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Reviews for Caddi Treat Holder

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Keeps extras tidy -

Was dubious at first but works well. A good way to keep greens etc. off the ground and chickens are kept amused using it

Very good product. -

My hens love the caddi treat holder I put all different ki ds of food and treats in the caddi holder and they spend ages picking and eating out of it. Great buy.

excellent product - Maine,

I use the Caddi treat holder to give my flock leafy greens and fruits and veggies and they love it! When I fill it up, they come running and get so excited to see what goodies they'll find! Keeps them entertained for hours!

Excellent for putting spinach in -

My chickens love playing with the treat holder I put apple or spinach in it for them

Awesome way to contain treats and keep them busy - Illinois,

Took my girls a good 2 weeks to finally not be scared of it, but now they love this treat holder! I hung mine near the door so I can reach it without having to step inside. It keeps the food cleaner and keeps my girls occupied!

The girls love it - Michigan,

my girls seem to love the treat containers...

Treat time just got a whole lot more entertaining with our new Caddi Treat Holder and Peck Toy! -

I put fresh kale from the garden in the swinging treat holder and black oil sunflower seeds in the peck toy, and the ladies enjoyed hours of entertainment!

Love it! - Texas,

I fill my girls caddi a couple of times a day with fresh veggies or fruits.....They absolutely love it and come running when they see me! It keeps the treats up off the ground and provides great stimulation for them. One of my best purchases!

Perfect treat holder -

We previously used a cheap bird feeder but it didn’t last. This is great. Well made and easy to fill. String is perfect length too. Thanks.

Prefect! -

Well made. Chickens love it!

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