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Customer Images - Portable Chicken Coop - Eglu Go UP - 1 to 29 of 47

Now a cozy place to rest thanks to the weather protection tarpaulin
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He Go up setting
Just finished. everything is ready
These ladies have taken up residence
Perfect for our backyard in town!
Blousey didn’t want to get out of her new Omlet this morning
Happy chickens
Omlet chicken park is ready to welcome its new residents
Very pleased with my new coop!
A green coop standing inside a run, in a garden
Several chickens in their run, with a green coop in the background
A small chicken Going down the ladder of her coop
A green coop and run connected to a low run
A coop with an automatic door attached to its run
Some small chickens in the 2 meter run of their coop, a little girl in the background
A pink coop with a 2 meter run in a garden
Some chickens pecking the grass in their run, in a sunny garden
A chicken coop with a run including handles and an automatic door on the side
A chicken resting in her green coop
Three chickens Going down the ladder of their coop
A few small chickens in their run, monitored by a cat outside
2 chickens roaming inside their new coop and run
Three chickens soaking up some sun in the run of their coop
A coop and run with screw pegs on the skirt
A view from the open door of a run, of a chicken under her coop
Some chickens roaming around their green coop
Freshly assembled with extra cable ties for rigidity
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