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Verified Reviews for Caddi Rabbit Treat Holder

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An excellent game of hay swing-ball. - Rin, London,

I have two of these for my rabbits which means they can eat their green timothy hay outside (and have the hay stay clean and dry!). It also provides them entertainment!
Review for: Caddi Rabbit Treat Holder

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Guinea pig approved! - Daisy,

It's wonderful for the indoor cage, bigger than I expected. Keeps the peegs entertained while getting veggies.
Review for: Caddi Rabbit Treat Holder

The reviewer has 2-4 Abyssinian Guinea Pi pets

My rabbits absolutely love this! - Laura, East Sussex,

I think this is brilliant, no more mess on the floor or upturned bowls! The rabbits love it because they’ve got to work a bit to get the fruit and vegetables out! Great for stimulation, very well made and easy to use!
Review for: Caddi Rabbit Treat Holder - Twin Pack

The reviewer has 2-4 Dutch and Lop mix pets

This is such a good buy - Vicki,

My bunny's love this caddy. It's lovely to see them reaching for their veg, working out how to get it all out! Great for the price, very tough and robust.
Review for: Caddi Rabbit Treat Holder

Best way to give Hop and Scotch their treats - Franca,

I use this every day to give my two bunnies their vege treats, i sometimes put hay in it too and might buy another one just for this because they love using it. keeps everything clean and tidy in the run, they cant knock it over and it have it under their run cover so it never gets wet either. 5 starts Omlet a nice simple product done really well!
Review for: Caddi Rabbit Treat Holder