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Rugged ground anchors - County Tyrone,

Rugged and dependable ground anchors, due to my Eglu run having a tarp on it the wind catches and pulls at it, these ground anchors have prevented my Eglu from getting ready for take off several times during stormy weather with the added bonus of also keeping the run skirt firmly down on uneven ground for predator protection. The drill attachment saves a lot of effort and significant time when unscrewing and moving the run, I would highly recommend these

Perfect design -

Pegs that really work in any kind of soil, and are so easy to screw in. Fantastic!

Good purchase! -

Really pleased I bought these. Easy to use & give peace of mind that the run is secure. Recommended!

excellent product - Maine,

These pegs are very sturdy and very easy to use. They come with an adapter that allows you to use a power drill to set them in the ground but I found them very easy to set in the ground by hand. The large handle on the top fits very comfortably, and once I have screwed them in place, I don't have to worry that they will work their way out. Very secure once in place and no worries about anything digging up the predator wire! Excellent

Security not an issue -

Having areas that are not flat in my yard the screw pegs work great to hold the skirt in tack. Makes the Omlet Eglu Up even more secure from any pesky critters trying to get underneath.

Perfect - Indiana,

Very easy to use and very secure. Very happy with them

Omlet screw pegs are Brilliant - Hertfordshire,

Do exactly what they say. So easy to use which is great when you need to move the eglu and run frequently around the garden

The screws work into the ground well. -

The screws work into the ground well.

Very pleased -

Easy to fit and extra security.


Excellent in use - very practical

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