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Customer Images - Omlet Catios - Large, Spacious Outdoor Cat Enclosures - 1 to 29 of 144

Ruby’s 2*2*2
Boys having a morning chill in their catio
Superb enclosure for my little climbing queen
In its large enclosure Omlet
In its large enclosure Omlet
My bear on his tower in the catio
Great play area for our cats.
Enclosure for mini and angie
The cat enclosure fits wonderfully on our terrace and inspires not only our kittens and us, but also our neighbors 😻😻
Outdoor enclosure complete view
Extra large catio whilst still a usable outdoor space
The quiet space of the cat
Happy boys and still a usable space
Yoshi and minnie in their enclosure
Ramses benefits
Completed enclosure
The garden Omlet catio  connected by a walkway to the deck Omlet porch on a higher level. (2 additional panels sold separately, were required to seal the back of the porch)
Tom and jerry enjoying their new 5 x 3 x 2 cat run and perches
Happiness in complete safety
2x2x3 enclosure
Cats loving their catio
Catio in San Francisco Bay Area
Our two cats in the balcony run
Now we can watch the birds from up close
Cosy corner not just for the kitty
Customised entrance from window by shaping the narrow ground panels.
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