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Maya Indoor Cat House - Cat Den Furniture with Donut Bed

The Maya Cat House offers a secluded sanctuary for cozy cat naps in a stylish furniture piece. Add the cuddly Maya Donut Cat Bed for deep, squishy comfort.

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Stylish Indoor Cat House That Looks Great in Your Home

Stylish Modern Cat Bed Furniture with white cat inside That Looks Great in Your Home

The Maya Cat House will blend in beautifully with the rest of your furniture.

The stylish white Maya Indoor Cat House is an excellent way of making your cat’s bed a natural part of the house while still giving them a designated spot to fully relax. Designed like a modern piece of furniture, the wooden cat house will be a stunning addition to anywhere in your home, and you can use the top as a handy side table for your favorite (cat-friendly) plant or some picture frames.

The subtlety of the modern cat bed furniture piece allows you to choose where you want to place it; next to the sofa in the living room or in a more secluded area of the house, all depending on what your cats love and their preferences when it comes to nap time.

Calm, Enclosed Cat Hideaway for Anxious Cats Who Prefer Quiet

Two cats, one in the Maya modern cat bed furniture, one on top

Offer a cozy hideaway for any cat that appreciates peace and quiet.

Cats take sleeping seriously, but many have specific requirements when it comes to choosing a spot to rest. An enclosed cat cave has many advantages for your pet, including:

  • Separating cats from the hustle and bustle of the home
  • Providing a space where your cat knows they won’t be disturbed
  • Adding an opportunity to live out natural feline sleeping behaviors
  • Enabling unbroken sleep, which can reduce stress and prevent unwanted behavioral problems
  • Establishing a designated spot that young children and other pets can learn not to approach

Provide Complete Relaxation with the Maya Donut Bed

Cat relaxing on the Omlet Maya Donut Cat Bed
Bed. Provide Complete Relaxation with the Maya Donut Cat Bed.

Add a Maya Donut bed to your cat's den for extremely comfortable naps.

The amazing Maya Donut premium faux fur bed with donut shape cushioning offers first class comfort, and it fits perfectly into the den of the Maya Cat House. Available in range of fifteen beautiful colors, you can pop the bed into the enclosed area to give your cat a cozy place they won’t be able to resist returning to for their naps. And if you want to make the space even more cozy, why not accessorize with a super soft cat blanket?

"My rescue cat Ralph has been using this as his safe zone in the evenings when he needs to chill out somewhere he feels safe. The donut bed inside makes it super squishy and cozy, and he seems much more relaxed when he's in there away from the noise! "

Jacky, Verified Omlet Product Tester

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Placing Bed in Enclosed Space Reduces Drafts and Disturbances

Cat sitting in modern cat bed furniture in Enclosed Space which Reduces Drafts and Disturbances

The extra height over the ground can minimize stress and improve your cat's sleep.

Hidden away and off the ground, the cat house design offers many advantages over simply placing your cat’s bed on the floor. The bed will be protected from the normal disturbances that happen in a busy household, and your cat can hide away blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the rest of the house.

Keeping the bed enclosed within the luxury cat furniture also protects your cat from drafts from open doors and windows, and the extra shelter will keep them warm and cozy in winter. This will provide them with a more comfortable and peaceful environment for their extremely important cat naps.

Easy to Vacuum and Wipe Clean for Everlasting Use

Top of maya modern cat house being wiped clean

The smooth surfaces make it easy to clean your Maya Cat House in a matter of minutes.

It is super easy to keep the Maya Cat House clean and hygienic for your cat. All surfaces are super smooth, so you can easily wipe them down with a cloth and some pet-safe disinfectant, making sure your house cat can rest in a dust and dirt-free environment.

Just open the door and remove your cat’s bed to vacuum or wipe inside the den as well. The Maya Donut bed has a removable cover that can be put in the washing machine whenever needed, so that both soft and hard surfaces are always kept fresh and clean.

