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           Love it as does hamster!!

- Erin, 14 May 2015

Great product, although it needed to be built it's very sturdy and fits in well with other furniture. Everyone comments on how good it looks. Hamster loves it and I think structure muffles sound, of TV etc, for him. Wheel only let down it kept falling off after only a few weeks so had to buy new one which has been fine. Would definitely recommend


- Paula, 14 May 2015

We love our Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage - it looks great in our home, and is a wonderful home for our two gerbils, Mr Jones Nibbles and Mr Shredder Malfoy! An added bonus is that our children love their new pets and now spend way more time watching the gerbils rather than the TV! Like Omlet's Eglus for chickens, this is yet another well-designed product - easy to clean out and of a superb quality which will look good for years. Highly recommended!

           Great hamster habitat

- Niki, 10 May 2015

This was relatively easy to put together and looks really nice. Doesn't look like a typical hamster cage. The storage area underneath is very nice. Hamsters really seems to like it. Very sturdy construction.

           The best cage available, but needs improvement

- Dylan, 08 May 2015

This is by far the best cage I have seen, but it gets less than 3 stars for some of it's flaws and build quality that are not acceptable given it's high price. To be fair, if I were to review any other cage from other manufactures I have had, they would receive 0 stars. The idea is great. With our old cages my kids could never get their hamster to come out and interact with it. The old cages made messes everywhere, and things were constantly breaking. Having the removable bin at the bottom makes it easy for the kids to interact with their pet, keeps the area around the cage clean and and the cage is easy to clean itself. That said, this cage has several huge flaws that need to be addressed: 1. The hamster wheel constantly falls off it's mount. It seems the wheel is just press fit into the bearing and after some rigorous running the wheel will come off. We even woke up one night to a strange sound in the cage and found the wheel had come off the bearing and fallen on the hamster trapping it inside. Glue will fix the problem, but I shouldn't have to do this, it should work from the start. 2. The Wheel and tube are too close to eachother. They are so close it is a small challenge to get the wheel placed in the correct spot so it will not rub against the wheel or the wall of the cage. If the tube was offset or moved forward it would be great. 3. The solid floor pan is great in idea, but bad in practice. To be fair, all solid floors have this problem. The animal pees or poops all over the floor and it become a mess. Some perforation is needed. 4. The back, front and floor of the cage are all interconnected via loops in the meta, tabs and rods. The front of the cage has these 4 small tabs at the bottom that are glued or spot welded on the the metal bars to hold the whole thing together. Our first cage came with 2 of the tabs broken off. Omlet sent a replacement right way, but after 2 weeks the tabs started breaking off again. This is a design flaw. If an overzealous child or someone who does not know how the cage works tries to pull out the bin without raising the tube they break the tabs. Here is what happens: Removing the with the tube down pulls the tube forward which in turn pulls the floor forward which then puts pressure on the tabs causing them to break. The tabs need to be better attached. Fix these issues and this cage will be worth it's price.

           A terrific cage, excellent design,

- Joseph, 08 May 2015

A lovely, clean contemporary designed cage that looks great in our living room. Our hamster loves the cage. So easy to clean, plenty of room on both levels to add treats, toys, chews and other things to keep him happy. Deep base is great for burrowing and nesting in, and he never used to go in his old wheel and now he is never out of this one. Highly recommend, a slightly top end price wise for a hamster cage, but we wanted one that fit in with the furniture and didn't look like a piece of brightly colored plastic. It is also plenty big enough to keep him busy! Had a bit of a problem with a faulty front mesh part at first however I spoke to Omlet and they sent a replacement part out straightaway and was delivered next day. Great customer service.


- Duane, 08 May 2015

Not only does the Omlett Qute hamster cage look modern and well made, it is so fast to clean too. Not only that, but 'Nibbles' our hamster loves it too!!!

           Excellent habitat for hamsters

- Steven, 07 May 2015

This is an excellent habitat for hamsters (I have three robo hamsters) and it looks like a fine piece of living room furniture rather than a plastic toy. It is made extremely well and is very sturdy. (I have the newer model that comes with the solid floor and silent wheel). Robo hamsters can easily use the wheel, and it is very quiet. (Other wheels I've tried had too much friction and the small lightweight robo hamsters could not make it turn at all.) The one modification I made was to substitute Crittertrail tubes for the tube that came with it as they are narrower. (The young robo hamsters were too small for the original one.) I used some short straight and curved tubes and the hamster have no problem now. (Just used a three way tube connectorat the top and slipped the the straight and curved tubes into the tube hole. I can't lock these tubes but can easily remove the tube and block the hole when cleaning the bottom. Contrary to a few other reviews I've seen this habitat is big enough for at least one robo hamster or one Syrian hamster. You can put several inches of bedding in the plastic bottom and the robos love to burrow through it. I'm going to get another wheel form Omlet.

           Good but some niggles

- Rachel, 04 May 2015

The cage itself is a good size and my daughter can see a lot more of her hamster. The hamster loves the bottom part where he can bury himself. She really likes it so insisted on a 4 star review. The wheel was disappointing as we needed to push some more plastic down the back as it was loose therefore rattled during the night. The hamster climbs the metal bars and can make a bit of noise so I am not sure whether her bedroom was the best place for it! Hamster poo can escape from the top so a regular hoover round the back is needed. However a good purchase but maybe a bit on the pricey side.

           Fantastic cage

- Salli, 03 May 2015

Love this cage, my gerbils have got a new lease of life having so much room to dig, tunnel and have lots of room for toys. Arrived fast, easy to put together and looks lovely doubles up as lamp table. Would reccomend to anyone who loves their hamster, gerbils etc.

           Omlet Qute

- Beverley, 02 May 2015

I love my Omlet Qute. It blends in with other bits of furniture yet it's still a practical well thought out cage. I use mine for a duprasi and he loves it. I can make a burrowing section in the bottom tub as well as having other toys/houses/wheels etc. I change the set up every time I clean it out so he doesn't get bored. The Qute is really easy to clean. It is very well made, but on the down side it's very heavy so can't be moved around. I also have a cat who has knocked over other hamster/gerbil cages before...but he can't get to my little duprasi in his Qute cage. So I don't have to worry about that, which is a relief! I think the only real negative I found was as the cage bars are held to the main unit by a bar it's not solid and has some movement which meant that when my duprasi uses his wheel it's very noisy as the bars have move too. Tried other wheels but they were the same. I had occassions where I emailed Customer Services and they were really helpful. I can't praise them enough. Plus speedy delivery. One happy Omlet Qute owner. Thank you!

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