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Popeye is very excited about his Topology!
Boys lovin their bed!
Old boy ollie blending in!
Lexie is very comfy, thank you!
So cosy!
Blitz couldn’t wait to get on his new bed.
Maja relaxing
Totally happy, now just waiting for the undercarriage and then it will be all over.
Me 1st day on my new bed
Chili is super happy with his new bed from Omlet
Mia is fully enjoying her Luxe bed!
Shadow in the basket Topology
Melted in 😁
Comfy and Cozy
Jayz is in heaven size xl :)
Barely enough time to finish Zipping up the mattress cover before madame was already on it
Medium sized topolgy bed for my buddy, who is 15kg. i think it’s perfect.
Topology bolster bed with harry enjoying!
Great comfort
Yellow pouf topper
I’ve walked 10miles today! zzzzz
Levi's on the beg snoozing sometimes but he's 5,5 month old so we'll see how he fits when he's grown.
Maciste happy in his new bed!
Best Spot in the House
My little gaya
Together on Topology
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