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Raising the Geo Bird Cage to your ideal height is easy and elegant with the Geo Bird Cage Stand. The Full Height stand measures 84cm which raises the overall height of your Geo Bird Cage to 136cm.

Crafted from solid bamboo, the stand perfectly matches the style of the Geo Bird Cage. It simply screws into the base of the bird cage for an easy and secure attachment.

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Weight: 2.620 kg

Height: 6 cm

Width: 21 cm

Length: 97 cm

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sturdy -

This stand is sturdy and the perfect height. It is easy to place anywhere and allows my birds to be higher so that they can feel safer. It is easy to assemble. Highly recommend this produt.


This beautiful bamboo tripod is a sight to behold and admire, (very well made), when your cage is mounted to it...given it a "majestic appearance", like its' suspended in space. You can take the tripod in your travels whenever you're on vacation. Very worthy addition!

The AD and images says it all! -

The video images says it all! Action speaks louder then words and no vocalization is necessary to view assembly instructions....simple and to the point!