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Keeping track of my kittens - Rhode Island,

This has turned out to be great solving the issue of letting the kittens be outdoors but also keeping them safe if I cannot watch them. Was fairly easy to set up. Needed two people for sure. Besides the plastic snaps that hold it together I did wire tie it in several areas to be sure. For some reason the wire caging is small on the bottom - but larger on top. For kittens is would be better to have it all small since they can stick their head through it. Maybe provide a option if you want order all the small caging? I continue to add things inside for them to climb and keep busy. I would recommend it for sure and it looks nice as well.

Lifestyle changing equipment for cats! -

Our 2 Russian Blues, Marlow and Doey just love there run. They spend hours in it watching the birds other cats and playing with flying insects. I has changed there lifestyle from being indoor cats to being in and out cats. Photos to follow

Follow-up report -

This review follows up on our earlier one of 2 June. The weeks of use have confirmed that this was a very happy purchase. We have one outdoor Bengal and two kittens which we will keep to the house and run for safety and peace of mind. They are in and out of the run constantly through a cat flap tunnel and play very happily. All cats seem to like sleeping as high up as they can get and always choose the highest perch for their frequent siestas. I think a roof is massive advantage to enable its use in all weathers. For this there is a choice between spending time or money. The excellent Omlet covers will obviously be the quickest solution, but you need one for each section. A single sheet clear tarpaulin will be the cheaper option if you have the inclination and ability to cut to size, and re-do the hems - not the easiest of tasks. Fitting micro guttering is a fiddly task but the result does keep most rainwater off the pen floor. I will try and post some further photos.

Excellent product. - Dorset,

Purchased this cat run as we are re-homing a couple of indoor cats. We surveyed what was available on the internet and this company seemed to provide the most versatile kit assemblies. We decided that it would be good to allow the cats to have the run of the house with the option to go outdoors if they wanted. We assembled the run without the door close to our patio door to enable them to exit the house when they wanted. The run is sturdy enough when assembled to stay in position, but I have added a few straps anchoring it to the patio as we live in a windy exposed position. The run arrived very promptly after ordering in a number of boxes. However it was not possible to check that all items were delivered correctly because the panels and clips etc. were packed in different boxes and the checklists on the Omlet website did not seem to correspond. In the end we decided to go ahead and assemble the run and hope that any missing parts would be delivered as quickly as the original order. I did ask Omlet for some extra clips as we seemed short in this item. The assistant I spoke to was very helpful and sent on what I asked for very quickly. Assembly of the enclosure was not straightforward because the mesh panels were in different boxes and we had to unpack and sort the items before assembly. This took a fairly large area because of the size of the run. However, once we started the assembly it was fairly easy. We did in the end have enough clips in the original order and all the parts required were included. I assume the boxes were packed by Omlet in a way to enable the different size runs to be quickly identified and shipped. However, the assembly instructions do need updating to make things more straightforward. It took 2 people (senior citizens) about 8 hours over 3 days to assemble. We have had one gale since assembly and the structure has proved to be very stable and didn't move. Very pleased with the finish and overall quality of the run. We are awaiting the cats and will pass on their opinion later!!

A happy purchase -

Not cheap but the quality is excellent. The wire is heavy gauge and should be long-lasting. Delivery was very speedy and all was complete. Although the instructions supplied are reasonably clear, I found it of great benefit to view the excellent Omlet cat run construction video available on YouTube. This video is very helpful and should be given more prominence. Not intending to move the run at all I built a wooden base using value decking. I constructed exactly as per the instructions but then came to the conclusion that if the run is on a solid surface then the skirt around the perimeter serves no purpose at all. So I removed it and found the spare mesh very handy in constructing a tunnel to link the run to a cat flap a metre from the run. Once all the uprights were vertical and symmetric, it seemed a good idea to give rigidity by fixing them solidly to the base. I found I could do this by carefully inserting a screw through the tube clip at the base of each pole. I will try and upload some photos.

Best money I have ever spent - Hampshire,

This was a must for our two new kittens, so many cats around our way now we didn't feel it safe to let them roam. They love it. Our older cats love it too as it allows them to go out when we would not normally let them.

Good -

Easy to assemble - hard part is probably ensuring you have a flat surface. Mine is on grass. Solid enough - I was a bit worried as I live at the top of a hill and we get strong winds but it will be fine - its sturdy enough plus its open so the wind will just go through it. Open - it seems very open and I think the cats feel a bit like they're in a goldfish bowl but that will be sorted when my climbers grow. Door is easy to open and shut. One negative is that the wire in the top part is wider than the bottom part - a small bird could easily fly through especially now while the babies are about. I noticed a wren nearly flew through one day while it was on my hanging basket. Time will tell how long they last but so far I'm pleased, despite having initial delivery problems.

Outdoor Cat Run -

Very pleased with our cat run. Beautifully made, very practical. Our cats just love it. Delivery was very quick. Absolutely great. Thank you Omlet.

Excellent . -

Well Made cat Cage.

Excellent Product -

I purchased this cat run , 6 by 9 by 6, last year for my two house bound felines, felt bad they could not go outside. The instructions were straight forward and the assembly , while lengthy , was very very easy to understand and execute. My cats have since been noticeably happier if not intent on bringing frogs, bird parts and mice in the house for us. As a review, this is a solid product that is worth the investment and I will be purchasing more ( possible chicken equipment) from this company, I am very pleased with my purchase thus far.

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