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Cat Products

Spoil your cat with a secure outdoor catio, customisable floor-to-ceiling cat trees and luxury donut cat beds, specifically designed to keep your pet safe, happy and healthy! Plus plenty of high quality, fun accessories.

Cat Guide

The Omlet cat guide covers everything you need to know about cats. You can use it to help you find the perfect cat breed for you, discover exactly what cat ownership involves and even find out why cats go crazy for catnip. You can also learn about the incredible history of the domestic cat, on its journey from prehistoric mouse-catcher to Internet phenomenon!.

Cat Breeds

There are big ones, little ones, hypoallergenic ones, cuddly ones, independent ones - the cat you choose will depend on where you live, and whether you want a coach potato or something a bit more 'wild'. Our cat breed directory will help you pinpoint the perfect puss. Amongst other things, it tells you each breed's weight, size, child-friendliness, and grooming requirements.