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Fantastic cage - Eyre, 19 July 2015

The cage is great but I thought a little too small so we bought 2 plus an extra tube and linked them both together. Nugett, my daughters hamster loves running between the two cages. It took her a couple of hours to work out how to manoeuvre up and down the tubes, but now there is no stopping her. The only problem we had was Nugget decided that her toilet was going to be in the left corner of top floor. Poo's are fine as they fall through the grill but her wee's run down on the outside of the Perspex box underneath. We have got over this by having a local company make us a piece of right angled Perspex 4 cm high by 4cm deep and 41cm long and I have placed this into the back of the cage. This stops any "excess" splashing the wall behind and running down the back. If the top floor of the cage was changes so it had a 4 cm up stand front and back, this would erase the problem we have encountered. But saying this I still would recomend this cage 100%

- Iris, 16 July 2015


Cage is good - Dale, 16 July 2015

Hard to assemble as instructions arent too clear

Very happy hamster - Katie, 8 July 2015

Overall very pleased with this product. Took some time to put together and the screws did buckle the wood in the drawer which you can't see from the outside. Once together looked really impressive-is very easy to clean - hamster is very happy although took him a few days to work out the tunnel. Much less mess than with other cages but occasional hamster poo sneaks out the back from the top. The wheel is a bit noisy but really wide and the hamster loves burrowing in the bottom compartment. It's great for young kids to learn to handle the hamster as it can be transported in the tray and handled over this initially. Really easy to see through cage and watch what he is doing. Overall delighted and would buy again.

Great cage for gerbils very easy to clean - Kelly, 6 July 2015

Easy to put together very sturdy good size great buy

hamster cage - Barbara, 3 July 2015

I like the cage but I wish I could get the one with the storage.

Lovely Cage, Happy Hamster! - Rebecca, 29 June 2015

I love this cage, so does our hamser, she's much happier in her new home. I'm happier too because the enclosure is so easy to clean, my daughter can do it alone. The design of the cage is intelligent and innovative and stylish enough to keep in any room of the house. My only issue with the cage was when we received it and the problems with the parts. Not the cage itself. The floor was cracked and the corner had snapped off, also 2 rods were missing that were integral to the cage working. I called Omlet and they rectified this quickly, but it did mean a delay (and irritated children) in setting up our hamster's new home. However, this was just one of those things, and I cannot fault the service we received. It is the only reason I haven't given 5 stars.

Fab cage - Laurendiz, 29 June 2015

Well i ordered this cage, as i didnt know where to out my old hamster cage. It arrived quickly, i assembled it all by myself so couldnt be that hard. My two gerbils took to it really well and we have them in the sitting no eye sore horrible cage. They even keep me company at night. I love this easy to clean. I still give this 5 stars. But me personally i would hope they do a bigger cage with more levels. Slightly on the pricey side but worth it.

Great looking and functional cage - Jenny, 10 June 2015

A little fiddly to put together, but once done, looks great. Clean lines, stylish and functional. Our gerbil struggled with the vertical tube, but once we replaced that with a ladder, she's happy! Decent size for a single animal. Would love to see a bigger option created for anyone with a group of animals.

Super - Andrew, 9 June 2015

Looks like a piece of furniture. Seems well made Reasonably easy to put together

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