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           Excellent buy!

- Michelle, 27 November 2013

This is the best cage I have ever purchased. My hamster seems to love it and is very settled. I can't believe how quick and easy it is to clean out. It also looks nice in my lounge and fits in with the furniture.

           Good Design-could be better

- Anne, 22 November 2013

This fills the need of fitting in perfectly and it really does look good, is easy to clean and causes minimal mess. I would love to give this 5 stars but there could be a few tweaks to make it more hamster friendly. The bottom section is fantastic, we use a combination of sawdust and shredded newspaper. Our hamster did need some persuasion to use the tube to go between the floors. It really does keep the mess in and is easy to clean. But it does sometime get stuck behind the lowest bar of the top floor - perhaps my over safety conscious kids are pushing it in too far? I only realised after purchase that wire bar floors are not recommended as they cause something called 'Bumble Foot'. Our hamster didn't like it either so we put a doubled up sheet of newspaper down - this gets shredded at the edges and needs replacing every few days but is really not a problem but I do think that the wonderful designers at Omlet should actually make something that is suitable. The wheel starts quiet but then gets very noisy - I agree with other reviews that at the price a better wheel could be put in. I've subsequently replaced mine with a silent wheel. Because there are no bars on the ceiling there is nowhere to hang chews and toys that need to hang- remember if you want to add these do it while you construct it as this is easier than fiddling about once constructed. But the front does fold down so access for changing things and adding boredom busters is good. I would quite like to see some compatible boredom busters from Omlet - bridge, more tubes - something.

           Nice cage

- Louise, 15 November 2013

This cage is lovely and perfect for my gerbils! They love the tank at the bottom to dig in and having room up top for everything else. The whole thing looks lovely in our lounge and fit in with our room ( now the gerbils get more attention rather than being stuck in our spare room). Its plenty big enough for two! The only downside was it was a nightmare to build as it comes completely flat packed and took us hours, we belive there was some parts missing but a DIY expert helping tsoon fixed the problem. After finding some spare parts in the toolbox.


- Milne, 24 October 2013

Our Hamster loves her cage. We have added a wooden bridge into the top that wiggles up and down from back to front so she can hide underneath or sit on top, and some other toys too. Great product ... but my daughter wants a three story one now!

           Best on the market but could be improved.

- Christine, 03 October 2013

This cage is an excellent height for viewing your pet and the storage underneath keeps everything very tidy. The one minute clean is a reality which is fantastic and our new to pets seven year old daughter can do it very easily. I really feel that this is the best cage on the market (and I have done a lot of research). Going forward with product development I do feel that this cage would benefit from the following improvements: Change the finish of the unit to a gloss finish as most white contempory furniture comes in a high gloss finish these days which would enable it to blend in seamlessly. Change the bars on the cage section to white metal/wire as again they would blend in to living accommodation better. The wheel needs to be silent or at least a lot quieter than it is. I know it is possible to buy a silent wheel elsewhere but when you are buying a premium product you expect it to come with the best. If these changes were made I would consider updating my cage as it really is a fantastic design. Christine.

           Good cage

- , 15 September 2013

Good cage put hamster in it today seems to like the space the wheel is a bit noisy but is the cage safe for dwarf hamsters because it doesn't say on the website :-)

           Great pice of furniture!

- Linda, 15 September 2013

Fast shipping in good packaging. Clear instructions for d.i.y. fixing. Fully equiped and nice to be able to watch our hamster play, eat, sleep in its palace. Realy a living pice of furniture.

           Really Pleased!

- Justin, 07 September 2013

We're really pleased with this hamster cage, did take a little while for our hamster to work out how to change levels, but now he's worked it out he's up and down all the time. Only reason i've not given it five stars is the wheel, it's so loud I had to remove it as it was keeping us up at night. Instead I bought a silent wheel and bolted it to the wooden side, I think the main issue with the Omlet wheel is it's attached to the metal bars which rattle, my new setup is pretty much silent! I've uploaded a picture below.


- Harriet, 16 August 2013

We can see the hamster where ever she is and she doesn't notice us. She can climb the tube! The wheel is so quiet and smooth and we can hardly hear her when she is playing on it at night time! Because the accessories are clear you can see her eating her food , we have never seen this before. We love it.


- Lucy, 13 August 2013

Superb gerbil cage! We bought this for our daughter's 9th birthday. We showed her the video on the website and she cleans the gerbils out herself! They quickly got used to the vertical tunnel and our daughter can get the bottom part out to play with them safely. Well worth the money!

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