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Verified Reviews for Geo Bird Cage for Parakeets, Finches and Canaries

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Fabulous!!!! - Margaret, Devon,

What a great addition to the Geo Cage. Already tried a shallow pot put on the cage floor but this bath is really good. My budgie, Misty got in it straight away and showed obvious delight. I though it rather expensive for a small plastic dish however it was worth it for the entertainment value Misty provided for us. He couldn't quite get his wings in it but as he is a contortionist managed to splash about everywhere. The only other problem is when it is empty he tries to unhook it and throw it out!! Great purchase!!!
Review for: Geo Bird Bath

fantastic playground for baby Pippin - Christine,

Hello from across the ocean! I'm so glad I found this beautiful cage for our baby parakeet. I've had parakeets all my life, but have never had a cage my parakeet could fly in. Baby Pippin is four months old and settling in nicely to his spacious home. He loves swinging and climbing and flying. Thanks for the thoughtful designs that takes birds' physical and mental needs in mind!
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

Amazing present for me and my birds! - Jennifer,

My daughter, a vet is very keen on spacious pet housing so she bought me this beautiful stylish cage for my elderly budgie. My budgie loved it so much she took on a new lease of life so we purchased another budgie and now they live very happily, with space to fly and play. The cage is a design statement in my living room and fits in beautifully on its bamboo stand! My daughter assembled it and the instructions we very helpful. The cage is easy to clean and the unique feeder stops bird seed getting everywhere! Thank you Omlet we now have a chicken house and a bird cage! Just bought a omlet bird bath they love that too!
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Teal and Gold

Lovely cage - perfect for our single budgie! - Beth,

We got the Omlet cage as a replacement home for our 3 year old budgie. It was delivered really well packed, and took a little while to put together but once it was up it’s really sturdy and looks great. Almost all of our toys could be transferred over, though we did have to use our own feeding and water stations until he got used to the Omlet one - which only took a couple of weeks. There’s a lot of recommendations not to get a round cage, but I really wouldn’t consider this round, there are still corners and we have ours against a wall so our budgie isn’t uncomfortable at all. Although we have our bird free flying most of the day, there is plenty of room for him to fly around inside when we go out. A couple of recommendations, we missed having a grill on the bottom as our budgie likes to potter around on the floor sometimes, but it’s just a preference. One thing we had to do was place some dowelling on the cage door for the bird to land on when going inside as the bar is quite thin to one on. Otherwise, our little guy took to this cage so well and we are really happy with it! It’s a great size for a single budgie, and he has a lot more room than his original cage. We were most interested in something our budgie would be happy in rather than appearance, so it’s a bonus that this is a lovely design and looks like a piece of art in our room!
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

Geo bird cage. - Shan,

I purchased this lovely cage as it was the biggest internal cage size I had seen. It is very attractive, and fun to assemble. It has taken a while for my 4 budgies, Willow, Cache, Maple and Jem to adapt to their new feeding station. It is very easy to clean. The only negative is that many of the budgies previous toys and perches don't work in the cage due to the angles. Tweet tweet!!
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

Love this cage, and im sure my bird does too - Annette,

Looks good and my budgies seems to fly around alot more than she did before. But others have said the shape is not good for a bird, but I havent had a problem., was a long haul to put together though, you need patience.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Teal and Black

Geo bird cage feeder - Connie,

The design is awesome ,unlike any cage I have owned before. The feeder is the best by far.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

- Chris,

Fantastic. Purchased for a friend who absolutely loves this cage and so do the Finches. Lots of comments from her friends on how great this cage is. Heaps of room for the Finches to fly around.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Black

Geo bird cage full set up. - Christine,

Bought the bird cage stand and the night cover plus extras .and love it so does my budgie. I've all all kinds of birds and cages .over the years ,this one beats them all for style.quality,and bird features eg the perches and feeder would reccomend.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Teal and Black

Omlet bird cage - Christopher,

Good Geodesic design which makes it strong when assembled.Can be slightly tricky to assemble but with patience and forethought as to where one wants the doors,is achieved quite easily.Only one gripe why are the bars on the cage not horizontal? so that the birds can grip and climb up them?.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Teal and Black

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. The vertical wires make the mesh panels more stable to prevent the cage from bending. It is also for an aesthetic purpose as the bars line up better. Best wishes, team Omlet.

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