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Omlet Cat Litter No. 4 - Clay - 17 lbs. 10 oz.

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Long Lasting & Low Waste

Omlet’s Clay Cat Litter makes the litter tray more pleasant for both you and your cat. The highly absorbent particles, complete with active carbon odor control, capture moisture and bad smells to keep the litter tray fresher for longer.

The naturally clumping nature of the litter also improves hygiene, minimizes waste and makes it super easy to clean the tray without making a mess. You can just remove the clumps as and when they appear after use, without having to replace perfectly fresh litter. This means over time you will use less litter, resulting in a smaller burden on both the planet and your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Silica weighs 7 lbs. 11 oz. per bag
Tofu weighs 5 lbs. 8 oz. per bag
Pine weighs 11lbs per bag
Clay weighs 17 lbs. 10 oz. per bag
Paper weighs 7 lbs. 11 oz. per bag

Silica is made from fine silica sand granules in a PE + PET Plastic bag.
Tofu is made from crushed beans, the byproduct of Tofu, in a recyclable paper bag.
Pine is made from pine wood pellets in a recyclable paper bag.
Clay is made from fine bentonite clay balls in a PE + PET Plastic bag.
Paper is made from recycled newspaper pellets in a recyclable paper bag.
Indoor cats and frequent litter tray users would benefit from a clumping cat litter, as these make it easy to remove the used litter without waste, improving longevity of the litter. Try Omlet’s clumping cat litters: No. 1 Silica, No. 2 Tofu or No. 4 Clay.
Multi-cat households need a long lasting, clumping litter with excellent odor control and absorbency. Try Omlet No.1 Silica Cat Litter.
Non-clumping cat litters are recommended for kittens to prevent stomach upset from ingesting the litter. A softer litter is also better for their sensitive paws. Try Omlet No.5 Paper Cat Litter.
Clumping litters, such as No.1 Silica Cat Litter, can help with odor control as they are extremely effective at absorbing moisture and odors, and make it easier to remove all the used litter from the tray without leaving any smell behind. Some litters are also available with active carbon particles to neutralize odors in the same way litter box carbon filters do, such as No.2 Tofu and No. 4 Clay. Other litters may have a natural fresh scent to them which helps to mask the bad odors, such as No.3 Pine.
Cats with allergies and sensitivities will appreciate a softer cat litter which produces minimal dust in the litter tray. Our most hypoallergenic formulas are No.5 Paper and No.1 Silica.
Clumping cat litters absorb moisture to form a clumped piece which is easier to remove from the litter box, while reducing waste. Some clumping litters are softer and good for kittens and cats with sensitivities, such as No.1 Silica, while others offer supreme absorbency power while neutralizing bad odors with active carbon particles, such as No.2 Tofu and No. 4 Clay.
Some litter granules can get stuck to your cats feet or fur and be dragged out of the litter tray with them. You may then spot these granules around your home as they fall off your cat - this is called litter tracking. Non-clumping litters can be effective at reduced tracking as they are often made of larger pellets which don’t get stuck to your cat as easily, such as No.3 Pine and No. 5 Paper. Very fine, soft gains can also reduce tracking as they slip straight off your cat’s feet and fur, such as No.1 Silica.

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Omlet cat litter 4 clay cat litter clumping
Cat in front of litter tray with Omlet cat litter 4 clay cat litter clumping

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Omlet Cat Litter No. 4 - Clay - 17 lbs. 10 oz.

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Love it!
Lauren, West Midlands,
I've used this litter for the better part of half a year now, cats absolutely love it, I love the clumping, still working out how to prevent it sticking to the bottom but well get there. Its an amazing price for the quality and quantity you get, we have three cats and haven't had any issue with any of them.
Review for: Omlet Cat Litter No. 4 - Clay - 17 lbs. 10 oz.
The reviewer has 2-4 pets
Perfect clumping, minimal tracking and the cats adore it!
Just written a bad review for 1 silica litter, bought this at the same time, but left it a week before I put it down so as to not freak the cats out with too many changes at once. I needn't have worried, they took to this immediately. It has a slightly odd smell when you first put it out, but this dissipates quickly. One cat used it within a minute of me putting it out, and since it's been available they are ignoring their other litter trays (one which has the silica they hate, the other two have wood clumping litter which they were (previously!) perfectly happy with but I unfortunately seem to be allergic to. The clumping ability of this litter is amazing, a little too good in fact, I struggled to clean it this morning, there was an absolutely massive clump which did not want to part from the bottom of the litter tray. I can see that it might work out more expensive than the wood, but as long as they are happy and I am not allergic, I am very happy.
Review for: Omlet Cat Litter No. 4 - Clay - 17 lbs. 10 oz.
The reviewer has 2-4 moggies pets
Better then I thought
I was not keen on using clumping clay before but this is a game changer it so easy to scoop out the clumps after my cat has used her litter tray and there is no horrible smell after she as been to
Review for: Omlet Cat Litter No. 4 - Clay - 17 lbs. 10 oz.
The reviewer has 1 Long hair domestic c pets
Lunar had no problems with the Omlet clay cat litter. She hopped in, did her business and hopped out with no issue at all. The best part was that I didn't know that she had been most of the time as I couldn't smell it!
Review for: Omlet Cat Litter No. 4 - Clay - 17 lbs. 10 oz.
Verified Omlet Product Tester The reviewer has 1 Ragdoll pets
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