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Great product - Krystal,

I have now bought two of these, for both our pairs of gerbils, as have been so pleased with them. As well as looking great, they are practical, easy to assemble and clean and generally well designed. Worth paying a little extra to get a much better quality product.

Great gerbilarium! - Louise,

I bought this after my gerbils chewed through one cage and were constantly chewing the bars on the second. Third time lucky! With a few minor modifications (one of my girls just didn't "get" the tube & their wee seemed to settle on the plastic shelf, so I removed both) we were good to go. Lovely deep tank area, which they burrow in to their heart's content. Plenty of room for cardboard tubes, wooden chews etc upstairs, accessed by a wooden log ladder. Looks great too.

Great cage - Lisa,

After our hamster chewed through two plastic cages, of the normal variety, I saw the Omlet cage and thought it would be good for us. It's a great cage. Looks amazing and plenty of room for hammy to burrow and run around. Sadly she like gnawing the metal but let's hope she doesn't break through. It's more expensive than most cages but we spent the same amount on the first two that were demolished !!!

An expensive, but premium product - David,

This is a lovely bit of kit. It is heavy and does need building but it took me only about an hour to put together. It's really easy to clean and our hamster loves the wheel and climbing tube. She was dreadfully unhappy in her old cage, lots of bar chewing, but she hasn't chewed the bars on this one once. The storage is very spacious and the whole unit looks very cool. One happy hamster and two very happy kids

Great cage! Or is it furniture? - Emily,

Cuddlies And Loves - Bunnell,

I really love this awesome piece of living furniture. I have two syrian longhair hamsters and they are really digging their new crib. The wheel is so much quieter than the standard cage we were using and the amount of room for both is spacious enough to contain their happiness.

We love our new hamster home!!! - Mike,

The cage itself is a beautiful piece of furniture. Spacious living for our hamster. Open cage style on top level has made her more "involved" with the family. Easy to clean. Hamster is much more active and more attentive. Highly recommend!!

Great Cage - Jodie,

Lovely look and style, very easy clean etc only downside it they are still able to make a mess as the sawdust escapes out the sides.

Best product on the market - Cheryl,

This is so much better than anything else available for housing gerbils. It's perfect for our two gerbils, lots of space for them to run about and dig. It's an added bonus that it looks like a piece of furniture and matches our IKEA units perfectly. Vey easy to clean out too.

Excellent - Carolyn,

This home is so good, easy to clean and easy to interact with your hamster using the bottom clear box area. It's tube is great within the cage and it all feels safe and secure. Would highly recommend spending a bit more money instead of £40 upwards for a plastic falling to bits cage from a shop. Only problem is our hamster likes his bed upstairs! So all the bedding keeps falling out through bars, a little bit of solid plastic going up the sides of top layer is something omelet should consider? The wheel is big enough for a Syrian hamster and quiet, unlike pet shop bought ones. Looks good too!

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