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Luxury Indoor Cat House - Maya Nook

Meet your cat’s new favourite space - the stunning Maya Nook Luxury Indoor Cat House. Featuring the world’s first curtains for a cat house, the Maya Nook is the ultimate cosy cat bed.

Choose Your Luxury Indoor Cat House - Maya Nook

The Purrfect Indoor Cat Den

A black and white cat looking out between the curtains of the Maya Nook indoor cat house The Maya Nook is the ultimate luxury indoor cat den

Our indoor cat house looks great in any home, doubling as a handy sideboard to utilize the space above the cat bed. This space is usually lost in classic igloo style beds.

You can choose from two sizes of the cat house. The Maya Nook 24 has an internal width of 25in, and has been engineered to be the most comfy indoor cat house available for one or two cats. The Maya Nook 36 has an internal width of 38in and the extra space can be enjoyed by two or more cats on a large cat bed.

Whether you have a bengal or maine coon, siamese, tortoiseshell or tabby, the Omlet indoor cat house is the ultimate cat cave hideaway.

Raised Cat House Bed Reduces Draft & Increases Coziness

A cat laying on the cat bed inside the Maya Nook cat den Raising the cat bed off of the ground helps to protect your cat from drafts and chills

Low down on the floor of any house can be drafty, so raising your furry friend’s bed with an indoor cat house can help to protect them from catching a chill. Adding the optional curtains creates the ultimate cozy space. Especially suitable for older cats who are more likely to feel the effects of a chilly draft, the indoor cat house will provide the added comfort and warmth that they need.

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Integrated Closet Helps To Keep Your Home Clean

The Maya Nook cat house furniture with the closet open and a cat looking inside The closet of the Maya Nook cat house furniture is ideal for storing your cat's toys, food, and treats

With an integrated closet, the indoor cat house gives you practical space to store cat toys, cat treats, and grooming accessories. You can customize the closet with a handy storage basket and a shelf to provide even more options for storing items like cat litter and food.

The closet integrates seamlessly on either the left or right hand side of this modern indoor cat house. With the elegant and incredibly practical storage solution, you’ll be able to store your feline’s accessories in their very own luxury cat house.

Indoor Cat House with Closed Curtains Provide A Safe Haven

A cat enjoying the Maya Nook cat house bed with curtains behind Create a fully secluded hiding place for your cat with the Maya Nook curtains

The most unique feature of our indoor cat house is the curtain set. The curtains are not just a decorative touch, closing them creates a fully secluded space for your cats to relax. Rescue cats in particular can benefit from the Maya Nook, as it gives them a safe and private spot to retreat to. Seeking out enclosed spaces is instinctive behavior for cats, so they will love this area that’s all their own.

Providing your feline with their own secluded space such as the one offered by our indoor cat house can not only make them feel more comfy, but has also been shown to improve confidence and overall behavior. This is especially true with cats who have a tendency to be nervous, or cats who take longer than usual to adapt to changes in their environment.

An Indoor Cat House Compatible with Most Beds

A Maya Nook cat house with a variety of different cat beds inside The Maya Nook is compatible with a wide range of cat beds

If your cat already has a favorite bed, such as a memory foam bed or vet bed it can be placed in our indoor cat house. The Maya Nook 24 measures 25in across and 19in front to back and the Maya Nook 36 measures 38in across and 25in front to back. Every Maya Nook comes with an anti-slip mat that sits underneath the bed that you choose to put in to ensure it stays in place. By placing your cat's bed in an indoor cat house you also neatly catch excess fur in one place, keeping your house cleaner.

Subtle And Stunning Cat Furniture

The subtle design of the Maya Nook cat furniture complements both modern and traditional home interiors. Designed and extensively tested by Omlet, the indoor cat house’s look and feel can be altered by your choice of color and style of bed. Because it is a complete piece of furniture you can also use it as a side table to display plants, a beautiful side light, or any number of other cherished items.

The Maya Nook cat house blends seamlessly into your home as a piece of contemporary furniture The Maya Nook Cat House blends seamlessly into your home as a piece of contemporary furniture
Staging_Jungled_CurtainsPair_side_by_side.jpg Why not make some curtains for your Maya Nook to match your home?

Maya Nook Closet and Deep Filled Cat Bed

Storage Closet Keeps Things Organized

The Maya Nook closet keeps your cat toys and cat treats organized

An optional closet keeps your cat’s belongings organized and tidy.

Durable Tray to Catch Spills

The Maya Nook tray is waterproof and catches accidental spillages

This tough plastic tray will catch any spills making cleaning quick and easy.

Deep Filled Bed That Fits Purrfectly

Maya cat beds are comfy and cozy with neat piping around the edges

This extra deep filled cat bed is designed to fit exactly into the Maya Nook indoor cat house. It also has a removable machine washable cover.

Enclosed Curtains and Handy Storage Basket

Pull Out Basket For Easy Storage

The Maya Nook storage basket keeps your cats toys nice and organized

Keep cat toys, treats, and grooming accessories in this large basket. Finished in a two tone gray and with a second easy to wipe liner, it is a really useful addition to the indoor cat house's closet. Comes with a handle at each end to make carrying easy.

Integrated Mirror and Shelf


Get the most out of your Maya Closet with the optional mirror and shelf. The shelf is a handy way to divide the closet and allows easy storage of your cat's food and bowl. The stylish mirror is made from 2mm safety acrylic.

Stylish Curtains Create An Enclosed Space

The Maya Nook curtains create an enclosed space for your cat

Your cats will love the secluded space that the curtains create to sleep, relax, and feel at ease.

