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Super Soft Cat Blanket Medium - Poinsettia Red and Cream

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Upgrade your pet’s nap time for the festive season with the Super Cat Dog Blanket in a sophisticated, deep red, perfect for snuggling up during the holiday season.

The super soft, plush cat blanket can be used to turn any spot in your house into a peaceful and comfortable sleep haven for your pet. It protects sofas, carpets or car seats from pet hair and dirt. Also, you can add it to your dog’s existing bed for extra coziness this Christmas. Its generous size is perfect for them to create a nest and curl up for a lovely long snooze.

  • Deep cozy sleep guaranteed
  • Protect furniture and carpet from shedding and dirt
  • Perfect for your dog’s bed or crate
  • Machine washable for daily use
  • Double-sided for deluxe warmth and style
  • Luxurious poinsettia red for Christmas
  • This cat blanket is double sided to offer deluxe warmth and comfort. A quilted, rich poinsettia red plush on one side with a cream, Sherpa on the reverse, this pet blanket really retains heat for pets that can never be too cozy and will look great with your other festive furnishings.

    The durable cat blanket is also perfect to be taken on trips to give your dog something that feels, and smells, like home, to reassure them in new environments and reduce anxiety. No need to worry if the blanket gets dirty or smelly, it is completely machine washable and it comes out as good as new.

    Choose from three sizes to suit any cat or surface.

    The Super Soft Blanket is also available in a charcoal grey plush, with cream sherpa.

    Product dimensions
    Dog Blanket Small:1'10.4" x 1'4.5" x 0.2"
    Dog Blanket Medium: 3'9.6" x 1'8" x 0.2"
    Dog Blanket Large: 4'10" x 1'1.9" x 0.2"

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    Super Soft Cat Blanket Medium - Poinsettia Red and Cream

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