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Verified Reviews for Omlet Catios - Large, Spacious Outdoor Cat Enclosures

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- Julie, Down,

Excellent product! Keeps the cats safe while allowing them to enjoy the sunshine, smells and sounds of outdoors. Plus, keeps the birds safe!
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

Great idea, easy to install, now want more of them! - Consett, Down,

Bought this product as being a small charity that runs entirely from our own home, we needed to be able to allow our cats the freedom of some fresh air but in a safe enclosure. Our back garden is so small building outdoor cat runs is proving challenging and yet we need something. So we bought the standard product to try it out and although yes at first it takes a bit of figuring out how to put it all together, once erected, it is surprisingly cat proof and yet not as noticeable because of the green plastic coated mesh so does not look horrendous as wooden framed monstrosities might look. Now just need to figure out what to buy next so I can extend it to provide more play area for the cats.
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

Lousy instructions, good product - Kerri, Avon,

I am only not giving five stars because the description of 'one-and-a-half hours to assemble' ended up costing me another $800! I told the carpenter it would be quick; I could not assemble it on my own and hired him to help. I read the terrible instructions many times over in preparation, having seen on forums that these were badly presented. They weren't kidding! Wow! For example, the images do not show if the screens or the poles should be on the outside; you have to figure that out for yourself. Terrible graphics that are most unhelpful! The method of packaging also makes for much more time lost, as I had a large run and the parts were not separated into their categories, but rather in their components for small, medium and large runs. Helpful for the sender; terrible for the receiver, as I had to sort it all out on my end. I did all that before carpenter arrived. I knew what to do. I was ready! Eight hours later. And he didn't finish it completely, he left me to do the rest of the clips. $800 for his help. I declined to use a catnet company that installs for you because of cost and went for DIY. But now the cost is about the same, and my run is a lot smaller than I would have had. I would suggest that you make a panel available for tunnel connection. The carpenter had to cut a hole in mine to connect the run to the catflap in the window. The option to add a tunnel to a panel would be fantastic. I'm planning an additional run with net, but cannot see how I can connect a tunnel to the Omlet one without having to cut it again, which I'd rather not do. The product? Lovely. Stronger than net, so I'm happy with that. Nice green camouflaged, easy viewing out for the cats. Nice height for climbing, which they need. I will say that the door latches are weak and the bottom one keeps coming out of its socket as we use it; that's a bit of a pain. I do wish the clear cover was actually wide enough to keep rain off. Disappointed that it covers only one third width. I'd rather pay a little more for a wider one. Well, that's it so far. I'll see how well it lasts over winter. The cats are loving it.
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 9ft x 13ft x 6ft

Omlet Says: Great to hear your cats are loving it. I will email you about the door as we can send you a replacement socket. Also for reference we do have the connection panels, which are designed to fit an Eglu house onto the enclosure but could be used to connect a tunnel etc.

Great product - Carol, Wiltshire,

Easy to assemble. We placed the run around a tree so the cat had a scratching and climbing pole. Has been much admired by visitors and the cats are happy to play for hours.
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 6ft x 9ft x 6ft

We found cat run easy to assemble. - Maryanne, Down,

Easy, straightforward to assemble. Access perfect for cats with the 2 doors. Able to relocate around the garden. The cats love it.
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

Product is quite good but instructions are useless - Kathleen, Down,

Once you learn how to assemble it then it goes together quite well and the end product is quite good but the instructions are hopeless. Needs a video on YouTube and some clear photos. Rethink your instructions from scratch.
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

Omlet Says: Sorry to hear that you had problems Kathleen, we are working on an instruction video.

Small cat enclosure - Gail, Gloucs,

This is a marvellous product, which I'm hoping to extend on next year. When I'm also hoping to get another cat. Thank you
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 6ft x 6ft x 3ft

What are you trying to do to me? - Eric, Warwickshire,

I ordered a 3x3x2 cat cage on the Monday thinking I would have a couple of weeks to prepare a site. The pack arrived on the Friday; just four days to get to the east coast of Tasmania. My wife was over the moon, not only that; she read somewhere in the instructions it would only take one and a half hours to construct. I would like to meet the person who wrote that. The instructions were easy to follow, and plastic fasteners used to hold the cage together were quite simple to clip on – they can be clipped using just one hand which is useful while holding the cage panels together with other hand, in fact after a while I was able to clip the fasteners with my eyes closed, which turned out to be useful when finishing the cage assembly late into the evening. I would so like to meet that person who reckons one and a half hours. This cage has been designed for a perfectly flat base while most sites would have some slope or other. I used earth sods to build a level footing – will it last? – I believe Offer’s Dyke was built with earth sods, (I wouldn’t recommend sods for chicken enclosures; chickens are the ideal machine for breaking up sods) but I digress. Because of the raised footing, I dispensed with the perimeter base mesh, and instead used some 70x35 treated pine attached to the cage by means of some simple home made screwed clips. To summaries: [1] Instructions, - Adequate. [2] Tools & Fasteners; - Only tool required is a philips head screw driver for the gate latch, - More than enough clips for the job [3].Quality, - Workmanship on the whole generally good, welding a bit sus around the gate latches. [4] Product – No pieces missing, Good quality coating. The plastic clips are not described as UV stabilised – surely Omlet wouldn’t overlook this, would they?. Also there is a design challenge here for a structure that can be built on sloping ground. Here’s a tip for potential cat cage owners: Because this is a lightweight cage I would suggest that any covers (shade or rain) be used, they should not be attached only to the cage, for a decent gust of wind could see it in the neighbour’s garden.
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 9ft x 9ft x 6ft

Omlet Says: Hi Eric, No we haven't overlooked the clips they are UV stablised :) Lara

re cat run - Michele, Down,

Hi We purchased a cat run about 3 months ago and our cat loves it. He waits at the back door to go outside, its fantastic we can look our our windows to check on him. It is so secure that I know he can not get out. our cat is nearly 8 years old and up until now we haven't let him outside. He enjoys watching the birds,seeing the sunshine and all the noises that come with being outside. I would recommend it to any cat lover and you have the piece of mind that it is very secure. Michele williamson (Adelaide)
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

Fantastic cat run - Sue, Down,

We bought this run for our indoor cat so that she can spend some time outside and enjoy the sunshine and the birds. It is very sturdy and was easy to put together. We feel confident that we can leave her outside in her run and go out and she will be safe. Excellent product
Review for: Omlet Outdoor Cat Run - Catio - 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

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