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modern good looking and practical - Pigonstick,

Even my boy agreed I picked a good cage for his gerbil. Fit the rest of our furniture in the family room. so we are with the gerbil all the time. I do wish the size is bigger. They should be able to make it at least another feet wider. In general, we are very happy with the purchase. Good quality. and customer service is really good.

Really great - Mandy,

We love this cage and so does our hamster. the only down side is the our hamster likes to take all her bedding to the top level and makes a nest in the corner. this then fall out the bars on the back and makes a mess on the floor.

I love this cage - Arlene,

This hamster cage is the best it's so easy to clean our hamster loves it and it's so beautiful it looks fabulous in my house . Thank you so much

Superb design, with every element of the assembly thought through. - Rachel,

I'm blown away by this design. They make assembling superbly easy and everything about the finished product is brilliant. I would buy any Omlet product in the blasts if what I've seen so far!

Qute hamster cage - Claire,

This is a fantastic little cage. So easy for the children to use and clean. Our dwarf hamsters love the two levels. Our only comment with regard to the cage is that it would be great to have some different options for moving to the top level. Our older hamster fell ill and could not use the vertical tube safely which meant we had to remove the tube and reduce her space to one level. Food could be brought downstairs but the water bottle attachment couldn't and so a bowl had to be used which was far from ideal. Perhaps a spiral tube option could be made available for people with smaller rodents to avoid falls, or a cut out at one end of the top level perspex with a graduated staircase. We've now found our two new hamsters are very able to get up the tube but scared of coming down, so we will have to try some home made modifications. Perfect cage for slightly larger rodent but hit and miss with dwarfs.

Fantastic home! - Sue,

I am truly amazed at how great this product is! Our hamster is so safe and happy in her little home. It fits perfectly in my daughters room with lots of space for accessories and bedding underneath so everything is kept nice and tidy. The spacious Perspex tub at the bottom is great for interacting with our hamster, it can be taken out easily and you can reach in to pick up the hamster or interact whilst she is still in the tub. The tube can be raised and lowered so that the two areas can be separated for cleaning whilst keeping the hamster safe. A friend has also purchased one after the tubes on her original cage (not one of yours!) kept coming off allowing her hamster to escape! We definitely haven't had any problems like that!

Really like it! - Jeanne,

I really like the hamster cage! It looks really nice in our family room and it's easy to see what the hamster is doing and easy to take him in and out. He seems to enjoy going up and down the tube and burrowing in the bedding. I really appreciate how easy it is to clean.

An amazing cage, a few cons but amazing!!!! - Maya,

I found the omlet website about 2 years ago. Since I first saw the qute cage I thought it was amazing. I ordered the cage without storage because I didn't need the extra space. I think that the extra space underneath is a very good idea though. When I ordered my cage it was very easy process. I found that the tracking was very useful.The cage came on the date I asked for and the driver helped bring it into my house because the box was very heavy. I opened the package and everything was very neatly packed and protected with no damages which I was pleased about. Lots of the reviews on here say that the flat pack cage took a while to make but I found the step by step guide very easy to follow. It took me and my boyfriend 30 minuets to make. In the guide book it said that there was 8 of one type of screw but I only had 4 we found that we didn't need the other 4 anyway so we just assumed that they were for if you brought the cage with extra storage. I do advise that you clean everything before placing the hamster into the cage. I finally got my hamster and placed him Into the cage and found that because he was so small and only 8 weeks old, he couldn't get up or down the vertical tube so this was quite worrying. I then found that he had fallen down the tube but was okay. After about a week he was able to get up and down his tube. He absolutely loves his wheel although it isn't silent but it is a good size for a medium sized hamster. I found that there was a lot of mesh floor which I thought the whole floor was plastic by the discription on the website but it isn't. I'm concerned that it might give him mumble foot later on. Pros: quite big, very modern and not an eye saw, easy to clean,easy access to your pet, good delivery experience, easy to build. Cons: expensive, heavy, wood gets stained easily, has mesh flooring, wheels not silent, tube is difficult for young hamsters to get up at first.

Fantastic quailty - Stopped hamster chewing out - Mandy,

I bought this cage as my hamster kept chewing out of his cage through the plastic. The plastic bowl on this cage is very strong, he has tried to chew out but failed! He loves climbing up and down the tube to get to the top level too. It's very easy to clean and looks lovely and it fits in with the furniture. Would definitely buy again!

- Lenka,

A lovely product. We are happy with it.

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