Optional Storage for All Your Cat’s Things

Two cats with the maya modern cat house doors open showing the cat house storage

The optional handy storage shelf is easy to access by opening up the door of the Cat House.

You can choose to purchase the Maya Cat House with a handy storage compartment. The optional shelf on top of the den is perfect for storing your cat’s litter, a comfy blanket or some toys, and you can easily get to it using the push-to-open door.

Omlet has got lots of amazing cat products that will make you purr with delight, including stylish Maya food and water bowls and our range of high performance cat litters with excellent odor control and highly absorbent particles to eliminate bad smells from your litter tray. Or why not pair your bed furniture with a matching Maya litter box to offer complete privacy for your cat’s 1s and 2s?

Frequently Asked Questions

House panels: Melamine faced chipboard
House feet: ABS plastic
Donut Bed: Polyester
The Maya Cat House entry point is 8 in. from the floor and measures 9 x 9 in.
The indoor cat den is suitable for cats and kittens of all ages, weighing up to 13 lbs. We recommend that the cat house is used for cats weighing up to 13 lbs. because larger cats may find the cat box furniture uncomfortable to use. If you’re concerned that the entry hole in the door is too small for your cat, you could remove the door and use without, however, this won’t offer as much privacy for your cat. If you’re looking for something larger, take a look at the designer cat furniture Maya Nook with curtains.
Watch our ‘How to Build’ video to see how the melamine cat house is put together.
The Maya cat bed furniture doesn’t include the Maya Donut Bed as standard, but you can add the bed or other accessories to your cat hideaway in the configurator.
We’re sure you and your cat will love the Maya modern cat furniture, but if your cat doesn’t use it or you are dissatisfied with the product within 30 days, you can disassemble and return it to us for a refund. The Maya Indoor Cat House comes with a 2-year warranty.
To avoid any damage to the panels, please only put lightweight things on top of your indoor cat house, for example small house plants or picture frames. Never place large, heavy items like TVs or appliances on top, as the furniture might not be able to hold the weight.
Yes, if it's warm and cozy enough most felines will be happy to spend hours in their cat house. It might take a while to get them used to their new kitty haven but have patience. Play outside the cat house to get them to feel safe around it, move it away from food and water bowls and try tempting them inside with some catnip the first few times.
The Maya Cat House is designed for indoor use, so we wouldn’t recommend using it in your Outdoor Cat Run. If you have a Cat Balcony Enclosure that is completely protected from rain and wind, you can add it to the run.

Got another question?
Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

Verified Reviews - Maya Indoor Cat House - Cat Den Furniture with Donut Bed

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Lovely little hideaway!! - Samantha,

Love the Maya Cat House.. Looks very stylish in my house with a little storage bit for treats.. Easy to assemble.. Lexi was a bit unsure in the beginning however with some catnip spray and the colder weather she now sleeps in there every night!!
Review for: Maya Cat House with Storage and Donut Cat Bed - Snowball White

Verified Omlet Product Tester The reviewer has 1 Maine Coone Cross pets

What a lovely product! - Melanie,

What a lovely product! From putting it up to the finished product, we loved it. Sorry for not showing a pic of an actual cat inside … everytime I get a chance, they want cuddles! Both my children are really hands on and they got involved in building it from the start. I have to say, I was really thrilled with the fixings pack. Sorted into little bags, all stringed together. Super easy to find. The cat house fits in out living room and looks really good, the Donut Cat Bed is nice and fluffy and ideal for the furries. Thanks so much Omlet for a great product!
Review for: Maya Cat House with Storage and Donut Cat Bed - Snowball White

Verified Omlet Product Tester The reviewer has 2-4 pets

perfect for rescues! - Jacky,

My rescue cat Ralph has been using this as his safe zone in the evenings when he needs to chill out somewhere he feels safe. The donut bed inside makes it super squishy and cosy, and he seems much more relaxed when he’s in there away from the noise! Fits nicely in the room, took a little while to build but Ralph was ‘helping’ :)
Review for: Maya Cat House with Donut Cat Bed - Earl Grey

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