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           A 'Glamster' cage. So good we had two

- Alison, 10 December 2012

It's definitely a 'Glamster' cage. This is the 'finest' range rather than the 'everyday' range, when it comes to hamster cages. You could argue you can get others that work just as well and for cheaper, but you buy this one when you want a nice piece of furniture in your room rather than something that looks as though it belongs in a toddler's play pen. We bought one for a new hamster who turned out to be pregnant and then acquired another to house her offspring. They lived in our dining room and it just looked like a sideboard. If it wasn't for the fact the hamsters have all gone to new homes now and MUM is the only person who still misses them, (sigh!) We'd be buying a double Qute I'm sure. We really got a lot of value out of of our hamster homes. You CAN put lots of bedding in the bottom, the more the better as far as the hamster is concerned and and the mess is contained. I suppose the only think I'd say is I would rather not have to have put the cage together myself but I guess is keeps the cost down. I wonder whether you can keep rats in them? Anyone tried?

Omlet Says: Thank you for such a brilliant review of the Qute. We're glad that you are enjoying using it. The Qute is perfectly functional to keep rats in, although we would recommend that the Double Qute would be a better option as the rats will have more space.

           Not totally in love

- Judith, 27 November 2012

This cage is much more suitable for one hamster than gerbils. Gerbils need their bedding deep and I don't think the cage is big enough for them to dig and charge around as they do. It is very expensive and then you have to build it, resulting in that 'ikea' headache. I bought it as it is the most cat proof cage I could find but if I didn't have cats, I would definitely use a different much larger cage with more square footage.

Omlet Says: The Qute is designed to be good size for your hamster or gerbils. The deep bedding tray can be filled very high and the gerbils will make lots of tunnels and nests. However, if you have more space in your house, you can now buy a larger version of the Qute here

           Worth the money.

- Sadie, 24 November 2012

We have been delighted with the quality, appearance and general innovativeneness of this product - it looks great in our daughter's room; similar to Ikea furniture (not an eyesore like many cages!) and our cats have absolutely no chance of getting at the hamster. Its so easy to clean that weve not had any argument from our 12yr old whatsoever, over 'cleaning day'. Overall, a marvellous invention. Many thanks Omlet!

           Excellent for syrian hamsters

- Helen, 24 September 2012

I like the two seperate compartments and the storage underneath is handy for putting the food and bedding. The metal bars in the top compartment allow the hamster to climb and sharpen teeth with the opertunity to do the monkey bars from the tub. The tub at the bottom allows the hamster space to sleep and dig (free from drafts and secure from cats and their claws). The sturdiness of the peice of furniture means that we can keep it in the lounge without worrying about the cats knocking it off anything and my toddler can't move it or brake it. Overall the hamster is happy and we are happy. Oh and the fact that it is easy to clean means that my daughter can do it herself.

           Good, well made, product

- Jon, 21 September 2012

Arrived well packaged and assembled in about 2 hours. I was concerned about the wire flooring and how our hamster would cope with that but it doesn't appear to cause any problem for her. It would also be nicer if it was about 4 to 6 inches wider to give more room to roam and space for toys. It's a good, well made, product. Would have given 5 stars had it been wider and at at the right price point.

           Fantastic gerbil home!

- Julie, 14 September 2012

Fantastic product. Yes it is expensive but a lot less sawdust comes out of the cage when our girls are tunneling!!! As with other omlet products great design and looks good anywhere in the home. Came well packaged and took the hubby about 1 hour to put together. Easy to clean and most of all the girls love it!!

           BEST CAGE EVER

- Demi, 01 September 2012

I love this cage so does my pet hamster nibbles he loves the tube when he goes up and down and the weel is nice and roomy for him but it does make a little sound but its not too bad. Anyway its a FAB cage!!!

           So good I bought two!

- Emma, 01 September 2012

We saw the qute at pet shop near us and was so impressed with it we decided to fork out and let our children have a hamster each and bought two qutes! It did take us a couple of hours to put them together, but we think it was worth it as it is very solid and built to last, plus they are very roomy and great fun for the hamsters.It simulates their habitat more than most small plastic alternatives that never last! The hamsters have only been in it just over an hour and are having great fun exploring.

           Looks great and does the job :)

- Rebecca, 27 August 2012

It took me a few hours to build (a single woman without help) and is really sturdy and looks fabulous. Wanted something that blended into my living space as I only have a small house and it does this well. My two gerbils are very happy now although it did take one nearly a week to figure out the vertical tube which was a little concerning. Very easy to clean out and very child and cat friendly too. Fab. My kids love their gerbils :)

           Very easy to clean and It looks great

- Nikki, 21 August 2012

After doing a lot of research into the type of cage I wanted I decided this was definitely the best looking one on the market so my only reservation was the price. I decided however as it will be in my front room for years to come it was worth the price. On delivery I was extremely disappointed considering the price to find parts damaged and overall a but grubby and in my opinion the wire bars are not as strong as other cages. Customer services were great and offered me a refund or replacement parts sent. I received the replacement parts and I am really glad I kept the cage. It's ever so easy to clean (although you do get a lot of mess out of the back) and the gerbils are really happy. It took one gerbil 1/2 day to work out the tube and the other one about 2 days. Now I fill the tray up quite deeply and they just dig the tube out so they can still get up and down. Also at first one of the gerbils didn't like walking on the bars but he got used to it and I've just put lots of wooden things in for him to climb on instead. Neither used the wheel so I've taken it out and now they have even more space for toys etc. So in summary, I'm really glad I purchased the Qute because it's easy to clean and I know I can live with looking at it for the next x years and i would recommend it however due to the quality of the parts I'm not sure the price is justified.

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