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           Very good - Almost

- David, 27 March 2015

After much research I purchased the Qute cage and feel that this is the best design available. Decent materials. A good bit of assembly. It's the Ikea of hamster cages. The accessories, however, are complete garbage. original water bottle and replacement provided both leak profusely. Why send a replacement that is the same as the original? The exercise wheel is also of sub par quality. The hub that holds the wheel broke in the first few hours. Replacement sent. Same problem. Super glue to the rescue and we're back in business.

           Excellent new home for our hamster

- Gael, 25 March 2015

I am so delighted we purchased this. It looks so neat and tidy in my daughter's room, and is incredibly easy to keep clean. Clara the Hamster just loves it and quickly got used to the new layout and has great fun running up and down the tube (the first time she went down head first and tried to go back up facing the same direction - i.e. bottom first; she soon learned this was not so productive). We put her old little wooden house in the bottom section which she sleeps in, and have put some chamomile hay on the plastic floor in the top section as she was skating around a bit, and it was also a little noisy. The customer service from Omlet has been superb - a small piece was damaged and a replacement was sent out by first class post. Really a very good purchase and highly recommended.


- Mandy, 23 March 2015

I only held back half a star because they didn't have it available in the walnut when I wanted it. But truly, this is the best looking, easiest to clean hamster cage EVER! Customer service is excellent, as well. I called about a part of the wheel that seemed not to work properly and received a new part in the mail quickly, no questions asked. Truly, an excellent product.

           Brilliant !!

- Deonne, 17 March 2015

Having had three children we have had lots of hamsters over the years. When our youngest child asked Santa for a hamster, my first thoughts were the chore of cage cleaning and the guilt of keeping a small animal in a confined space. However, since purchasing our Qute cage having a hamster is an absolute pleasure! This has got to be the 'Beverly hills' of hamster homes. It's so easy to clean, looks lovely and our hamster has two separate areas to play and burrow. I must admit it was a big decision to buy this product but I can honestly say it's worth every penny!

           Omlet hanster cage

- Patricia, 14 March 2015

This is a fantastic cage .my hamster loves it .she has more room and best of it my cats cant get at her .i would recommend this to anyone that is looking for the perfect cage ..

           Love it!!!!

- Emma, 13 March 2015

Arrived promptly, easy to put together, really well made and looks wonderful....... Bought for my 10yr old for her birthday and is easy to clean out and a fantastic addition to her bedroom, happy daughter, happy mum and very happy hamster. I would recommend this product to everyone!! LOVE IT!!!

           Great home for Biscuit

- Sabine, 13 March 2015

Our hamster biscuit loves it. Looks great in our office. Great customer service too.

           Hamster cage

- Alison, 11 March 2015

Great service! Great product!


- Sarah, 11 March 2015

Our hamster loves her cage. It looks great in the lounge too! Customer service is exceptional and delivery is swift too. The cage is easy to put together. The two tiers enable our hamster to create a sleeping area downstairs and play upstairs. It would be better if the cage was wider as once toys are added there isn't much room and there is limited scope to hang treats. Our hamster quickly understood she needed to use the tube to go between the levels and she loves the wheel. We are delighted with our purchase ... And if Omlet made a larger cage we would certainly purchase it too.

           Great Product

- Joanna, 07 March 2015

Our Qute White Hamster Cage with storage was well worth the wait. Looks fab & Coco the hamster has made himself completely at home in it. Very amusing to be able to watch the little creature. Looks great in the lounge.

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