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Verified Reviews for Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Cube MK1 Green

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Great winter cover - William, Fife,

This fits my Mark 1 cube perfectly and appears to be keeping my hens nice and warm in the cold winter months.

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Warm chicks make happy chickens - Hamish,

Love it, so nice for them in the winter months.

The reviewer has 2-4 Buff Orpington pets

Fits perfectly & has survived 60 mph winds ???? - Jenny,

Strong & good quality product, I love it & it does make a temperature difference inside my royal highnesses coop, so very satisfied. However its winter, so my lazy girls are still sulking & not laying ???? guess they'll make me wait for more daylight in the spring..... Gotta love those hens ????

The reviewer has 8-10 Ex battery hens frie pets

High Quality Thermal cover - Chris,

I purchased this in the summer ready for the winter. Some say that isnt needed but I am keen to ensure the chickens are warm. I put it on at a time of freezing fog. Really thick nice quality cover. Easy to fit, with hooks to hold down and pull chords to pull tight against the house

Fantastic - Pati,

This jacket is very high quality & really protects the eglu coop, it looks smart too. My hens are snug. A perfect fit, very easy to access egg port. Definitely worth the money!

Quality cover to keep your chooks toasty - Lynne, Gloucestershire,

I've had my Omlet Cube for over 14 years now and my ladies have always been fine even when it reached -10 degrees, but when I saw there was an offer on the extreme weather blanket, I bought one and I'm so pleased I did. It is very easy to fit and very well made. It covers up the ventilation slots on the sides, but not on the back of the cube. It is water repellent and just like a duvet and was noticeably warmer inside the cube when I used it (their poo hadn't frozen!). Highly recommended.

Disappointed as inferior product to the original I bought - Janette,

My original cover was destroyed by a horse, otherwise I would not need to replace it. Being forced to buy another cover, was disappointed to see that a replacement was only a strip of padded material & does not cover the back of the Egil cube.

Great product - Elizabeth,

I love it and so do the girls. I feel happy that they are protected from the cold winter weather. Good quality product and great fit on the coop.