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Colorado Morning
Perfect for getting up close!
Plenty of room to roam now.
The ladies liked our fruit trees a little too much.
Coop with an extended run
Safely separated
The crops are secured inside the chicken net
Our chickens love having more space!
Chicken coop with enclosure
Net Omlet
Rocky and his ladies enjoying their Omlet chicken turn out.
New chicken coop with net Omlet installed!
Fence erected to keep the girls off the lawn - working well so far.
Net attachment kit for large enclosure
The net is easy to install ... i recommend this article
En sécurité mes cocottes
Chicken pen
The net is nice to put ... i recommend this article
Chuckie, pebbles & the rock (all rescued from bald & miserable health) having a drink in our enclosure
Chuckie strolling past the entrance marker
Omlet fence 21 m
Marion's chicken farm
Our chooks loving the end of the garden that has been sectioned off with Omlet fence!
Chicken fence
Chicken net
Happy chickens
Our 3 feel Good chickens.....
Blends in well with the garden.
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