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Best thing I've ever bought - Cheshire,

My girls love this, keeps them entertained for ages. I fill it up with Omlets corn mix. I didnt think they were keen at first. My ex-batt Sage loves it it's her favourite thing, she was the first one to work out how to use it, then all the others followed her. Highly recommend so your hens dont get bored.

Slight adjustment. Girls love it. -

Slight niggle in that I couldn't get the 2 halves of the stem to screw together, but after a bit of pet safe glue, it's been outside 2 minutes and the girls are now going to town on it.

Chickens love it -

Product is well designed and arrived well packaged and in the time specified. My chickens love these peck toys and figured them out as soon as I put it in their run. It keeps them entertained whilst they eat - it’s great watching them. I’ve filled it with layers pellets, sunflower hearts and mixed corn and all work well. I’ve got both the poppy peck toy and the hanging peck toy, and love them so much that I’ve now got two of each!!

Poppy Peck Toy -

My bantams love these peck toys and they are great boredom busters

Peck Toy GREAT -

Birds absolutely love it!! I do wish it was a bit bigger with the larger group of birds I have. I would recommend it highly

Pendant Great, Poppy Not So Much -

Love the pendant peck toy, but the poppy has some issues. There are slots on the top that let in the rain and snow, and then the green base that connects to the stick seems to accumulate residue from the scratch grains that eventually turns moldy. Finally, my turkeys (and I realize this intended for chickens) managed to bend and then break off the metal stick after about five months of use. Going to order another pendant instead this time.

Omlet Says: Dear Elizabeth, Thank you very much for your review, we are so glad that you are happy with the Pendant. I am sorry that the Poppy peck toy did not meet your expectation and I am more than happy to send your comments over to our design team for consideration in the future. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer services team on info@omlet.us Kindest regards, Omlet

As expected - Durham,

My girls love this, provides good entertainment for them pecking at it and scrabbling for the treats that drop.

The Peck Toys from Omlet are 5 Arrows Farm approved! - North Carolina,

The Peck Toys from Omlet are 5 Arrows Farm approved!! They’re really easy to use and they keep the chickens entertained. I just put some sunflower seeds and layer pellets in the toy and when they peck it, the food falls out. It’s a great toy to keep them entertained when I can’t let them free range.

Pendant and Poppy Peck Toy -

I thought my hens were very thick they have ignored all other novelties, swings and toys that have gone into their run, to my joy and surprise they figured these out very quickly. I absolutely rate this product and so does my thick chicks

Chickens like it -

The chickens seem to like pecking at it, keeps them amused. The string could be (way) longer.

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