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           Love This Cage!

- Anne, 12 August 2013

Our Hamster loves his new cage!. It's so easy to clean and looks really great too!. We purchased two of them, because double Qute is not available in the US. My Husband is in construction and was able to make a connection for the two. We also made a solid floor for the upper wire part of the cage. I'm so happy to have found this cage! We feel that our Hammie is living is Super Luxury now!!! Thank You Omlet Company!!! =O)

           Very good.

- Jill, 27 July 2013

Really good design. My stepdaughter's baby hamster loved it from the moment he was put in it. The only thing to mention is the wheel. It was fine at first but it soon became very noisy. The wheel is too unstable and therefore makes a rattling sound. I realise you're always going to get a bit of noise from spinning but the rattling was too much. It would better if it was fixed to the solid side wall of the cage. We fitted a length of threaded bar from left to right and fixed the wheel on the right hand solid side with nuts and washers. Happy hamster, happy stepdaughter. Would be great if Omlet could look into a similar solution:-)

           Best cage by far !

- Jessica-rose, 15 July 2013

We purchased the qute with storage shortly after buying two gerbils who had arrived with a small cage which they quickly grew out of. when it had arrived the gerbils had settled in nicely( even though one couldn't quite figure how to get down the tube)and it looked lovley in our front room. as we bought the cage when it first came out there were a few faults such as the wheel kept falling off of the wall but shortly after, omlet sent us the stuff to fix it. overall a excellent cage that both pet and people will like!

           Great piece of furniture

- Karen, 12 July 2013

We brought this product as we just had our kitchen done and "Olly" didn't really have anywhere to go in the cage that he was currently in! He's now in the corner of the dining area and the cage goes great in our kitchen! Downside is the wheel is soooooooooo noisy! Olly is on it all the time, he had outgrown his old one so did not use it much, but it's doing my head in now, I can hear it when I'm even upstairs. Great cage though, would highly recommend!

Omlet Says: Hi, it's Stephanie from Omlet. Thank you for your review, your feedback is really important to us. You'll be pleased to know that a new version of the wheel will be available shortly, and it will be much quieter. I'm glad to hear that Olly is happy in his new home.

           The coolest hampster house in town

- Lydon, 03 June 2013

We wouldn't have got a hampster if it wasn't for this Qute cage - it is, as it says, a piece of furniture in its own right, really simple to clean and makes for easy interaction for the children. It also looks really cool and is solidly built to last. We went for the one with the storage underneath and it's height is perfect for the children to see and get to Hammy easily. The only downside is the hampster wheel, which is noisy and woke us all up at night time and we've had to replace with a ball on a stand inside (enough room to fit it in). Now we just put it in during the day/when we're away - there's no way anyone would sleep with the cage and wheel in a bedroom! Even still, we like it and everyone comments on never seeing anything else like it around. Overall, still great.

Omlet Says: Hi, thanks for the feedback, you'll be pleased to know we have been working on a fix for this and a solution will be available in the coming months!


- Traceyann, 28 May 2013

Definitely the best hamster house out there!! Would recommend to anyone....looks good too! I have a very happy grand daughter and even happier hamster :) Thank you Omlet!

           Really like the cage and the style but the wheel is sooooo noisy!

- Allison, 21 May 2013

We're really pleased with the look and feel of the cage but the wheel is really really noisy

Omlet Says: Hi, thanks for the feedback, you'll be pleased to know we have been working on a fix for this and a solution will be available in the coming months!

           Mr Chips loves his Qute

- Peter, 08 May 2013

We adopted Mr Chips a year ago and he arrived in an all plastic cage. We soon upgraded him to a Qute, which has proved to be a great choice. We placed Mr Chips in the upper section of the Qute, where his water bottle, wheel and food dish were and it didn't take him long to find his way downstairs via the tube. We placed a couple of plain wooden toys in the bedding tray to give him something to gnaw on. Cleaning the Qute is a quick task each week. Mr Chips goes in a play box while we remove the bedding tray and take out his toys and his paper bedding. The sawdust and food is emptied into a rubbish bag and we use an old clean paintbrush to remove any remnants. We brush any bits of food from the bottom of the Qute, top the bedding tray with fresh sawdust, and replace the paper bedding if it is still clean. If it looks dirty we replace it with fresh bedding. The water bottle and food bowl get a quick rinse and every other week we wash the bedding tray in soapy water after soaking his “wet corner” in a little white vinegar. (The vinegar dissolves any white scale that may build up from urine.) We like the design of the Qute as it would not look out of place in any room. There is no spillage of sawdust and the quiet exercise wheel is a bonus. The small cupboard at the bottom is ideal to store his food, sawdust and bedding in, out of the way and the door catch is still as secure as it was when we first put Mr Chips in the cage. Mr Chips has never chewed the lower section and whenever we enter the room he climbs up the tube to say “hello”. (Peter Logsdail, co-author of Hamster Lopaedia)

           A great looker!

- Phil, 07 May 2013

This cage does look great and it was relatively easy to assemble, even for me! My one issue is the wheel is noisy and so we replaced the one that comes with the cage with a silent wheel for £14.99. I don't regard the cage as cat proff, our cat easily forced it's paw in between the plastic container of the lower level and the wire floor of the top level. Also, a cat could open the wire door or even bash out the front og the upstairs if left to for long enough; we keep the cat out of this room now. Would be good to have an option of another type of floor for the upper level, other than wire. Also, would be great to have a fitting for optional tubes/ extensions!! All in all though, a very nice piece of kit.

           Excellent hamster home and catproof

- Michelle, 27 April 2013

I've just rescued two young cats who kept eyeing up my Bella (Hamster), so I saw the Qute cage. It's totally secure and gives me peace of mind. Really wish I could have afforded the double cage, but am 100% happy with Bella's cage and she seems very happy too. Because you can put plenty of megazorb (alternative to sawdust) in the bottom and can hide the food, so that the hamsters have to search and dig for their food.

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