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Verified Reviews for Omlet Cat Litter No. 1 - Silica - 7 lbs. 11 oz.

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Does not clump and the cats HATE it. - Rachel,

Bought this because it was supposed to be a clumping silica litter. I've been struggling with wood based clumping litters as I seem to be allergic to them. I bought a bag of this and the number 4 clay litter. Whilst they took to the clay immediately and love it, they are just confused by this, and it seems to be uncomfortable for them to walk on or they just don't like walking on it, not sure. It also absolutely does not clump, it attempts to, but it just falls apart the minute you go to clean the tray. Definitely not buying again, sorry.

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Rachel, Thank you for your review. It has been passed on to our Product Design team and it will be taken into consideration when planning future improvements on this product. Nevertheless, we are glad to hear that you found an alternative that is working for you and your cats with the Clay litter, as outlined in your second review. Yours, Omlet Customer Services team

The only cat litter my Persian will use! - Jules,

Tried all the cat litters available and found this the only one my fussy Persian will use. No tracking and soft in his feet. Well worth the money and can’t recommend it highly enough!

The reviewer has 1 Persian pets

Omlette cat litter - Kaylee,

It’s really good because no smell at all and last longer

The reviewer has 2-4 Cat pets

not great- fast delivery - Denise, Middlesex,

I just switched to silica n1 from the clay as I wanted something less dusty. It's not what I have expected it to be. I have a 4 month siberian, so the usage is very little. However, the urine sets at the bottom and gets stuck to the litter box making it difficult to clean and for the clumped sand not to crumb in a million pieces, the smell is so strong that the cat smells of urine too when it uses it. It's been 2 days and I already need to change it completely and clean the box. I will definitely go back to the Clay option that was easy, clean and lasted over a month.

The reviewer has 1 Siberian pets

Omlet Says: Hi Denise, Thank you for your feedback. It has been passed onto our Product Design Team and it will be reviewed for further investigation. We indeed understand that cats and their owners may have different needs and habits in regards to their ideal type of litter. It would seem that the clay litter is a good choice for you at the moment. Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information. Yours, Omlet Customer Service team

What amazing - Ann,

Wow, I don’t smell anything at all! Amazing product !!

The reviewer has 1 pets

Awful! - Shirley, Middlesex,

I don't normally write reviews unless super positive...but this is beyond awful! I purchased two bags as I knew I would need to use 1.5 bags in the giant litter tray my kits have...absolute waste of £30! Did not clump sufficiently and the odour of urine was terrible! Not only that, its all over my floor which I crunched to powder when I walked on it...and its a hooded tray! I swapped to this as I hadn't realised clay litters were so bad for the environment...the reviews seemed positive and I didn't mind paying extra given its supposed to last longer....well, not in this bad I swapped back to my old litter after only one day. Had cats for over 20 years and this is the worst litter ever! Sorry Omlet, but it had to be said! On a positive note, I've had the Qute cage for 5yrs and its amazing!

The reviewer has 2-4 Turkish Van & little pets

Omlet Says: Hi Shirley Anne, Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We are sorry to read that you are not completely satisfied about this product. We understand that each cat owner has different habits and preferences, which is why we try to have a range of different types of litter available to purchase, to suit everyone's needs. Your feedback has been passed to our product design team, they will be able to look at future improvements on the product. Yours, Your Omlet Customer Service team

Very Poor Quality - Helen, Lanarkshire,

Very poor quality litter, stuck to the bottom of the litter robot and was tracked all over the floors. I used Igloo Snow before it went out of production but this litter is not nearly of the same quality and is three times the price. Would definitely not buy again.

The reviewer has 6-8 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Helen, Thank you very much for taking the time to write us a review. We are very sorry to read that you feel disappointed about the quality of our silica litter. Your feedback has been passed onto our product design team who will be able to look for future improvements. No.1 Silica Cat Litter is an improved version of the Igloo Snow formula that used to be available on the Omlet website. It is very similar, but now has the added feature of being clumping, which improves longevity and reduces waste. Depending of the type of litter robot that you own, it might not be as suitable compared to the last litter that you had. We do offer a range of different types of litter, to hopefully suit any cat and type of litter tray. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or by email for any further information. Best Regards, Clemence Omlet Customer Service team

Fab for our fur baby! - Stacey,

My cat has always been quite fussy with his litter box and since using this he seems to be fine with it! I find it works well at keeping the smells at bay and feel it’s good value ????????

The reviewer has 1 Long haired domestic pets

Perfect for cats - Richard,

Have used before and when it came back into stock purchased from Omlet again. Easy, and delivery fast. Just what was required.

The reviewer has 2-4 Rag Doll pets

Very impressed! - Paula,

I have been using the Omlet Silica Cat Litter for my three indoor cats and am very happy. The litter clumps well ensuring ease of cleaning, traps odours thoroughly and tracks significantly less than other litters I have used. I have used significantly less litter than I would previously have used over the same time period. Overall I am very impressed and most importantly, so are my cats!

Verified Omlet Product Tester The reviewer has 2-4 pets

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