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Verified Reviews for The Omlet Peck Toy

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- Jill, East Sussex,

I bought this to stop one of my Hens pecking the others when they were in their run. The Hens love this, it keeps them entertained for ages, especially when I fill it with meal worms!
Review for: Pendant Peck Toy

Great! - Hind, East Sussex,

Unlike the Elvis toy these are great. My guinea fowl and turkeys love them and I love that they're entertained! Highly recommended.
Review for: Pendant Peck Toy

Great! - Helen, Surrey,

Our 6 hens and particularly our cockerel love these - so pleased I bought them, when I was upgrading to the Cube for our expanding chicken family.
Review for: Pendant & Poppy Peck Toy - Twin Pack

Great buy - Sarah, Merseyside,

Excellent keeps my hens amused for hours
Review for: Poppy Peck Toy

Useful toy. - Bev, Merseyside,

The girls soon learnt how to work their elvis toy, keeps them entertained & reduces waste.
Review for: Poppy Peck Toy

Chicken fun! - Sarah, East Sussex,

I fill this with freeze dried mealy worms and my girls have a field day with it ; ) Only complaint is the attachment string that comes with isn't anywhere near long enough to hang it from the top of your 2 panel height walk in runs! I had to improvise an extension....
Review for: Pendant Peck Toy

My chickens dig it! - Valerie, Surrey,

I love this twin pack of toys. I think the chickens and I are more fond of the Rocky. Especially since I forgot to pick up the Elvis before I moved the coop, and I ran over it and broke it. But Rocky is still kicking. And we love it. It’s a great way to give them their crushed shells and treats.
Review for: Pendant & Poppy Peck Toy - Twin Pack

The Girls Love It! - Nicole, Cheshire,

The entire flock enjoy pecking out treats from the Elvis Peck Toy. Very entertaining for them...and me.
Review for: Poppy Peck Toy - Twin Pack

Rocky is a big hit but Elvis not hitting the right note - Rowena, Surrey,

They took to Rocky straight away & it meant the smallest hen got their fair share but however I try I can't get them to use Elvis which is a shame.
Review for: Pendant & Poppy Peck Toy - Twin Pack

Great toy - Jan, Cheshire,

My girls love this. They got the idea within 5 minutes of me tapping it and letting the food fall. Meal worms work in there especially mixed with crushed digestive biscuits as a big treat when they have been good girls.
Review for: Poppy Peck Toy - Twin Pack

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