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Customer Images - Maya® Donut Elevated Cat Beds - Luxurious Cat Beds With Customizable Feet - 59 to 87 of 118

Love at first sight …..chico ????‍⬛
Cat bed winner!
Siamese if you please!
Sweet chilli enjoying his squishy be bed!????
Making dough on the cushy surface!
Snuggled into the donut!
Even our 9kg maine coon girl loves it!
The joy of sleeping in a cozy Maya donut basket.
Snug as
Two cats on two Maya donuts
Our beautiful marGot loves her new bed, it’s much better than the ironing pile it has replaced!
Stormie loves her new Maya bed!
Luna loves this bed
Our kitty loves her new Omlet bed!
Happy nap
Lovely lay down on it right away paw of zoé
Photo says it all!
Pom pom in cat bed
She loves it! It's so warm and comfy, fits her perfectly
Moira (ragdoll rescue) enjoying her Omlet bed the first day we brought her home!
Happy kitty
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