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Standard Chicken run - Debbie,

I bought this a few years ago and it's still going strong. Its a good quality build, but.. The top section has a wider grid which allows wild birds and rats in. I have solved it by attaching extra chicken wire but it was a faff. Have had rats in the past so now it stands on a concrete base and I dont leave any feers or food out over night.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 2-4 hybrids pets

Fabulous solution to flockdown!! - Sally, West Midlands,

After having to keep our fluffies restricted for months 2021/22 separating them into smaller groups to give them room in pens keeping them safe from avian flu. It was heartbreaking to think of doing it to them again after watching them become a complete flock over the summer months. So when restrictions were reinstated again we were desperate to find a solution. We’ve had omlet runs for over 10 years so was the obvious place to turn. We ordered 2m x 6m walk in run where we put our omlet coop inside. It’s been a great success 8 happy silkies with room to roam safely and access to the warmth and laying facilities they need. We have covered the roof and sides of the run with see through waterproof protection in complance with avian flu laws.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 9ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 8-10 Silkies pets

Amazing quality - Amanda/Jeffrey,

We have now extended from a 2x2x3 to a 2x3x4. Also bought the cube and now looking at the gutter coverings. Easy to assemble as long as you follow the guide. This in its self was very easy to follow. Looks like you have lots of screws ect.... but very simple. Yes it might look a bit pricey, but you will have saved loads for the future, have peace of mind and know Mr fox aint getting your birds! You cant put a price on safety and good quality. Now my girls are ready incase we have a flock down, and have a good size enclosure and warm snug house.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 8-10 Rescue hens pets

Beware: NOT snake proof!! - Emma,

We were so excited to get our walk in chicken run and thought our chickens would be safe and secure, so you can imagine our devastation when we found a 2m carpet python strangling our mama hen a couple of weeks ago. I was in disbelief that the run could have failed but we realised quickly enough that the snake could easily fit through the holes in the upper wire panels. We now have chicks to hand-raise, a run that is not predator-proof and we have lost our favourite hen. Very upsetting for the kids! I feel so disappointed because up until now I've been really happy with Omlet products, but I can't get past why the run isn't made from smaller snake-proof mesh.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 6-8 pets

Omlet Says: Dear Emma, Thank you for taking the time to bring your experience to our attention. We are sorry to hear of the loss of your hen and we understand how difficult this must be for your family. As indicated in our FAQ, the lower half mesh is 25 x 75mm, and the upper half mesh and the roof panels are 50 x 75mm. Our engineers designed the panels in this way for safety reasons related to the weight and structure of the run. While the strong materials and thought-out design makes it extremely hard for predators to get to your pets, unfortunately no run is 100% predator proof. For our customers living in regions with specific types of predators able to fit in the dimensions of the mesh, we would recommend adding an extra layer of smaller mesh around the roof and the top panels to prevent these predators from going inside the run. Nevertheless, we understand that every product can be enhanced, which is why your experience has been shared with our Product Design Team, and further investigations will be done in order to try to improve our walk-in runs even more. We extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family, and we remain at your disposal for any query. Yours, The Omlet Customer Services team

Just Perfect - Amanda/Jeffrey,

We live on the side of our mountain in Wales. We have so much wildlife around at all times, so when we looked into rescuing chickens, we had to be certain we could supply them with safety. Our Omlet pen is the best way to make sure our girls are safe and protected, but most of all happy! Honestly, my oartner us like a kid in a sweet shop when he goes on the Omlet site???? You literally get what you pay when buying anything. The walk through pen is easy to assemble, sturdy and can be extended, which I have to do next! Excellent value for money, peace of mind, highly recommended and 'Just perfect x
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 8-10 Rescue hens pets

Fantastic new chicken castle! - Caroline,

Our chickens love their new enclosure as do we. It is a bit of a fiddle to erect with all the clips but once up it is sturdy and so nice to be able to unlock (easily) and either lean in the top section or walk in. No sooner was it up than we ordered an extension!
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 2-4 Chickens - Dark Spec pets

Easy to put together and looks good in the garden - Rebecca,

Our chickens loved being able to run riot around our garden however after they had destroyed our wildflower garden and pretty much covered the whole deck with their deposits, we were less delighted with their free range approach and we decided they needed to be contained! This run is a good size for 4 chickens so they still have a lot of space to move around and play with the toys we've bought them. The run was simple to put together though it took longer than we thought so learn from our experience and don't start building it in the late afternoon unless searching for small green clips scattered around the lawn by the light of a snazzy headtorch is one of your fav pastimes!
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 9ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 4-6 Rescue chickens pets

They love it. So do we! - Jean, Michigan,

Satisfied. My daughter and I are new chicken owners (Spring 2022). We have 6 hens. They moved in our new Eglu cube / walk-in run combo 3 months ago and, from what we can tell, they love it. And so do we! Easy. We do regular changes of the dropping trays (2-3 days) and deep cleanings ~once a month. Eglu's material and design make it easy. Confidence. Both the coop and the run are predator-proof. The combined use of both makes us feel very confident that our chickens are safe. We have hawks, coyotes and raccoons, all of which are known to prey on chickens in our area. I even saw a red fox spying on them one morning but he could only scare them, not eat them. Aesthetic. Well, it all looks pretty cute. A nice addition to our backyard. Pic enclosed. Service. One of the run panel was damaged during shipping. Omlet sent a new one. Reliable.
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 6-8 Chickens: Cochin, Ea pets

Excellent product! Struggles a bit on slopes - Sasha, West Virginia,

Bought this for my girls after a dog came over their old (open top) fencing. Upsides: -Instructions are fairly easy to figure out. I wish there was a bit more wording in addition to the pictures, but I got there -Covered run provides extra security -Double door lets me drop in treats without the girls escaping -6' tall model lets my girls stretch their wings. The easter eggers in particular love it. -The color is pretty unobtrusive, several neighbors were baffled with how we were keeping our girls in such a small space. Downsides: -This is definitely not made to work well on uneven ground. I live in WV where the land is absolutely never even, and it made assembly a bit of a nightmare and it still sits very skewed. Makes it a bit of a struggle to close the lower door and several points don't quite meet -It would be nice to have a latch between the top and bottom of the door so you could pull them both closed or both open at once if needed. It's come up a few times when I'm working in the run, so I'll probably jury rig something at some point -Some of the parts stick in the bottom of the boxes, so make absolutely sure you have EVERYTHING out of your boxes before you toss them. I've taken to pulling my boxes apart and collapsing them just to be sure
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 2-4 2x Easter Egger, 1x pets

Walk in hen enclosure.Size 3x4x2 - Jacquie,

Everything is perfect but 1 star less due to the extremely poor instructions and videos. This is definitely a 2 person construct, and start very early. You'll need all day for this larger size. It's good and sturdy. Door is well made and easy to use. Even though it was a bugger to put up, I would buy it again..
Review for: Walk in Chicken Run - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

The reviewer has 6-8 Mixed large breed pets

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