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Excellent for our rescue car -

We are extremely pleased with the cat run and Ginny the cat is delighted also. Regarding putting together, everything comes in well labelled packs for ease of identification; it all went together well, but care is needed in following instructions - hence it took sometime to put together. My husband made a "tunnel" which allows her to go between the cat run and the house as she pleases.

Great product! -

The product is everything that was promised. It took a while to put it together, but it wasn't hard, just a lot of pieces. It's sturdy and very nice-looking. I would highly recommend this cat run to anyone who wants to get their cats outside and still keep them safe!

Ideal and safe -

Perfect for my 2 indoor cats who daily demand to be taken outside to their pen. The pen is very well made and secure, which took us about 3hrs to erect (you need a clear head!). Think we'll add another section next year. I would definitely recommend this pen.

Very good - just what we were hoping for -

The cage is excellent, but the assembly can take a time because of all the clips, some of which can be fiddly

Excellent product. -

I purchased a large enclosure for my cat. Some issues with delivery company but Omlet sorted it quickly. Very happy with purchase and Omlet's customer service. My daughter now plans to buy one.

2x3x2 cat run -

I wish i bought one years ago and it looks so good in my garden

Excellent - Essex,

It took me a good bit longer than a couple of hours to put up, but once I got the idea it was pretty straightforward, and I managed it single handed. I found a YouTube video of erecting it which was more useful to me than the manual. Only problem I had was my fault - after erecting it we were mystified when the cat we had put in a few minutes before turned up at our patio door. We thought either we were losing our marbles, or he must have magic powers. But on close inspection we found that I had left a couple of clips off the side of one of the panels. Evidently our cat, who is quite hefty , had found that by leaning on it he could open it enough to squeeze out. The moral is, double check all your panels - the mistake only showed up on close inspection, because the whole structure looked and felt solid. But now it's perfect, and our other cat, who's been confined to the house till now, insists on going there every morning, and is quite reluctant to let himself be brought back in later. And it looks great in our garden.

100% pleased -

We have the 9 x 15 enclosure for our rescued girl. She now can get fresh air, hear and watch the birds, and play ..... safe and secure! It was easy to assemble, and was worth every minute and dollar. I highly recommend!

So far so good -

We bought the low-level cat run to try it out, thinking that, if our indoor-only cat (he's deaf) liked it we would extend upwards. As we weren't sure exactly where to site the run we made it up to only half the depth to try it out (it's about double the size of a dog crate at the moment). At this size we can move it around the garden (two-handed) and put it on the patio to mow the lawn. There is enough space for Murphy to walk around and to sit and watch the birds and insects, and the other cats when they are out. We cover one end for shade if the sun shines and give him a mat, water and toys. So far he's not a big fan - he doesn't seem to see the point - but as time goes on he may come to enjoy his outside time; it must be good for him to get some sunshine on his fur and some fresh air in his lungs and we can add to his space with the panels we have left over if we want to. We found it fairly easy to put together (a flat surface helps a lot) and being green and lightweight it doesn't look too out of place in our small garden. Four stars not five because the middle t-shaped supports don't seem quite tall enough.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. Please feel free to contact our customer service on 01295 500900 or at info@omlet.co.uk if you think there is an issue with pole supports and we will be happy to help. Yours, The Omlet team

Still work in progress -

Have not erected it yet as my husband is constructing a runway through from conservatory to cat run. When it is complete we will hopefully send photos if Ginny enjoying herself,

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