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- Emma,

Very nice cage, like a piece of furniture it fits in well with my decor. Wish it was just a little taller on the top as this would give room for hanging a hammock, or rope ladder etc.

Great product! My gerbils love it! - Karen,

I love this cage and so do my gerbils. Really easy to put together (by one person) the instructions were clear and straightforward. Its a very well designed and well thought out home for your little furries and the easiest cage to clean that I've owned. Would highly recommend this especially as it looks so nice in any room in your home.

Amazing product - Amy,

Our pair of gerbils and our daughter love this, amazing design!

Excellent buy - Kim,

My Qute hamster cage arrived today, next day delivery and I am thoroughly pleased as is our hamster Cosmo! It did take 4 hours to assemble I could have done with clearer examples or a YouTube video but the end result was satisfying. The cage blends in with the furniture and I love the separate levels. I took Cosmo a while to workout he had to go up the tube but he got there eventually and we thought he would give himself a heart attack on the wheel but he has settled in nicely. My 7 year old can now spend more time with him. I would definitely recommend this cage.

Stylish and well designed (mostly) - Lucy,

I really like this product (and so do my gerbils) however they were not able to use the vertical plastic tube and I had to replace it with a wooden bridge. Now it's perfect.

- Barbara,

Love the quality of the cage and ease of cleaning. Worth the money, plus in future if we don't have a need for the cage I can cover it with nice cloth and use it as an end table.

gerbil house - Adam,

exellent quality and size for price,has to be one of the best one's i have seen at that price and the gerbils love it.

A very well made and first class product - Peter, North Yorkshire,

A very well made piece of kit that shouts quality. Extremely well designed and thought out and perfect for our Daughters two Gerbils. Far better than the standard cages you will see in the high street pet stores. Excellent value for money and would recommend to anyone who wants a Gerbil / Hamster cage that is practical and also pleasing to the eye.

Very happy gerbils :) - Kathryn,

I bought this cage along with two baby gerbils (straight from the breeders) as a Christmas present for my other half. At first we were concerned that our gerbils were too small to use the vertical tube. We emailed Omlet and were advised to tip the cage slightly so that the tube wasn't completely vertical. This worked a treat and we left the cage like this for one week until our gerbils were confident with using the tube. Now they can't get enough of it. The water bottle dripped so we just bought one from a pet store. The wheel is one of the best I have seen (including the silent spinner regular which I think is too small). The cage looks great and is perfect for interacting with our pets. I will be buying another one of these when I buy another hamster.

super product - Annette,

excellent stylish product, a piece of furniture unlike any cage i've seen before fits perfectly into our home without looking tacky like some brightly coloured plastic ones do....great service,fast delivery would recommend and would use again thank you

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