Maya Nook Indoor Cat House Dimensions and Packaging Specification

Our indoor cat house is currently available in two different sizes, both of which are suitable for all cat breeds and sizes. The Maya Nook 24 is ideal for comfortable use by one or two cats. The Maya Nook 36 offers space for a large cat bed that is suitable for two or more cats. Please see below for dimensions and specifications of each size. If you are not sure or have any questions about which size will be right for you please do not hesitate to call us on the number at the top of the website or email our friendly customer service team and they will be very happy to help you.

Maya Nook Cat House dimensions

Maya Nook 24 Dimensions:
External - Length 27in, Depth 20in, Height 25in
Internal - Length 25in, Depth 19in, Height 21in

Maya Nook 24 Closet Dimensions:
External - Length 13in, Depth 20in, Height 25in
Internal - Length 11in, Depth 19in, Height 21in

Maya Nook 24 Packaging Dimensions:
Boxed Fido Nook: 30.2in x 22.2in x 4.5in (47.6lbs)
Boxed Closet (optional): 28.9in x 23.4in x 3.4in (31.5lbs)

Maya Nook Indoor Cat House dimensions

Maya Nook 36 Dimensions:
External - Length 40in, Depth 26in, Height 30in
Internal - Length 38in, Depth 25in, Height 27in

Maya Nook 36 Closet Dimensions:
External - Length 13in, Depth 26in, Height 30in
Internal - Length 11in, Depth 24in, Height 27in

Maya Nook 36 Packaging Dimensions:
Fido Nook Box A: 43.0in x 28.3in x 2.9in (31.3lbs)
Fido Nook Box B: 30.2in x 27.1in x 3in (36.6lbs)
Boxed Closet (optional): 29.5in x 28.7in x 3.5in (41.7lbs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Both sizes are suitable for all breeds and sizes. The Maya Nook 24 is ideal for one or two cats, and the 36 is perfect if you have a large cat bed or more than two cats who like to sleep together.
Yes, however you will need to decide before you start assembling the product on which side you want the wardrobe to go. You can only add one wardrobe to your Maya Nook.
You might have to twist the magnet to make sure it fits properly. Contact our customer service team if you cannot get it to work!

Got another question?
Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

Verified Reviews - Luxury Indoor Cat House - Maya Nook

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Brilliant hideaway for multi-cat households - Marjan,

The nook is a perfect retreat, especially for a multi-cat household. Our 4 cats have plenty of beds and hiding places but the nook proved irresistible, especially to Clive and Luigi. Although our cats all get along swimmingly, they still like to take themselves off to a quiet corner sometimes. I have put the nook in my office which has proven to be the perfect spot for the cats, not to mention I now have some extra surface to put stuff on. It’s a win-win all round here. Cat mum to The North London Crew , Luigi, Clive, Hula & Archie. @lillmanlulu_luigi_and_co
Review for: Maya Nook 24 Indoor Cat House with Wardrobe and Bed and Curtains - White

Amazing product! - Rimsha,

I got this gorgeous Maya Nook for my Dewy. We had just moved home so he was a little scared and this Nook was the best thing for him. The curtains were lovely, gave him his own privacy. Looks beautiful in my home too, goes with all my decor! Put all of my Dewy’s treats in the storage cupboard, even though I could fit way more in it! Thank you so much. Very satisfied customer.
Review for: Maya Nook 24 Indoor Cat House with Wardrobe and Bed and Curtains - White

Mav and Mickey are very attached! - Cheryl,

Initially I wasn’t sure if my cats would like the Maya Nook, they tend to sleep anywhere around the house and they’re not too fussy about where they snooze however recently my sleep has been disturbed multiple times throughout the night that I thought it would be a good time to try them in their own bed. It took the cats initially a few days to get used to their new Nook/bed and we’ve also recently moved house therefore they’ve been a lot more nervous and anxious. The cats now LOVE the Nook, I found that they started using it as their “secret” hideaway particularly when we had visitors and now at night time they chose to sleep in their Nook instead of my bed. I think they find it nice to have their own cosy den and it means my sleep isn’t interrupted anymore. I used to have to keep the cats feed and treats in a locked box as they always managed to open the packets themselves when I was out. The wardrobe on the side of the Nook is perfect for preventing this problem and it also gives me a tidy place to store all of their toys. Considering I was a bit apprehensive about this product initially, I now can’t imagine our house without it. Mav and Mickey are very attached! I’d say the Maya Nook is the cat bed you didn’t even know you needed!
Review for: Maya Nook 24 Indoor Cat House with Wardrobe and Bed and Curtains - White

Good product, looks nice in my house - Wendy,

Nice to see someone making sensibly priced indoor cat houses with a bit of style. It took a while to screw together (probably should have waited until the hubbie got home but wanted to start using) and I've decorated the top with a lamp and some photos so it looks very cosy and homely for Eddie. Would have given it 5 stars but i think until people make products that can screw themselves together i'm going to stick to 4 being my maximum! I might run up some curtains to match the living room as a really nice finishing touch.
Review for: Maya Nook 24 Indoor Cat House with Bed and Curtains - White

Made such a difference to my cats - Robbie,

I bought this after watching some youtube videos about giving your cats a space within your home that's kind of like a den, it's supposed to be good especially if you have kids and maybe other pets so that they can have their own bit of territory. I have a maine coon called Gal, she's a big cat but the Maya 24 is fine for her. After I put herblanket in she took to it straight away, the curtains make it looks really nice and i think that she likes it best when they are shut so she can peek out at us!
Review for: Maya Nook 24 Indoor Cat House with Bed and Curtains - White

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