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Verified Reviews for PoleTree - Customizable Chicken Perch - Fun for the Whole Flock!

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Good and bad - Irina,

Chickens loves it and they treating it as a perch. Where do chicken love to sleep? On the perches! So they abandoned the house and started to sleep on this perches. It was Ok in the summer, we let them sleep outside. Now it is getting colder but they refuse to go to the Omlet house. At the momemt we take them one by one and place in the house for the night. Not sure how long it will continue
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Ultimegg Kit - 5.5- 7ft.

The reviewer has 6-8 isa brown pets

Omlet Says: Hi Irina, Thank you for your feedback about this product. It seems like your chickens are indeed loving their perches a little too much ! Normally, chickens will take themselves off to bed but if a few decided to stay on their perches, you may have to take them into the coop yourself like you are already doing, for a while until they understand that this is what they need to do. You could also temporarily try to bribe them with treats in the coop. Eventually, getting a coop light to nudge them to go inside in the evening could be helpful as well. Finally, you could also try to move the perches before it starts getting dark. If your perches are inside a run, you could take them outside of the run when it's time to go in the coop. We hope that some of these ideas will help and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Yours, Your Omlet Customer Services team

That's Hentertainment! - Lesley,

We bought this but customised it as only needed 1 upright but changed a couple of the short poles to longer ones to configure it to make the most of the space in our walk in run. The girls love it! We added another treat tray and they now happily scoff their grit there, we hang greens from the top pole and they also crap from a height onto the others on the ground which is perhaps not the aim but it makes sure they all stay high up when taking a nap! If you have space and cash it's definitely worth it, we have made a couple of home made climbing frames over the years but this was what we were looking for and really does the job
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hentertainment Kit - 5.5 - 7 ft.

The reviewer has 4-6 Mixed hybrids pets

Really Impressive Product! - Nick, Warwickshire,

We set up this chicken perch in the hopes of keeping the hens entertained throughout the upcoming winter months. It’s indisputable the care and consideration that is woven into designing a pet product like this. The hens are loving this new addition to their run and enjoy observing the rest of the flock on the various perches! Super high quality, easy to assemble, and would work for most runs.
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Eggcercise Kit - 5.5- 7 ft.

Verified Omlet Product Tester The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Great entertainment to me and my chucks! - Mark,

My chickens love the Omlet PoleTree, in particular my Welsummer, she loves jumping up on to the perches for treats. I attached it to my plum tree and fence post to make it nice and sturdy. I like that I can also hang various treats from the lower perches.Which brings great entertainment to me and my chucks!
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hendurance Kit - 5.5- 7ft.

Verified Omlet Product Tester The reviewer has 4-6 Welsummer pets

Quality Omlet product - Shelley, Norfolk,

The perfect perch for hens both large and small. With adjustable perches I have been able to create the perfect perch height for tiny Pekin bantams to my giant Brahmas. Quality Omlet product with great attention to detail in fittings and finishes.
Review for: PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Hendurance Kit - 5.5- 7ft.

Verified Omlet Product Tester The reviewer has 10+ pets