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           Excellent produce

- Mandy, 23 April 2015

My sons new gerbils absolutely love their new cage.My 9 year old son finds it easy to clean out which means he can take care of his own pets.The cage fits in lovely with our furniture.The cage might seem a little eexpensive compared to others on the market but in my opinion it is worth every penny.64

           Good looking and functional

- Simon, 16 April 2015

This product looks really good, and is really well designed. The extra large and deep bottom section is great for Gerbils who need more bedding material to allow them to burrow. Most hamster cages don't provide this. The bottom section is also great to pull out and allow my young children to interact with their pets without fear of them escaping. Finally, its design also makes the bottom section easy to clean. The design of the rest of the product is equally well considered, the upper section provides an area for our gerbils to explore, eat, drink and exercise, and the interconnecting tube is a great way to provide access between the two areas and also confine them in an area when required. The storage space at the bottom is really useful for storing all that is required to care for the gerbils and makes the whole thing an attractive, well sized and functional piece of furniture.

           Keeps the hamster in, easy to clean

- Sarah, 13 April 2015

We made the mistake of buying an inferior cage from a large chain of pet shops. It looked horrid and unfortunately the hamster managed to chew her way out in one night! We don't know how easy it would have been to clean as we did not have it long enough! This cage is so easy to clean my daughter can do it herself. We have also gained a smart piece of furniture rather than loosing space to an ugly cage. Wish I had seen this cage before I bought the other one, it would have saved so much hastle. LOVE THIS AM RECOMMENDING IT TO EVERYONE!

           Awesome and brilliant

- Lyndsey, 13 April 2015

This cage is just brilliant. Easy for the kids to access the gerbils. Gerbils very visible. They took a couple of days to work out the tube but once they did they were sorted. They absolutely love the wheel too. Useful storage underneath for the food. A fabulous cage, that looks like a nice piece of furniture too. Well worth the investment and highly recommended.


- Ruby, 10 April 2015

I purchased two of these hamster condos due to the fact that hamsters tend to be animals that thrive better solo. The units were a bit challenging to put together, but after they were assembled I have never looked back. They are not only functional, but they are a nice piece of cabinetry that displays our new furry friends in a lovely way. Very happy with our choice.

           Very good

- Jess, 09 April 2015

Had this cage for six months, enough time to settle down and notice any arising problems. I am really pleased with this cage which houses my Syrian hamster. It is very easy to clean and maintain, and no smell! I do think it is suitable for hamsters- providing plenty of enrichment is given within the cage- but I would not recommend for gerbils, as i don't feel it provides enough space to climb and burrow for this species. I was happy with the features of this cage, but the wheel was only silent for the first month or so, then became rickety. All round, any problems I have had are small ones and I enjoy this cage and the impressive smart finish it has in my bedroom. Would definitely recommend!

           Very good and easy to clean

- Jess, 06 April 2015

I bought this cage for my Syrain hamster Cookie, i have it in my bedroom. It is very nice to look at big and is easy to clean. The pull out tray works along with the lock and twist tube. After trying very hard i found a very silent wheel it is amazing and does not keep me awake. The storage is great and is really nice to put cookies food and bedding in.The only down side it was very expensive but other than that i love this cage and is amazing! me and cookie love it!!!

           Stylish and practical!

- Rebecca, 06 April 2015

We love our Qute cage as it blends in well with our decor and is very easy to clean. Our hamster loves it too! it's like his own little duplex apartment. Because of the design you can also view your hamster very well as we love to watch our hammie. We had a problem with the wheel at first as it kept falling off so I called customer service and I received another one the next day and had no problems since so excellent customer service. Would highly reccommend!

           Excellent product !!

- Hayley, 01 April 2015

Looks great and is very easy to clean.. My daughter was given the qute as a birthday gift and she loves it , as do my grandchildren .. So it's great for children, adults and hamsters alike. I must also say that the, customer/after sale service is excellent, calls are handled in a polite and helpful manner.. V ery happy and would definitely recommend the Qute, to anyone wishing to purchase a safe and comfortable home for their hamster.


- Jennifer, 01 April 2015

We have had hamsters for 3 years now ... always in a fish tank or a rickety cage from a big box store. Now our hamsters are loving life in this amazing habitat! It only took them a few tries to get the hang of going up/down the tube and now they have two levels of space to explore! The assembly was a breeze and the size is wonderful! The only negative is that one of the water bottles leaks - no biggie. We'll just use our previous one.

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