLEAN and to move on my own. I am SO incredibly impressed, my chickens love it and so do my kids. By the way, if you are thinking about getting the automatic door...DO IT! I have 3 kids and between all of the kids extracurricular activities, I am confident if we are running late that my girls are in their coop safe and sound.
Review for: Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 4-6 Easter Egger, Black pets

Wonderful coop! - Vicki, Pennsylvania,

I love everything about this coop! Easy to clean, girls seem to like it :) I love the separator between the nesting area and roosting "bars"; it keeps Miss Charlotte from sleeping in there and making a mess. I love the ease of cleaning, the auto door (no more dragging myself out of bed on the weekends to let the girls into the run), and the mobility of the coop. I have the coop + 13ft run and I can move it myself. I'm only 5'1" so it's often difficult to raise anything up high enough to move it, but with the placement of the handles and the fact that the wheels raise the back of the coop high enough, I have no problem moving it. Word to the wise: Put things together in the order they provide. I planned on putting the coop together first (on my porch - it was raining), moving it to the yard, and then attaching the run. Big mistake. You have to attach the first of the run panels to the front of the coop before attaching the sides/back/top. I had to take everything apart, attach the run, and put it all back together.
Review for: Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

What a chicken coop !! - Karim,

I bought a Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop may be 9 weeks ago . How was the experience .... Customer Service - Excellent Coop Quality - it looks like lego and what a design !!!! Everyone like this . Cleaning process - Hassle-free and good for the chicken as this is made out of plastic there fore no risks of coop pest issues Am I satisfied? - I could only fit 4 chickens in the iglu coop as it is small. I want to buy more chickens and therefore in the process to order the large iglu coop. I highly recommend it !!
Review for: Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Purple

The reviewer has 2-4 ISA BROWN pets

So easy for a 1st time chicken momma! - Dawn,

I am so glad I have the Omlet family helping me with my first time chicken raising! I love my Cube and the accessories that go with it. So far, it is so easy to keep clean and my chicas seem very, very happy.
Review for: Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Purple

The reviewer has 4-6 Cross bred hens pets

Thanks for your help! - Heather,

I have loved my omlet automatic door, so after Hurricane Ian destroyed my coup I bought this to house my hens. Despite my coup falling apart my automatic door still worked! The folks at omlet were kind enough to send me the hardware I needed to attach the two for free. Thanks again for your help.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop - Green

The reviewer has 6-8 Mixed dlock pets

Incredible Coop After Difficult Build - Kendra, California,

I've owned this coop since 2020 and really love it. I added two extensions, an extra waterer and feeder, the autodoor, and covers (for year round use). I even added the autodoor to my wooden coop that houses chicks. My eight bantam cochin and silkie hens sleep and lay eggs in this coop. I placed towels in the laying the areas for easy cleaning and less mess. I don't close the door to run, because even with the extensions, it would be crowded for 8 bantam hens and 1 rooster, but they will stay in the run for protection during rainy and windy days.While I did buy the wheels to move the coop, I do not use it as a tractor trailer. Far better for the health and happinesses of the chickens to allow them to free range under pop-up tents and trees with nearby reflective pinwheels for overhead raptors. My guard cat lives in peace with my free range bantams while keeping larger invading cats at bay. The hens required some training to climb the ladder, and now they even go broody in the laying the area. Any hens with crests covering their eyes will need to trimmed or placed in a rubber band to see the ladder. The sleeping area allows them to perch above their poop, and can be easily cleaned by scrapping it into the garbage. Also if the run should puddle with water, the coop remains high and dry. Parasites, such as mites, won't be able to infest the crevices. Any coop under a tree with wild finch will eventually endure these critters, so plastic will probably be the only solution to this problem. In regards to accessories, almost everything is high quality. The feeder and waterer are easy to clean and fill. The feeder will prevent water from entering (but not rodents). The autodoor won't crush the hens and is very dependable (really the biggest bang for your buck for autodoors). The peck toys really keep the hens entertained. The base, however, should be coated because it will rush if left in the rain after 1 year. The plastic covers for the back of the coop protect my hens from strong winds while they huddle at the back of the run. The thin top cover will wear out after two years and should be replaced with a thicker cover. The only accessories missing are a misting system and cooling pad to keep the flock cool during the summer. I find that the heat can be far more damaging to the health chickens than the cold. I took away 1-star for difficulty in building the Omlet coop. Videos should be watched before assembling because the instructions can be difficult to follow and it is easy to become lost in the steps. The coop does require at-least people to assemble over a weekend (for a full 2-days). Be prepared to buy extra zip ties in case mistakes are made when assembling and to give more stability to the run. I have no regrets with my purchase now that I am two years into owning the Omlet.
Review for: Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Purple

