Extreme Temperature Jacket for Eglu Classic

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The Eglu Classic is really well insulated but following demand we decided it was time to offer your chickens the ultimate protection from extreme weather. This insulating jacket for the Eglu Classic has been designed to keep your chickens as warm as possible during the deep freeze.

If it’s good enough for Astronauts it’s (just) good enough for your chickens. Omlet’s insulated covers are lined with Flectalon. Originally developed by NASA to keep astronauts warm during missions, Flectalon has been made available for a select few earth missions. Flectalon combines trapped air thermal insulation with mirror surfaces that reflect infra red heat back into the eglu making it simply the most efficient insulator known to man. It is also used in emergency blankets to treat hypothermia, deep sea diving suits and to prevent frost damage to the very valuable sculptures at the National Trust.

The extreme temperature jacket for the Eglu Classic and Cube simply slip onto the main body of the house for a snug fit. It is quick and easy to fit and it will keep your chickens toasty throughout the Winter!

Please note: to use this jacket you must have an Eglu with a run.

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- Robinson, 28 March 2014

Easy to use and does the job!

           Good buy

- Barbara, 04 February 2014

I bought this extreme temperature jacket for my eglu classic and although weather has not been that cold I fitted it which was very easily done. It's well insulated and fits perfectly with easy access to both openings. It's been brilliant keeping the cold winds out and I would certainly recommend all eglu classic owners to invest in one.


- Helen, 10 January 2014

Put this on the eglu when it was cold the other week. One of our chickens is so warm and toasty she's started moulting!

           All-weather wonder

- Jane, 04 January 2014

Last year I tried making a jacket for my Eglu as the weather was so awful. It looked dreadful and didn't work very well. This year I decided to treat the girls with the Extreme Temperature Jacket, and this has been a great buy: the coop is kept snug and warm in all weathers, and the chooks seem very happy. It's a little fiddly to shut the Eglu at night as I also bought a full-length cover for the run, but that's a small price to pay for knowing that the girls are safe and warm. And it looks good too. I wouldn't be without it - and neither would Arya and Cleo.

           A proper winter warmer

- Mandy, 02 January 2014

The girls have been kept nice and toastie in all this bad weather with their egloo jacket. I would thoroughly recommend it.

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