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           Stylish Hamster Cage

- Denise, 16 June 2012

The main selling point for me was the style of this cage and I am really pleased with it's appearance. I live in an open plan house and it just blends in perfctly as a piece of furniture. It is so easy to clean as well. And, probably most important, the hamster seems to like it. The storage is an OK size...although I have had to invest in another box to house the myriad of toys my daughter has bought for her pet. It is ample for small packets of bedding and food. I have two quibbles (very minor). Firstly, the wheel....it is soooo noisy. initially (first two days) it was silent but gradually the weight of Moriarty (the evil genius hamster) has pulled the wheel at an angle which means it clunks against the side of the cage making a bit of a racket. We tried rejigging it but to no avail. But I have bought a free standing wheel and solved this problem. Secondly the position of the central tube. It would have been better placed at a corner so that you could fit other toys in the cage...you can fit them in but is all appears a bit of a squash. Saying that Moriarty does love his tube and spends hours just scrabbling up and down it. I would really recommend this cage as it allows you to clean it without having to take the hamster out and it looks fantastic. I'm now waiting for a bigger version for rats!

           Very pleased

- Clare, 09 June 2012

Brilliant design that works really well, one of the best cages I have ever used. Just not a fan of white furniture.

           Good cage but rubbish wheel!

- Louise, 07 June 2012

The cage is really great, easy to assemble and looks good. Our hamster seems very happy - loves rummaging in the deep litter tray and going up and down the tube. BUT it's a real shame that Omlet don't supply a decent wheel. After three sleepless nights of grating and grinding noises, I bought a better wheel on Amazon, which Nibble can play on all night without disturbing the whole house! Given the premium price of this cage, I think it should be supplied with a much better quality wheel. Omlet, take note please!

           Excellent cage - noisy wheel though!

- Maxime, 06 May 2012

We love our new cage - as does everyone else who visits us! It looks great and our hamster loves doing his acrobatics in there. We had a broken single front bar on the cage - customer service was excellent, a replacement part was received within 24 hours. Our only complaint is the sound from the wheel - we've tried repositioning it - but its still loud. We have to turn up the TV to compensate. If they could fix this - we'd give it a 5/5!

           Gerbils happy and easy cleaning

- Andreia, 03 May 2012

Perspex cage could have been better sealed around top so the bedding bits of dust don't come outside of it causing a bitof mess

           Hamster cage

- Janice, 17 April 2012

This is a fantastic product and the hamster seems to be happy also. He never used his wheel in the old cage but started to use the Omlet wheel almost immediately which was surprising as he is now 15 months old. My only negative comment would be that he hurt his leg during the first few days of use as his legs tended to drop through the bars on the top level. I still see his legs dropping through periodically but I think he has learned to grip on. The cage could be improvised if the bars on the floor of top level were closer together.


- Gaenor, 10 April 2012

This is a fantastic and very stylish cage and our two gerbils love it! They have made nests and tunnels in the bottom half and love to climb and play in the wire top cage. The only problem we have had is that the wheel doesn't seem very good, as our gerbils back legs keep falling out of it when they try to run in it. It seems to slope down abit, but it might just be our gerbils that are a bit daft!! However, they don't really need it, as they are quite happy burrowing and playing.

           Absolutely beautiful!!

- Amy, 05 April 2012

I think that the cage looks amazing in my room and is definately worth buying because it does fit in any home and it is also a good shape and size so my gerbils will have plenty of room when they move in but it doesn't dominate my space. I did however struggle slightly with putting it together as it came flat-packed and I am not a DIY expert!! The design is very complex and practical. I think it will be impossible for any animal to escape!! Thank you omlet - amazing cage! :D

           Gerbils (&kids) love it

- Glen, 30 March 2012

Everything great, just one small design issue though. The 'wheel' keeps coming off. I have tethered the fixing with garden wire and it's fine, something you might look at though. Cheers, dad of happy gerbil owners

           Fantastic hamster cage

- Leti, 13 March 2012

We love this cage - it looks really good, like a piece of furniture, its easy to clean. The hamster seems to like it and we can always see her without disturbing her. Its really an innovative cage - thoroughly recommend. The only criticism is that it was a bit tricky putting together just because some of the pieces didn't fit together or line up thatt well, however we managed and are v pleased with it.

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