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Verified Reviews for Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate - White

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Great Crate! - Wendy, California,

This is one of nicest crates we’ve owned. It’s sleek design and reasonable price made it well worth the investment. We bought it for our new bulldog puppy. In the early weeks, the design makes it simple to block part of it off for crate training. We simply used some plastic cord ties to secure a piece of wire mesh to the opposite wire sides and then continued to move it back while he was growing and learning. The two entrances - side and front - are ideal for any room configuration. It’s easy to put together and the higher quality furniture type design make it nice to look at. I put ours in the laundry room and use the top for his supplies and for folded laundry. Couldn’t be happier! Purchase the plastic liner for sure! It’s easily removable for cleaning during those early weeks!! Wish I would have had the additional space for the attached cubby as I can see the benefits of having a dedicated space to put all the dog supplies there.

Love It! - Kathleen,

I receive so many compliments on this piece and my dogs love it. I bought two and the wardrobe and put them side to side under my window. It looks great.

Really Great! - Jill,

When i found the Fido Studio online i thought it looked just what we were looking for. Having had a normal large dog create before we were looking for something that was a bit more stylish to fit into our kitchen and we are not disappointed. The Fido Studio is a solid piece of furniture and a great den for our two Cocker Spaniels. They loved it from the minute we put it together.

Stylish, comfortable, luxury dog crate - Maddie, Gloucestershire,

I can’t believe I hadn’t found this before when searching for a doggie den/crate what an amazing luxury products and very well priced to! I hate the look of normal crates in the house but this one fits in perfectly and works as a great sideboard in my kitchen! All hidden away my pooches loves their crate, it’s a snuggly den where they can go and relax. The crate bed is lasso very comfortable, better than any crate bed I’ve found online or in shops. The assembly instructions were great and it was even easier than putting together a piece of Ikea furniture. I’ll be getting another one in the future so I can create a double bed! Highly recommended this product!

A fantastic product, stylish and great quality! - Angela,

This crate was perfect for me! I'd been searching the world (unsuccessfully) for a crate that looked great to put in my newly renovated house...I just didn't want an ugly crate that I couldn't wait to get rid of! I wanted one that looked like a piece of furniture so I would see through the crate training. My friend sent me a link to this product and it was just what I was looking for. My puppy, now 7 months, seems very happy to spend time in there and it still looks as new after 5 months. She has however just managed to eat her way through 2 of your cushions, she's pretty brutal when it comes to chewing but maybe these could be tougher? Otherwise, a fabulous product I would highly recommend. Thank-you!

Loves it! - Linda,

We’ve had this crate since we first brought our puppy home. The first thing he did was stretch out loving the fact he had so much space after being in the litter. Luckily he was already crate trained when he came home, he’s never had a problem being there and is as happy being popped in during the day if we have to leave him, as he is at bedtime. He has plenty of room to grow into it too. Also has the added bonus of being easy to clean and looks good in our living room too!

Gorgeous piece of design - Chloe,

I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous Fido Studio 36 and Wardrobe for my pug, Boris. I chose the larger size even though I know the smaller one is more pug appropriate, in case I get another dog in the future. He loves it! To be fair he'd probably fit in the wardrobe at a push but with his huge new crate he has loads of room for a bed and his food and water bowls. The construction was easy to follow and I didn't make any major mistakes. I like the fact that the wardrobe could be separated again later and the crate doors rearranged if I wanted to, so the crate could adapt to fit a different location. the white walls fit in perfectly with my craft room white furniture and I no longer feel like I'm being mean and trapping him in a wire cage while I work: he's got his own little mansion! Love the fact that there's even an Omlet brand logo plate... for the inside of the crate! Makes me smile because only he can see it in day to day use but there are a lot of careful details like that included. On top of that I've got my cutting mat on the top of the crate as a little desk extension, so I get something out of the arrangement too, and the wardrobe is even big enough for my sewing machine (but I think he'll be claiming all of that space too).

Excellent product. Speedy delivery - Julie,

I had been looking to purchase a dog crate 'with a twist' for a while - primarily to fit an alcove in my living room. I wanted something to compliment the rest of the room & comfortably accommodate my miniature schnauzer. The Fido 36 is perfect. It looks good in the alcove & the dog loves it, she can stretch out with room to spare! It's well designed, easy to put together & value for money. Very pleased with my purchase.

Love this product! - Kayleigh, Oxfordshire ,

I got the 36'' crate with a wardrobe on the side and both me and my dog love it! It blends in lovely with other pieces of furniture in the house and the covered top makes it easier to find a place in the house without setting off the house alarm. My 1 year old Cavapoo loves to have his own space that he can sprawl out in and be comfy! It's a very sturdy product and so easy to clean. Could not recommend this crate enough!

- Lauren,

Bought one of the dog crates with the cupboard attached for my Grooming salon and I absolutely love it - it looks great, less like a crate and more like a cosy little room for your dog!

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