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A faff to put up solo, but does the job! - Ceiswyn, Merseyside,

A DIY catio seemed like the simplest way to give my FIV+ cat some outdoor time. The catio plus pole took me literally all day to put up, and I think the roof would have been impossible to get on if I'd been shorter than 5'7 or had less arm and hand strength. I also went wrong twice; the instructions were correct, but maybe not entirely clear. However, my 6 kg chonk has been up and down the pole with it barely moving, and watching him listening and sniffing while sitting in a sunbeam makes everything worthwhile!
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 12ft

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Great product terrible instructions - Pamela, North Somerset,

It’s a well thought out design to be fair and perfect for our deaf cat. It was a bit of a nightmare to assemble. Instructions like complete the mid level aren’t very helpful ????
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 9ft

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Simple but effective - Ciaran, Hampshire,

Assembling the enclosure is a two-person job. Once you know that and you leave an afternoon free to get it done, putting the enclosure together is pleasantly straightforward. Our cat is delighted with it.
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 6ft

Cat Balcony - Oneill, Hampshire,

Fantastic customer service and support from Omelet would recommend.
Review for: Omlet Balcony Run - Catio - 6ft