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Weight: 5.985 kg

Height: 20 cm

Width: 61 cm

Length: 63 cm

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Bird cage -

I purchased the gold cage with cream bottom for 2 parakeets. I also added the birdbath and night cover. They are all fabulous!! I hung all their toys, perches and ladders from their old cage so they have a wonderful environment. They most often sit on the 2 perch/swings furnished in the cage set. I really enjoy the seed hulls sliding down into the holder. I don't have half the clean up mess I once had. I consider the Omlet purchase an excellent move. The cage also looks beautiful.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020 The reviewer has #QTY #BREED #pets

Beautiful design - for birds and humans! -

I was really hesitant to buy this cage. But the design really sparked my interest. I thought I would give it a try and just return it if it didn’t work out. Putting it together was a little time-consuming and slightly challenging - but not too hard. What really made it worth it was that my green cheeked conure immediately took to this cage. He likes it so much better than his other expensive cage that is made for small parrots. I think he feels like it is more spacious and he also likes to walk around on the top. It is truly like a piece of art and even though many people said it’s not for small parrots - I disagree. My bird loves his Geo Cage! I wish I could put pictures here of him in his cage.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Very, Very Pleased - Pennsylvania,

After doing a lot - and a mean a lot - of research on various bird cages I decided on Geo Bird Cage. The size was perfect for our home. It was very attractive. Most importantly, it seemed a good choice for two parakeets. It arrived in good condition and packaged very nicely. It took me about 2 plus hours to put together. Once the first two levels were put together it went very smoothly. I also had my husband help as an extra pair of hands were helpful at first. Once put together, I went shopping for my two new pets. They Love It!!! Plenty of room to fly about and play to their hearts content. I am enjoying the ease of cleaning it and the fact that the food and water stay clean in between refilling. It took my birdies about 1 1/2 days to find the carousel feeder. Before that, I scattered some seed on the floor which they found immediately. This purchase was not a mistake!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Bird the Rescue Canary Loves his Geo! -

When we first discovered bird in a tiny cage atop a soda machine in the back of a dollar store, no windows in sight, he did not even know he could fly. His cage was so small, he would hold onto the crippling plastic perch with one foot and flap a wing, then switch and flap the other. After we persuaded the shop owner to let us adopt him, we went through a series of cages before discovering the Geo. He loves it! Plenty of room to dash about, flutter and play with toys as there are lots of places from which to hang them. Bird is thrilled, and so are we, with the design, roominess and ease of maintenance (never has a bird cage been so easy to clean)! Thrilled with the stand as well. Sturdy enough to withstand bumps by our dogs and lots of room around it so no bulk like traditional cages. Thank you, Omlet! We love everything!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020


So beautiful! Easy assembly & clean up, perfectly engineered!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020