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Verified Reviews for Geo Bird Bath

Very easy to clean looks good in room Carl ( the canary ) loves it
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Canary pets
Amazing cage
This cage was one of the best items I’ve bought and I haven’t been this excited over a simple purchase in years. It’s a beautiful and elegant cage that really brings class into my apartment and was a fun project for my daughter and I to put together over the holidays. My birds immediately liked the cage because it gave them room to flutter mid air. The food dish is taking 2 of my birds some time to figure out but the one that has, is enjoying everything to himself. I highly recommend this to anyone with small birds.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 2-4 1 Canary and 2 zebra pets
LOVELOVE my new bird cage,
I am so pleased with this cage, it's different, bigger then expected, but, that's good. My children(adults) are making fun of me, because I bought the cage before the birds!! But, when I saw it I could not resist. Now that I have it I'm so pleased. Thank you Omlet!!!
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 2-4 Canary pets
Hard to clean
My bird loves his home, I love the size and shape and that is the only good part. As for cleaning, it is literally a pain. You have to detach the whole cage, and the seed does not go directly into the cups provided (under tray); literally it takes me over 1/2 hour to take the thing apart, clean each of the feeders, tray underneath and clean the floor of the cage. Why you note that all you have to do is take apart and take out trays and empty is crazy because you have to clean more than seeds. Birds do poop alot and it gets all over on top of the feeders, so you literally are cleaning everything in the cage twice a week. I give thumbs up for size and accessories, I purchased toys elsewhere, and my bird is happy, but wish I had one that was easier to clean, it would be great to be able not to take apart to get middle feeders and trays out instead of always having to take the whole thing apart. I did purchase plastic kids mats and cut out my own bottom, this way I can wipe up and literally put in the sink to sanitize. I made 4 mats so I do not always have to order the paper ones due to shape of the cage. You can't purchase bottom paper liners anywhere, so to save on an already tight budget this is how I dealt with that issue as well.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Parakeet pets
The best
Hard to put together when you don’t read instructions correctly ???? It’s great. Beautiful and my birds love it!
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 2-4 Finches pets
So good! Would love to see some added options for modification in the future :)
I got this for a parrotlet - he's the size of a parakeet minus the tail feathers :) - and he absolutely loves it. It's also a bonus that it's absolutely stunning. In the future, I wish omlet would provide some modified options , e.g., I prefer to use ceramic or stainless steel food and water dishes since plastic can collect slime. It would be so cool if omlet would provide ceramic and/or stainless steel alternatives. Also, maybe a version of the cage without the pole in the center for the food and water dishes - since I've removed the feeder and waterer, I was left with the pole sticking up from the center, which I covered in some toys. Last, I removed the dowel rods in favor of natural perches - at first, I was concerned that the odd angles of the cage may prove challenging for this, but it turns out that having the angled perches more accurately estimates the natural angles of tree branches, and this is actually beneficial to our parrotlets little feet :) all in all, a very happy customer :) I love omlet and would LOVE for them to provide options for travel cages for small birds - the options on the market now are pretty tragic, either ugly or dangerous or us out, omlet :)
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 parrotlet pets
what a fantastic cage. my budgie loves it. he has room to fly from perch to perch. just a small niggle - you cannot take out the feeding station through the door, you have to dismantle top from bottom everytime. do yoy sell sand papers to fit?
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 budgie pets
Pretty good
To start off, the cage is very pretty and unique. It was easy to put together, it took me about 30 minutes to do it alone. The selling point for me was the stand, as I have cats and wanted a way to elevate my bird without having to hang the cage, but a regular table was not an option as the cats would just jump up to it. One of the bolts that came with the stand to help secure it into place had too small of threading and could not be used. Technically it works fine without it, but at some point I'll have to go to the hardware store and get a bolt that fits just to be safe. The cage is way more spacious than I imagined, I had plenty of room to add another small swing, rope ladder and 2 destruction toys. The bird bath and mirrors are nice add ons, however the film was very hard to get off the mirrors, and I actually had to use a knife to slice the mirror to be able to separate the film from it. The bird feeder in the center definitely helps with mess. The bad part is that they are not secure and my lovebird is able to knock them out if the holder and onto the bottom of the cage, and she did this twice just on her first day in the cage. The cover seems to be nice quality, so hopefully it will hold up in the wash well. Overall I would recommend this cage, not only does it look nice but it's very spacious and sturdy. My lovebird definitely loves this cage.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 Lovebird pets
Best cafe we’ve ever had
This is truly a beautiful and well-thought out cage that makes it feel less like parakeets are living in a dark, prison-like container and more like they have their own airy loft condo. I appreciate the use of more natural materials like the wood stand, and the geodesic design of the cage has its advantages. The first time we tried changing the cage liner, our parakeet did escape, and I realized this could be prevented by doing the process more slowly, like the part where you’re lifting the cage away from the bottom. We haven’t had issues since, especially since our bird is used to it now. I do appreciate how you can separate the bottom from the cage because it makes it so much easier to keep the cage clean, and since it’s plastic it’s easy to rinse off without worrying it’ll rust. The only thing that needs improvement is the seed dispenser. My parakeets have some trouble getting more seeds out when their seed cups start getting low, and I think this could be solved by making the seed dispenser easier for the seeds to flow out, and maybe the seed cups a little wider. The other thing is that the liners are super expensive at 10 for over $6, so maybe they could find a way to reduce the cost for the consumers. Otherwise, I will be cutting my own. Other than that, we really, really love this cage and are happy we found it!
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 2-4 Parakeet pets
I was surprised, but my budgie actually uses the bath. I put warm water in her cage every 2-3 weeks and she gets all excited. Its a great little accessory. Please do some more. Maybe some small branch like perches that can screw onto the cage?
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
The reviewer has 1 budgie pets
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