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Verified Reviews for Eglu Go - Wheel Set

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Great chicken pen accessory - Join,

Really pleased with it as it comes up to quality of our first bought 6 Year ago

The reviewer has 2-4 Warren pets

So easy to move! - Katelyn,

These wheels are awesome! I can very easily move the hutch every day.

Great - Kate,

Love that we can move this around the garden so easily!

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Works fine and easy to fit. Not quite as precise in clicking into slots as I had expected but as I say it works well enough. - Stephen,

Wheels - Jenna,

They are a must have if you are purchasing one of these runs.. As it's easy to move your run around. ????

Great but a little catchy - Catriona, Somerset,

Really easy to attach and I'm much happier moving our eglu go around now especially on my own. Does sometimes need a wee tweak to catch/ uncatch the wheels from the hook to raise/ lower the wheels. But overall a good, simple mobility solution. Seems quite sturdy too.

An essential - Sue, N/A,

I think these wheels (with the handles as well) are a must have to move the hutch and run around. When in the "up" position they also keep the house just off the grass to reduce marking the lawn.

Eglu Go Wheel Set - John, Kent,

Arrived on time, easy to fit, G Pigs whizzing round lawn.