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responding to post from Andrew, 14th Oct. 2017 - Lyall,

I was interested in Andrew's post of 14th Oct. 2017. My gerbils were 14 weeks old when I got them. One sussed out the tube very quickly. The other, not at all. After 36 hrs (with no water) I joined ferplast tubes in an oval shape with one piece missing, placed the gerbil inside, put the last piece in so it was completely enclosed then encouraged the gerbil to travel increasing the angle gradually till she was climbing upward with confidence. It took about 15 minutes. Hope this is helpful

Love it! - Andrew,

The only reason I have not given this great product a 5 star rating is because my gerbils were not able to navigate or understand the tube between the two levels. As they have grown however, they are now able to run up the half tube I have positioned at an angle and I am confident that with time they will ‘get it’ and it will be fine. I am a grown up kid who loves fluffy animals and I really wanted gerbils. I have four and they love their home. It is the perfect environment for them and it looks great in my home. Very smart and stylish. I absolutely recommend this product as it is good quality, well priced, it looks great and, most importantly, it provides a safe, comfortable and engaging home environment for small critters.

- Irene,

Good size cage for gerbils

Doubles as a piece of furniture and keeps the hamster as part of the family - Dawn,

I ordered this because I was left with hamster frankie when my daughter moved to her own place. Frankie had lived in the bedroom which was fine when it was occupied but I felt sorry for the little thing when nobody went in the room much anymore. I moved her downstairs in the original cage but it was difficult to stop my 4 cats trying to push the cage off, and once they actually succeeded with poor frankie frightened and subdued for ages. The omlet cage although not cheap allows me to have frankie next to the sofa so constantly stimulated by the comings and goings of the house. Yes the cats are still interested in her, but they can't get to her and actually now she seems to enjoy their company. I think this was a good buy, I'd prefer it to be wider to give her more space but the space is adequate and the appearance is good.

Brilliant innovative ideas - Jennifer,

Chocka-block full of innovation and ideas for convenience!!! Just love it! and so do my meecers!

Outstanding product, outstanding service - Mary,

I have kept gerbils for 8 years and so wish I had found this home for them years ago. After a little slip up by pets at home resulting in 14 baby gerbils I now have 4 of the Omlet Qute homes for them and their mums. They are so easy to put together, all fixings lined up perfectly. They are sturdy, attractive, spacious, very, very easy to clean and most important of all they are cat proof ! On arrival one had a little damage but I can ignore this as new parts arrived 48 hours after I sent an email to customer services and prior to this I received an email updating me and an apology. Thank yo so much Omlet, I am not sure what would have done without you as 4 ordinary cages in my office would have looked a mess.Many thanks for all your help. Mary

Hamster cage - Trisha,

This cage is practical to clean, safe for the hamster and wonderful for children to view. We have had hamsters for the past 20 years and wish we had come across this type of cage before. The hamster enjoys coming out in the evenings when we are all there and has been integrated into the family so much quicker than if in a smaller cage. We would now never look to buy anything other than this cage.

Cute Cute Hamster cage - Jude,

Absolutely love this, it looks like a piece of furniture and fits perfectly meaning our hamsters are part of the family and enjoyed by all. Its practical too with its handy storage drawer and a good height for cleaning underneath!

Hampster cage review - Steven,

The first cage arrived damaged, but the customer service lady called me back and sent me another one. Excellent customer service!!! refreshing to see a company stand behind their product and delivery to the customer. Thank you. The cage, overall, is nice looking, easy to clean and access, well thought out. Being able to isolate the critter in the top or bottom by locking the tunnel is great innovation. Overall, happy with our purchase and would recommend the cage to others. Some constructive notes: It was a little onerous to assemble it, but got through it. The spring latch (what you pinch to open) that secures the wire cage door gets loose over time and requires monitoring to ensure it is securely latched. We have to bend it outward to keep it in place. I would suggest a thicker gauge wire here. I did not like that the wood was particle board (engineered wood). It is heavy and if it gets wet it will expand permanently damaging it. For the price, I would have expected solid wood not a veneer over particle board. We have a large hamster and it would be nice to have a larger water bottle. She drinks a lot of water. The clear plastic floor does not completely cover the whole floor leaving wire floor exposed. Had a few issues with the hamster getting her leg caught in the floor. It would be nice to have the plastic floor cover entire floor with no wire exposed for the hamster to walk on.

Happy Hamster - Neville, Wiltshire,

Luna chewed through the metal bars on her cage so we bought the Omlet one after quite a lot of shopping around. It looks great and is much better quality than we thought, with bedding in the bottom Luna is really happy burrowing about, taking it up and down the pipe. She seldom knows the bars now and sometimes won't come out. The wheel is large enough that her back isn't bent over whilst she runs about - something that concerned us with other cages. Overall we are really happy but more importantly so it Luna.

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