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Customer Images - Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel System - 59 to 87 of 118

We used a door to connect to both cat flap and hutch then added to t section to Go down to a run on the grass
Omlet Zippi tunnel connecting rabbit hutch and run
Zippi tunnel long bunny rabbit setup with a lookout from a house to a run
Omlet Zippi tunnel connected to rabbit run
Zippi tunnel connecting rabbit hutch to run
Omlet Eglu guinea pig hutch connected to run with Zippi tunnel
Added some extra tunnel today so the rabbit can cut the grass for me!!
The Zippi rabbit tunnel is very discreet and blends into the garden.
Different view!
Shed to run with t junction
Being brave & following my brother!
Zippi tunnel connecting two rabbit runs
Increases floor space and the perfect place to hide and snooze.
Rabbits in Omlet Zippi rabbit playpen with Omlet Zippi tunnel attached
Happy bunny
Jersey the guinea pig in her Omlet Zippi tunnel
The guinea pigs arriving in their new run courtesy of their Zippi Omlet tunnel
Our Omlet Zippi tunnel system
Omlet Zippi tunnel keeping the local predators at bay.
A Zippi tunnel connected to an extension run.
A black and white rabbit in a run with a Zippi tunnel leading to it
A large wooden rabbit hutch with a Zippi tunnel attached to in
A small play house in a garden with a Zippi tunnel around it
Willow enjoying her new look out tower
A bunny rabbit inside a run with a Zippi tunnel attached
Eglu Go hutch to Zippi run
Omlet Zippi rabbit tunnels connecting hutch and run
Omlet green Eglu Go rabbit hutch connected to Omlet walk in rabbit run and Omlet Zippi tunnel connected to run
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