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Very happy bunny
I brought my Chester. Two tunnels and two lookout towers he has them attached from his indoor run round the back of the sofa and into a foraging box he trundles up and down in his tunnel he loves it I fully recommend o let so easy to put together and nicely made D
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Straight Connector
The reviewer has 1 Rex rabbit pets
Great company
Really excited to use the tunnels for our rabbits and give them free access outside!
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Straight Connector
The reviewer has 2-4 pets
Happy Rabbits!
Thses tunnels have transformed my rabbits and my life. They ca happily hop between their hutch and there Omlet run without me spending hours having to catch them and transfer them. They can be shut in their hutch safely at night and have the luxury f both areas all day. They seem very happy.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Straight Connector
The reviewer has 2-4 Minature Rex rabbits pets
Love the tunnels, great fir linking rabbit hutch to run. Rabbits love them
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Straight Connector
Very good product easy to fit
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Straight Connector
Excellent product
We needed a tunnel to get the bunnies from hutch to a play area in a paved, sunny spot (off artificial grass). We have six straight connectors to make one long tunnel. The bunnies took to it straight away and enjoy running up and down the tunnel without issue. I haven't tried to take apart to clean yet but the bunnies are extremely clean (never anything in the outside area, always using designated space in the hutch), so this isn't something I'm going to worry about on a regular basis.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Straight Connector
No instructions
Steve, Kent,
Amazing product. Only problem was that we found the instructions in the last box we opened by which time we had already put it together
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Straight Connector
Well engineered
Tom, California,
I use the tunnel system to connect a two story hutch to a run. I get so many compliments on this setup. Bunnies need space and any outside hutch is always to small. So now my bunnies can get exercise in the run or privacy in the hutch. They run back and forth in the tube. The bunnies even hang out in the tube. It is funny to watch one bunny hop over the other bunny who is already hanging out in the tube. I like how the tube has air vents, it would get too hot without them. Also the vents prevent water from collecting in the tube. The way the tube attaches to the doors is quite good. I have had system for a month, I hope it is durable and lasts a long time. The only negative is that it came shipped without one of the packages of screws. I called and they were nice and mailed me the screw kit I was missing. As a side note the instructions for kit tell you to cut a square hole in wood hutch for attaching door kit. It works but I cut a circle. Having the round tube going to a round hole prevents the bunnies from chewing on the wood that surrounds the door entrance.
Review for: Zippi Tunnel Straight Connector
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