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Verified Reviews for 3ft Run Extension for Eglu Go

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'Go' run extension - Rand,

Usually our hens roam the garden, but with avian flu precautions we're supposed to be keeping them in. Bought the extra metre to give them a bit of space. With a cover over the top of the run to meet the DEFRA requirements it seems to do the job and the hens seem to be happy enough. Extension a bit on the expensive side for what it is perhaps, but does what it's supposed to do.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2016

Expensive for what it is but essential - Clare,

This is a good quality product. Expensive for what it is but you really do need it; the run is so much bigger with it. Fitting instructions are good. If you end up with 2 rigid metal L-shaped brackets (that do not appear on the instructions), they're to add more security to the anti-tunnel skirt. A tip with the run clips: Use a 2-pence coin to effortlessly open them when dismantling the parts of your existing run, and when you 'add' the clips, prise them gently apart, facing away from you. Hook them over the two parts you need to clip together, them spin them around to face you before squeezing them shut

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

A bit expensive but works well - Nigel,

Initially sent without the clips, but a set of clips was sent out promptly when reported.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2014

Essential, really - Andrew,

We bought this because our 3 chickens seemed a bit cramped in the standard run. They appear to enjoy the extra space, but there have been niggles. The original package was missing a roof panel (there should be 2 along with 2 side panels and a pack of clips). However a quick phone call sorted this out. It may also be worth noting that the extension is only 90cm long and not 1m. Not massive problems, but irritating nontheless.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2013

Good, but minor faults - Micchel,

Good design, still some failures in the wire coatings.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2013

It is very good - Veronica,

Useful extension is functional and attractive. Did not contain instructions about how to fit it which made the process take longer.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2011

Excellent product - Gillian, Renfrewshire,

Excellent product, however Omlet could label the panels to make it easier to work out which bit goes where!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2013

Necessary - Gillian, Renfrewshire,

This extension in my opinion is necessary, otherwise the standard run is just too short. It gives the chickens more room to move about and as it gets wider towards the end it gives them good width as well as length to roam about in. Only negative is the lack of instructions! Considering the price the least Omlet could do is provide adequate instructions. Hence the reason it doesn't get 5 stars

Verified Purchase: Feb 2013

very good. - Barbara,

Very pleased with the extra room it gives the chickens to run around. Would have liked a gate in the side of the extension so that the water container is easier to change. Difficult to squeeze down and reach it..

Verified Purchase: Aug 2010