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Poppy peck toy not just for chickens but turkeys too! -

Great item and the chickens and turkeys love it. As soon as I put the corn into the peck toy and pushed it into the ground they were all over it and it didn't take them long to figure out how to use it. Simply little device that seems to be well made and will withstand the constant pecking it will get. Overall great price and a even better boredom buster for the birds.

Brilliant -

Had no idea how my hens would love the pendant peck toy. Also great amusement for us to watch.

treats last longer! -

One girl got the hang of it immediately,the second watched and ate fallen corn but soon joined in,the third got bored with the speed of delivery and asks me to hand feed her! The treats last longer and they can keep coming back to the pecker.

Sorts the workers from the management -

I have 3 hens and only one actually pecks these toys - the other 2 just watch and wait. We thought Peggy the pecker was the brainy one, but can now see the other 2 are way smarter :-) Definitely recommend these though, good quality and stimulating for the birds.

Keeps Mavis Occupied! -

My 7 girls normally have the whole garden to terrorise but this winter was so wet that they were ‘confined’ to their 6m x 6m run. This caused my Araucana hen Mavis to shriek constantly to express her displeasure. I bought this in an attempt to restore peace to the neighbourhood and when filled with mealworms it magically worked. No more shrieking, no more dirty looks and the neighbours no longer hate me. Definitely recommend!


It’s an awesome idea and I wish I could give a better robust my chickens won’t use it. I don’t know how to get them to use it. It’s like they done even acknowledge it, even when filled with their favorite grains. I’ve even dangled it in front of them and let the seeds drop out. Any suggestions??

Great Product -

Easy to use and set up. Takes a bit of getting used to for the hens to get the hang of it. We used some broccoli etc on the outside of the pod to get them interested but once they worked it out, they were off!

They love it! - Oxfordshire,

My chickens eyed this up for just a matter of hours before they figured out it was food, now it keeps them occupied pecking and clearing up beneath

G -

This chicken toy seems simple but my chickens love it. It keeps them engaged and it's fun for them. They work together to get the seeds out. Thank you from my chickens.

great bordom buster -

my chickens love this fill it with corn & mealworm they peck it food flicks out great toy keeps em busy for a while

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