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Verified Reviews for Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Mint Green

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Top Cat Claimed It! - Miranda, Michigan,

This stylish cat bed was a Christmas present for our cats, who started sitting on it even when it was wrapped and under the Christmas tree! After set-up, our top cat in the pecking order claimed it for her own. She's not a big "dough maker," but she goes to town on the Maya Donut cat bed, kneading the cushy soft surface before curling up in the donut. Top Cat loves sleeping in the Maya Donut cat bed! We even caught her on our webcam, sleeping in it while we were out!

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Not a success - Liz,

I wish I had saved my money. Neither of my cats has even approached it yet alone used it, not even my tiny dog. Annoyingly I bought two! Grrrrrrr. Have since bought a soft banana shaped bed from Homesense for a quarter of the price and both my cats love it. It is next to the Omlet bed so they are clearly voting with their paws. The Omlet bed is quite deep and firm. Nice selection of colours which is probably what swayed me. It’s as popular with my cats as my Omlet Swing is with my chickens!

The reviewer has 1 Siberian cats pets