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           Very happy

- Tara, 02 January 2015

I am very happy with the item a little hard to put together but still happy with it

           Great Product

- Christine, 02 January 2015

Really impressed with this habitat. Very well made and nice looking. Excellent value for money, one small screw missing on delivery but found one to match... gerbils love their new home


- Alicia, 01 January 2015

We have been through 3 store bought hamster cages because we own a gorgeous but frustrating escapee which manages to get out of almost anything. Our new qute cage is not only a beautiful piece of furniture but a safe and fun design for our daughters treasured pet. I wish we had found it earlier!

           Great hamster home

- Martin, 30 December 2014

We purchased this as we wanted something a little different from the run of the mill hamster homes. The unit was easy to assemble, sturdy and the instructions were clear and easy to follow and it feels like a quality unit. The draw part is just the right size for keeping all the food, bedding and treats! A couple of weeks in and I can confirm the bottom tray is very easy and quick to remove and clean, it makes a great staging point from where you can handle or transfer to a ball. I did a bit of research about these and read a few negative reviews, about the size and the top part having a wire floor, both I believe are unfounded. The size is great for a single hamster and the wire floor has been replaced with an easy to clean plastic one. Omlet were a great company to deal with, great communicators and eager to please the customer – a rare commodity these days I think! I am glad we chose this unit and would happily recommend it to anyone, it was worth the investment!


- Jonathan, 27 December 2014

Great product, very sturdy and good quality, perfect for my dwarf hamsters.

           Pros and Cons

- Marty, 25 December 2014

Pros: Easily put together - wheel is quiet - size seems ok for 2 gerbils - stylish and suited the décor of my sons room - easily used by an older child. -The option to have the critters in the lower or upper area only is a good idea - easy to clean - solid build - can attach toys and treats to the bars of the cage Cons: Pricey - cage wiring around the upper floor level means that bedding, poop and food gets kicked out,ending up on the bedroom floor. Perhaps a urine guard or similar would easily solve this problem? I think for the price, Omlet could review the design to include this oversight - Our gerbils took quite a while to get the hang of going down the wide tube (going up seemed ok) and spent a night and day on the upper level even though we helped them down several times and they had housing and clean, deep bedding below. This may not have anything to do with the design, but I would be interested to know if anyone else has had this happen? - Sadly, we ended up moving the unit into another room as the open, upper cage style meant my son couldn't sleep for the noise of gerbils partying through the night.

           Worth every penny!

- Joanne, 22 December 2014

Easy to clean and stylish. Since buying this cage we have seen more of our hamster and had more pleasure watching him around his cage. Quiet wheel and drinking bottle. Quite expensive but worth every penny, this cage blends in with our other furniture and our hamster seems very happy with his new home!

           We love the Qute. Suitable for (some) people with special needs

- William, 12 December 2014

I look after a friend who had a stroke and is paralysed on one side. He lives alone with carers coming in. He always wanted gerbils but I did not feel able to look after them adequately so he had a hamster instead. Then we saw the Qute and suddenly saw the possibility of his having gerbils. We bought it, chose his gerbils and it has been brilliant. When alone, he can lower the top front of the Qute and feed his gerbils or play with them, keeping daily contact. He can pull the tub out and play with them knowing they can't jump out and get lost. His disability is no longer an issue. We have set up a play area and it's easy to transport them to it in the plastic tub. We found that the carers who had been nervous of the hamster in its wire cage were ok with the gerbils in the Qute and could even have conversations which was very beneficial for my friend. We love the Qute. In the wire cage we liked to fit a rat hammock which the hamster loved. Having the Qute, the only thing we miss is not being able to hang a hammock - wouldn't be able to lock the tube in place in the top half and it impedes taking the tub out from the bottom half. It is no exaggeration to say that this Qute has helped my friend cope better with his circumstances, has kept depression at bay and added a dimension to his relationships we never thought possible. We think the Qute is a thing of beauty in both looks and design. Some people have told us that they think it too expensive but his hamster had a medical problem which caused a discharge and corrosion of the cage base, 3 in total. With the Qute, replacing the tub would have been a lot cheaper. We wouldn't consider having anything else.

           Great Cages and Customer Service!

- Jennifer, 12 December 2014

I bought 5 of these cages recently for my Syrian Hammies because honestly I have not found anything like it anywhere in pet stores around where I live or even on the Internet. To say that they are all thrilled with their new homes is an understatement! They are so much happier and love that they can dig around in the bottom and come up top to exercise on their wheel. The cleaning is great also, but to be honest it does take more than a minute to clean, but considerably less time than with other cages. The mess that my hamsters create is not contained to the cage, but can spill out onto the floor. This really doesn't bother me - I just vacuum it up with my Dyson. Customer Service from Qute is awesome!! Clare was so helpful and replaced what was damaged in shipment very efficiently and with no problems. I am one satisfied, happy customer. Thanks Qute!

           Fantastic Cage

- Irfan, 09 December 2014

I've never been a fan of keeping rodents, but when I took the kids to the local pet shop and they saw the hamsters... they obviously wanted one. I tried my hardest to get out of buying them one as I knew that the kids would loose interest in helping take care of the hamster within a few weeks (if not days), but as soon as I saw this cage and how easy it was to clean, I decided to cave in and let the kids have a rodent in the house. Compared to the usual hamster/gerbil cages, this is amazing. Not only because it is designed like a piece of furniture to integrate into your home, but it has actually kept my kids enjoy taking responsibility for looking after their hamster. They take it out and play with her everyday and have so far been very keen to clean it every week. The cage is fairly easy to put together by yourself (but there are a couple of stages in the build process that having a second set of hands really helps). It took me about 30-45 minutes (and that was with my 2 year old trying desperately hard to help). The cage feels solid and well put together. The cage isn't extremely large, but neither is it really small. Our Syrian hamster enjoys the space. Unlike some of the other cages on the market, you are limited to how many other items/toys you can put on each level. In addition to all the accessories that came with the cage; we have but a small shelf with a ladder in the top half and a 15cmx15cm wooden house & rainbow bridge, along with some small chew toys spread between both levels. I feel this gives our hamster enough space to move around between each level and allows enough space for her to burrow in the bottom half. I did also buy some Carefresh bedding at the same time as I order the cage. That in itself seems to be a very good product (although a little on the pricy side), the only thing I couldn't figure out was how much to add. The photos on the Omlet website show a fairly full bottom tray, but when a bag of the bedding costs £5 each & you're told by the pet shop you need to change this every week you don't really want to put that much in. In the end I used half the 14L bag, which I think is perfect. Omlet customer service was brilliant. Our cage arrived missing 1 screw and a clip to attach the wheel to the cage. A quick phone call to Omlet customer services and they had the missing bits delivered the following day. A highly recommended cage to all.

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