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Fab product! - Kim,

I adopted a hamster who had been kept in a tiny cage and she literally thought she was in heaven moving to this amazing new home. So easy to clean out and a lovely deep box for her to nest in. Looks very stylish too. I would recommend this to anyone.

Very good - almost great... - Jodi,

We really love our gerbil house. We went with one without storage because height-wise it also serves as an end table and puts our gerbil in the same room as us. Our only complaint is the wheel. The construction allows it to detach and fall on gerbil while leaving part still attached to the cage. Not safe. We had to replace it with a better design.

Brilliant Cage! Easy peasy to clean A+ - Roxanne, Cornwall,

We love this cage at home. It is extremely easy to keep clean and it is big enough to fit everything we need inside. The storage underneath means we can keep all the food and bedding to hand. In ours we can fit a pack of carefresh, food, kitchen roll, spray, bedding and a few treats! the bottom section is great for our playing with our hamster Gimli, and is ideal for young children. After reading some reviews online about the size of the cage we were a bit skeptical about the suitability for our Syrian however this is a great size for 1 hamster, and if you take your hamster out often to play it is perfectly fine, and it is a lot larger than cages used in our local pet store. The wheel is so quiet and we can only hear it slightly when Gimli runs like lightning on it. My only quibble (very minor) was that it took both me and my partner 3 hours to build due to assembling the storage compartment, however once built it is a very study cage. Even though it is one of the more expensive cages on the market it is worth the money as its built to last and comes with everything you need to get started, and by the time we added up getting a cheaper cage with all the accessories the price would come out roughly the same anyway. Overall this is fab cage and it is a bonus that there is two levels.

Well designed and good looking hamster cage - Catherine,

This is the best hamster cage we have had. The cage is easy to clean, looks good, provides lots of room for the hamster and no sawdust gets on the floor! The hamster seems really at home and has a good depth for digging and burying things in. The storage underneath is surprisingly roomy too.

- Stephanie,

The cage is great! Our hamster loves his home and has plenty of space. The cage is very easy to clean and looks good in our home. We are glad that we purchased this cage!

- Tracey,

It's a lovely cage but when we put the Gerbils in they won't use the tube.

This has made cleaning out so much easier and less disruptive for the gerbils - Shelley,

This is amazing! So easy to clean and change bedding. I'd say only suitable for two maximum, and some may want a slightly bigger home for their gerbils, but it really is worth every penny. Easy to build and I love the storage underneath. Interestingly my gerbils wouldn't run in their old wheel but they do in this one.

Not a Hamster Cage? - Mike,

When is a hamster cage not a hamster cage? When it's a piece of furniture. This is the first cage that I have ever seen that fits in with being obtrusive. It fits in my room as a piece of furniture and visitors don't even realise it is a cage initially. It comes as a flat pack which is easy to assemble but once built you can watch your hamsters antics and easily access her to play with. Well Done Omlet!

Excellent cage only bettered by the customer service. - Jonathan, Berkshire,

Found Omlet after searching online. It may appear to be expensive but totally worth the cost. Very well made, easy to clean and works in nearly every room. Dealing with Omlet customer service was excellent. I purchased the wrong one (my mistake) and Omlet helped me to return and exchange to the correct one with about any problem. Highly recommended.

Great Hamster Home! - Rachel,

I only have one issue. I have a Chinese hamster and he is too small to use the tube. I was able to fix the problem by filling the bottom drawer compleatly w bedding. I then took the tube out and now he can burrow in the bottom and still get "upstairs" to eat, drink and play. After buying numerous cages before this one I am happy to say this is the best cage yet!!! Worth the $!

Omlet Says: Hi Rachel, have you considered putting in a ladder or a ramp to help your hamster access upstairs? We have heard this is a successful alternative for smaller hamsters. Kind regards, The Omlet Team.

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