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           Hamster Heaven

- Mike, 02 March 2015

This is an outstanding product in terms of design and functionality. The family see so much more of our little pet's activities. The unit really is so easy to clean. Buying direct from this site saves a packet when compared with the price in our local pet supplier. Oh, and I think the hamster likes it. Highly recommended.


- Sarah, 25 February 2015

This cage is brilliant. It looks great, and the design for the animal has been well thought out. This is the first hamster cage I have come across that comes with a wheel that is big enough for a fully grown syrian hamster, with no need to upgrade well done omlet! I'm also Pleased with the new solid floor upstairs and would highly recommend this product.

           Excellent hamster cage

- Wallhatch, 17 February 2015

Our daughter is able to easily care fully for her hamster now with this stylish easy to clean cage. Lost one star as the design means food etc can be pushed out of the back of the top section of the cage, if like our hamster they store their food in the corner. This leaves a bit of a mess behind the cage but, would still buy again as easy for children to maintain.

           Excellent and tasteful!

- Rachael, 14 February 2015

Bought this for our first hamster. He settled in straight away and has made himself very comfortable, he hasn't escaped so far! Easy to clean. The qute looks great as well.

           Excellent and easy clean

- Griggs, 26 January 2015

Excellent product, easy clean and bottom box works as a sleeping / play centre. Food can drop through the bars to the lower section - only downside so far is that food can go through the back of the cage and get lost until cleared - a strip of plastic clipped on the vertical face of the outer of the cage would make this product perfect! Looks neat and part of the furniture.


- Anne, 16 January 2015

Brilliant home for our hamster. He loves it. Needed to contact customer care following purchase, Probably the best customer care I have received. Polite and knowledgeable about all the omlet products. I would definitely recommend in fact we have bought another hamster and will be buying him one too.

           Excellent Cage

- Donna, 10 January 2015

I was so excited to find this cage, ordered it and it arrived about 2 weeks later. My husband just put it together, I love it! It is made really well and safe for our hamster. I put our hamster in it and she went right for the wheel, checked out the top part, then went down to the bottom, and started making her sleeping area, and then up again to get her food and set things up.. I think she loves it ! I have never seen a cage as well made as this one and was so happy that it could be shipped to the USA. We have a dog and cat, and they both checked out the cage, I feel that she is safe in there and will be happy. This is by far the nicest hamster/gerbil cage that I have seen it is like a piece of furniture and you can put it in any room and it looks great. Very pleased with this item !! Thanks for making such a nice home for out hamster!

           Nice idea looks good but....

- Tim, 09 January 2015

This was relatively easy to put up although one of the screws was missing and another one broke. Which was disappointing compared to other flat pack furniture I've bought. However it is up and it looks good. We have put some young gerbils in and the box is plenty deep enough to give enough sawdust for them to bury in. The main gripe is they do seem to struggle with the tube which means we have to feed and water them by hand as there is no where to attach a drinks bottle in the plastic box and they are not used to us enough to be handled yet. If only the upper base had a drop down ramp like some rabbit hutches have. I still think in the long run this will prove to be an excellent product!

           Hamster cage

- Emma, 06 January 2015

We, and Sammy our dwarf Hamster, love this cage. It is so easy for the kids to look after their pet with this. And easy to clean. We have a cat and we feel this cage offers better protection from cats than others on the market. A real winner.

           This is a brilliantly designed hamster cage

- Joy, 03 January 2015

We bought the Qute for my 5 year old, who has been longing for a furry friend. Having owned a hamster before, and experienced the mess of a conventional cage, I was clear that i did not want to repeat the experience. So far, the Qute is fabulous. We can see our hamster brilliantly when she is awake and active. She mastered the tube in the first few hours, and seems happy and occupied, with plenty of space to enjoy. The cage is well designed and seems good quality and robust so far! A great product!

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