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Great and soft
The cats love it. I did not realize my cats a too big but they still love it.
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Snowball White
The reviewer has 4-6 Savannah pets
Lovely fabric
I am very happy with the product, if a little disappointed that it wasn't slightly bigger.Sadly my fussy little cat, Tiggy, refuses to sit on it ????‍♀️
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Fig Purple
Beautiful item. Cats fight over it!
I'm always wary of impulsively buying things I see in my Instagram feed, but this company is legit. The item arrived really quickly, expertly packed, and the bed is well-made. The color is really nice, and I love the choice of feet. I was tired of all these raggedy cat beds junking up my house and decided to upgrade. The cats immediately started fighting over it so I had to buy another one. They seem to love that they're elevated off the ground and the beds are so elegant that I call them the "thrones." A great color assortment too and I was able to match the beds to different rooms in my house, and choose different feet depending on the style of the room. Now these are not really deep beds, but they're memory foam and have a nice rim around them and the cats seem to really love it. So don't worry when you get the bed and realize it's more like a cat throne/pillow, your cats will LOVE it.
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Ruby Red
The reviewer has 2-4 Domestic shorthair pets
My cat has never been on a new bed this quickly before
Just a few hours after its arrival, my cat could be seen purring away blissfully on her donut bed. Really pleased with the feel of the fabric, it's soft and fluffy and I like that there is a box shape in the centre of the cushion (thought it's clever as cats love a square/box. Also I think the butterscotch very much suits her Calico colours! Thank you
Review for: Feet Frame with Metal Hairpin Feet for Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Gold - Pack of 4
The reviewer has 1 Domestic longhair pets
Win, Staffordshire,
My cats fur becomes quite static after lying on it. But it doesn’t stop her
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Ruby Red
The reviewer has 1 Bengal pets
My cat loves it
My cat is one of those cats who desn't like cat beds! No matter what we have tried her with in the past she would refuse the sleep on it. Until the Maya Donut Cat bed. She got on it as soon as it was unpacked, curled up and fell asleep. She continues to love it. One very happy customer and one very happy cat!
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Earl Grey
The reviewer has 1 pets
Lovely but our cats won't use it...
It looks nice and is good quality but our cats will only go on it if I put cardboard on top of it!
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Butterscotch Yellow
The reviewer has 2-4 pets
comfy cosy
Although we have four cats, only one of them has chosen our Omlet bed as his favourite go to. It’s a great quality product, love the colour, speedy delivery, would definitely recommend and would definitely have bought more had any of our other cats shown an interest!
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Fig Purple
The reviewer has 1 moggy pets
Love it.
Bought it for my cat Sprout but he's very fussy, luckily I have three cats and the other two love it. Morris spends most time in it but Budleigh loves to milk tread in it too so win win. I'm sure Sprout will use it given half a chance but he's still very attached to his old bed. These beds are smart looking and good value for money, the cats would definitely buy again if the could get their paws on my credit card!!
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Earl Grey
The reviewer has 2-4 Moggies. pets
Bed great - assembly a faff!
The bed part of this product is fantastic. Plush and soft. However the assembly, while straightforward enough, was a total faff. I don't have a screwdriver that fits down the hole. So I'm waiting to borrow one before I can complete it. For the huge extra price for 4 small feet, I would have expected it to arrive already assembled.
Review for: Feet Frame with Square Wood Feet for Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Pack of 4
The reviewer has 1 pets
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