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Looks great, slight design fault? - Lauren,

This cage looks really good. The storage drawer is really handy for all the hamster paraphernalia. Now the Syrian hamster is fully grown I would really like it to be a bit bigger. My only real issue is my hamster (female) choices to wee upstairs in the corner and this means that the wee often shoots out and up the wall!!

Stylish, modern and convenient - Dave,

Really like this cage. It is very stylish and really simple to maintain. I was a bit concerned that some reviews mentioned that it took a while to build, but I got my sister to do it in about half an hour!! She worked through the instructions and found it quick and easy to construct. Was also slightly concerned that our new hamster would be too small to use the tube, but he was up and down it in no time once he had figured it out. Whilst this isn't the cheapest on the market I do feel that it is made from quality materials and offers a real alternative to standard hamster cage designs, so I would say it is worth spending a little extra. This is one of the easiest cages to keep clean and maintain, it literally is as easy as it demonstrates on the promotional video - now even my son doesn't have to be nagged too much to clean out his hamster! Well done Omlet!

- David,

This is the second cage I purchased they are easy to assemble and just as your video shows easy to clean durable and good looking I highly recommend this product

Attractive hamster home - James-Forbes,

I got this cage for my chubby Syrian hamster, she has no problems getting around even if she is a bit chunky and seems happy in the cage, she doesn't often chew the bars or try to escape. Pros with this cage are ease of cleaning (5 mins to empty base, wipe down with disinfectant and refill) and accessibility to the hamster, no matter where she is in the cage I can easily get her out. Cons are that I can only get plastic water bottles to fit the holder, all the glass brands are too big, and she keeps chewing them. Also the tube being directly in the middle of the cage makes it hard to place toys, would be better at the side. Would of given this 5 stars if the cage hadn't arrived missing screws, with a broken bar and a crack in the plastic upper floor, nothing major and it was easily fixed but this is being marketed as a premium product and I wouldn't expect to encounter these problems.

Nice product, well made, but not easy to clean and the wheel is noisy - Debbie,

The product as a whole is very nice looking and we were very pleased with it. now we have had it a while we realise that it's not easy to clean, whereas i mean to take out the top it is very awkward, to clean the plastic which is what needs doing regularly. Also the wheel is very noisy so we will have to look at buying another one i think. The gerbils love it though.

Great cage - Clare,

Great cage. Lovely bedding area that the gerbils can chew, dig and make endless tunnels in. Play area with food bowl, water and wheel works well and easily cleaned. Storage area very useful. My 9 year old daughter loves the cage and it must be robust because it is all still in one piece. Plus gerbils seem very happy with their home!

Fab product! - Kim,

I adopted a hamster who had been kept in a tiny cage and she literally thought she was in heaven moving to this amazing new home. So easy to clean out and a lovely deep box for her to nest in. Looks very stylish too. I would recommend this to anyone.

Very good - almost great... - Jodi,

We really love our gerbil house. We went with one without storage because height-wise it also serves as an end table and puts our gerbil in the same room as us. Our only complaint is the wheel. The construction allows it to detach and fall on gerbil while leaving part still attached to the cage. Not safe. We had to replace it with a better design.

Brilliant Cage! Easy peasy to clean A+ - Roxanne, Cornwall,

We love this cage at home. It is extremely easy to keep clean and it is big enough to fit everything we need inside. The storage underneath means we can keep all the food and bedding to hand. In ours we can fit a pack of carefresh, food, kitchen roll, spray, bedding and a few treats! the bottom section is great for our playing with our hamster Gimli, and is ideal for young children. After reading some reviews online about the size of the cage we were a bit skeptical about the suitability for our Syrian however this is a great size for 1 hamster, and if you take your hamster out often to play it is perfectly fine, and it is a lot larger than cages used in our local pet store. The wheel is so quiet and we can only hear it slightly when Gimli runs like lightning on it. My only quibble (very minor) was that it took both me and my partner 3 hours to build due to assembling the storage compartment, however once built it is a very study cage. Even though it is one of the more expensive cages on the market it is worth the money as its built to last and comes with everything you need to get started, and by the time we added up getting a cheaper cage with all the accessories the price would come out roughly the same anyway. Overall this is fab cage and it is a bonus that there is two levels.

Well designed and good looking hamster cage - Catherine,

This is the best hamster cage we have had. The cage is easy to clean, looks good, provides lots of room for the hamster and no sawdust gets on the floor! The hamster seems really at home and has a good depth for digging and burying things in. The storage underneath is surprisingly roomy too.

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