The reviewer has 6-8 Silkies and Bantam C pets

Love this coop! - Yvette,

We have had several types of coops for our hens over the years. This is the first one made of plastic. It is quite elaborate, and very warm and dry for the cold and rainy months here in Ohio. I am excited by the prospect that this will last several years versus the wooden ones that make it only two to three years before needing maintenance or a replacement to keep the foxes out.
Review for: Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with Wheels and Accessories - Purple

The reviewer has 8-10 pets

Looking the coop - World class!! - Jimmy, SA,

I brought the coop 2 week ago and straight out of the box you could tell this was a quality product. The build was easy and went together a dream. Now it looks ace in situate and is homing our 3 chooks. Love it!
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop - Green

The reviewer has 2-4 Hyline Brown Chooks pets

Definitely recommend! - Chelsie, Nebraska,

I am a first time chicken keeper and I wanted something that would last, would allow me to move my chickens around, and was easy to clean. After hours and hours of research (my YouTube is filled with chicken coop reviews!) I settled on the Eglu Omlet. I am so glad that I did. This thing has proven to be everything the reviews said it would be… extremely difficult to put together for sure, but worth the initial hassle. I have 6 chickens (sapphire gems and buff orpingtons) and I initially purchased the 6 ft run extension. I used that for about 4 months before purchasing another 3ft run extension. I decided to purchase the run extension mostly as winter is coming (we live in the Midwest) and I want to provide them more room when the coop is being moved less. With a total of 12ft (and no run handles) my 2 year old daughter pushes the coop and I pull on the run and we have no problem moving it around the yard. It is difficult if I don’t have a pusher as even my little 2 year old makes a big difference in the mobility. We only allow supervised free ranging due to a pair of nesting bald eagles who would love a chicken dinner so the coop is moved almost daily to allow them access to fresh grass and dirt. I have 2 perches in there that they love and they were worth the money. I purchased the automatic door initially and am so glad I did. That is 100% worth the cost (and I would not want to add it on later given the hassle of building the thing). I also purchased the coop light, though honestly I think it just confuses them and so I have not had it on recently. Could have done without the light as my chickens are in bed 20 minutes before dusk. This coop is super easy to clean! My 2 snd 5 year olds loves to scrub at it with the soap and dish brush. It doesn’t take long and all components look like new. Very easy to empty the bedding every couple of days. If the makers are taking recommendations I would love to see a small storage compartment to hold treats. Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality, predator proofing, cleaning abilities, accommodations, and mobility of this coop. I love it!
Review for: Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Purple

The reviewer has 4-6 Buff Orpington and S pets

Cold Winters require bedding and the insulated cover because the plastic on the slide out gets very, very cold, Straw works well! COZY! - Kim,

I purchased 4 coops for 11 birds and they sort themselves out at night ( as they have their chicken friends and they nest/stick together ). we live in Upstate NY ( Hudson area close to the Massachusetts and Connecticut borders ). Our winters while not always brutal are often in the single digits and certainly in the teens. PLEASE put straw or bedding down. I noticed immediate happiness for the girls instead of the cold plastic which is slipper and my hens dont like at all ( in the summer I keep a thin layer of shredded small pet paper bedding in there ) . ALSO A CAUTIONARY TALE!!!! Check your open EGLU’S for predators before the ladies go to bed at night. We had a stealth Raccoon find his way into one during the day and patiently wait. He new the routine! It could have been a devastating feeding frenzy…with the girls unable to escape! Fortunately I’m always home and fairly crazy about my hen’s happiness, so I make a habit of checking the coops - especially before bed! Don't think for a minute that predators are only nighttime feeders. An easy meal.. is an easy meal, and it’s a horrible death for a beloved hen. We have a 900sq ft predator proof run and I also free range them when I’m home during the day. The raccoon simply walked through the open gate.
Review for: Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Purple

The reviewer has 10+ cream leg bars and o pets

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