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White Qute Gerbil/Hamster Cage w Storage - Kelly,

I never write reviews, but feel compelled to do so because I think this is one of the few products I have ever purchased that simply could not be perfected upon! The inventor of this cage is genius and did not miss a thing! My hamster escaped from two cages prior to purchasing this one... and they had other issues as well. Not only does this cage look amazing, it's so easy to clean and my hamster has so much space and he loves being able to be so active! I can not say enough! Friend's comment on ouramazing Hamster condo... and everything for my pet is so conveniently contained. Don't waste money on inferior cages... spend a little more and invest in a real home for your pet! You will be so happy you did! It's incredibly well made and Escape proof!

- Sue,

We just love our hamster house! It's so easy to keep clean - just a quick wipe over the top floor and a rinse of the wheel each morning, then a quick weekly clean and it's done! Hazel is in Hamster Heaven!

- Belinda,

I love this cage! It looks great in our home. Rosie our hamster loves it too. Thank you for designing a pet cage that is functional and looks terrific!

Review of Quite hamster cage - Rachel,

This is a lovely, elegant hamster home, cleverly disguised as a piece of furniture. Have been meaning to review it for ages. Our hamster, Alexandra, loves it; it's Alexandra's palace! The only thing was that she managed to get the door open, so now we have to put clips on, but when we bought her they said she was feisty! Otherwise it's perfect, so much better and more beautiful than other hamster cages on the market.

White hamster cage - Samantha,

Beautiful piece of furniture. My lovely little addition she loves her stylish home. Plus the wheel is nearly silent - great in my small flat. Delivery quick - small issues was resolved very quickly.

Great look and the gerbils love it! Missing guide peg but all went together so nicely and easy to clean and keep nice! - Brandi,

They have only chewed on the wheel.

Best hamster home by far! - Sorelle, Berkshire ,

The design of this hamster home is a winner, by far the best we've ever purchased! Pet proof, easy to clean and looks very neat in any living space. The two different levels provide a lot of fun for hamsters/gerbils. We are very happy to see that omlet are providing spare parts at great prices too. Well done Omlet. Big thumbs up!

Hamster Home - Barbara,

This is a really nice cupboard with cage inside, I have two Dwarf Russian hamsters and they love it. It took them a while to master the tube but now they have no problem. It is easy to keep clean and great that you can lock them either in the top or bottom to clean, a really good purchase.

Perfect and smart - Stephen,

Excellent my hamster loves it, loads of space and everything he needs.

This is an awesome hamster cage! - Caitlin,

We love it. It's easy to clean and it's roomy for the hamster. I would recommend.

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