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Customer Images - Modern Chicken Coop - Eglu Go - 30 to 58 of 59

Several small chickens pecking grass in the run of their coop
A green chicken coop in the grass
A chicken on the roof of her pink coop
Two chickens observing the inside of their pink coop
A chicken pecking food in her run
A pink chicken coop and feeder in a frozen wintery garden
A chicken perched on the run of her coop
A little girl feeding her chickens inside a coop run
A chicken eating grass in the run of her pink coop
Two chickens wandering inside their enclosure
4 chickens observing the activity happening outside of their run
A green coop with a two meter run
Built Eglu yesterday and collected our new girls today :-) they love their new home.
Good mornings start with a yummy fried egg!
Eglu Go up
The grass may be greener but i know where the food is!
Just add chickens - it will never look this neat and tidy again!
Before interior design!
Daphne, clucky & henrietta in their new home.
Love my Eglu Go
Fits in well
Eglu Go coop on hardwood chips
Best design chickens love it!!
Easiest cleaning i've had for years!!!
Very happy hen settled within 10 mins
Coop installation, complete with happy chicken
Samantha the cat keeping a close eye on the new chickens
The complete Omlet!
So easy to clean :)
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