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Verified Reviews for Feet Frame with Square Wood Feet for Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Pack of 4

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Finally. A cat bed that my cat actually uses. There is no greater praise - An Omleteer, Hertfordshire,

My cat is six years old. In that time I have bought her numerous cat beds all of which she has treated with utter contempt. If tried to lift her up and place her on these other beds she would react dramatically like I was making her walk across burning hot coals. So I was a little unsure about buying this and for the first few weeks she completely ignored it. *sigh* here we go. I tried it in a few locations but then just left it by a radiator in a quiet room hoping the warmth would coax her in. 6 weeks pass and I start to give up hope. But then one night I get up and she is nowhere to be seen… Where do I find her? That’s right. Curled up in the cat bed & I haven’t been able to get her out of since. She loves it. Best cat bed I have ever bought. Just needed a little patience. Am now hoping that they decide to make one in a larger size for her big brother so I can reclaim my sofa.

The reviewer has 1 Tabby pets

Bed great - assembly a faff! - Dawn,

The bed part of this product is fantastic. Plush and soft. However the assembly, while straightforward enough, was a total faff. I don't have a screwdriver that fits down the hole. So I'm waiting to borrow one before I can complete it. For the huge extra price for 4 small feet, I would have expected it to arrive already assembled.

The reviewer has 1 pets