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Base with Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds - Black - Large - Pack of 2

by Omlet (3 reviews)

These steel rail feet for the Omlet Dog Beds run from the front of the bed to the back, offering a stylishly streamlined solution for lifting the bed off the ground. Available in cream and black, this ski-style rail will compliment your Omlet Dog Bed for a smooth and sleek modern look.

These metal feet come with felt pads which sit under the bottom of the foot to prevent the bed from sliding around on your floor.

Raising your dog’s bed off the ground not only looks great but also...

  • Promotes airflow around the sleeping area to keep it fresh at all times.
  • Prevents a build up of bacteria forming in damp areas of the bed
  • Minimizes the risk of dirt, fleas and dust mites accumulating at the bottom of the bed
  • Maintains a hygienic and healthy sleeping environment for longer
  • Reduces drafts and disturbances for a better and longer night’s sleep
  • Minimizes stress on joints when getting in an out making it more comfortable for older dogs.

These feet work with the Topology and Omlet Bolster Dog Beds. You can choose from a range of feet styles to find one that matches you, your dog and your home.

This pack includes the base and 2 feet.

Dimensions per foot
Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Small: 1'3.7" x 2.5" x 1.8"
Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Medium: 1'7.6" x 3.1" x 2.2"
Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds Large: 2' x 3.7" x 2.8"

Dimensions of base board
Base for Omlet Dog Bed Feet Small: 1'11.4" x 1'5.3" x 0.3"
Base for Omlet Dog Bed Feet Medium: 2'8.4" x 1'8.4" x 0.3"
Base for Omlet Dog Bed Feet Large: 3'1.7" x 2'1.9" x 0.3"

Foot: Powder-coated Steel
Base: Painted Plywood

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

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Latest Product Reviews For Base with Metal Rail Feet for Omlet Dog Beds - Black - Large - Pack of 2

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Stylish Legs - Wendy,

Strong, sturdy and stylish legs for this bed.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2021 The reviewer has 1 Bearded Collie pets

A unique support design - Roy,

I’m really glad I chose these ski style rails over the other bed feet choices.. great stability and quality engineering and they do not leave deep footprints in the carpeted flooring … highly recommend them

Verified Purchase: Oct 2021 The reviewer has 1 Clumber Spaniel ( Le pets

Fantastic bed let down by unstable feet - Dan,

The bed is lovely. The metal feet, however, look stylish and are in keeping with a modern look but they are definitely form over function! The dog bed is unstable when it is on these feet and it tips up when my dog tries to get in the bed. This made the adoption of the new bed that much more difficult since she was scared of it moving! After removing the feet and replacing them with 3d printed ones, the bed is perfect.

Verified Purchase: May 2021 The reviewer has 1 Dalmatian pets

Omlet Says: Hi Dan, Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us a review. I am sorry to read about that misadventure. Your feedback has been passed on to our product design team, who will be able to study what improvements could be made on this set of feet. We offer a range of different types of feet for our dog beds, to adapt to each type of floor and to our customer's wishes. I sent you an email to offer you a solution, I hope that you received it. We apologise for the inconvenience and we are looking forward to hearing back from you. Best Regards, Clemence Omlet Customer Service

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