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Summer shade for eglu replacement - Philip, Kent,

I have just replaced the eglu shade - after two year’s use the old one had split in several places and was starting to disintegrate. The material is quite thin and had become brittle. I wonder if another material can be found to improve its longevity , or provide a more economical replacement without the need to replace the corner fastenings.
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

Great idea.... - Annie-, Hants,

This "jacket" is a great idea but it was not well executed. We can't use the light sensor because it is covered. We can't access the egg door because it's covered. I have to unzip the whole back panel and take off the entire back door just to retrieve the eggs. Seems like Omlet didn't think this through.
Review for: Extreme Temperature Jacket for Eglu Cube MK2 Green

The reviewer has 4-6 Lots pets

Omlet Says: Hi Annie, Thank you for your feedback. It has been passed onto our Product Design Team and will be evaluated for further improvements. We stay at your disposal for any further information. Yours, Omlet Customer Service Team

Expensive for what it is - Cook, Essex,

I could have made something as good as this myself. Disappointing quality for the price paid to be honest.
Review for: Clear Tarp for Eglu Cube - 6ft

Will need changing annualy. - Seddon, Essex,

Functunal but streches to easy allowing the steel eyes to fall out is going to need to be renewed every year
Review for: Clear Tarp for Eglu Cube - 6ft

poor quality - Schaer, Kent,

I have two shades and after just one year I have to replace both of them. The sun here in New Mexico, US is pretty intense and even though the cube is mostly in the shade, the two shades are completely faded (I don't mind that) and falling apart!
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

Does not last very long - George, Kent,

In the cloudy UK, this canopy might be quite long lived, but I found here in Canada that after one year it totally bleached out and started to fall apart. We do get a lot of sun in the summer and clearly the UV light does cause substantial deterioration in this product. In North America I would expect to replace this canopy every two years.
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

Not as expected... - Sara, Kent,

Unfortunately, whilst the description says that it 'is the cube shade that comes with the eglu cube'... it was quite smaller than the original shade that I got with my cube... I had hope that this would be a replacement for my now faded shade - but it will probably have to be an additional shade for extra protection. Also, sorry to say this Omlet, but it wasn't complete. It only had three fastenings instead of four... So it has been attached with the old (faded, dirty, rusty) bands with the three new kept as spares in case the old one perish.... Oh dear!
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

Shade -Cube - An Omleteer,

After 18 months the Shade split open 3ft across. Colour faded quite a lot also.
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

Cube Shade - An Omleteer,

Shade is too small - barely covers top of Cube run and allows rain to enter at the sides.
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

Shade - Cube - not so longlasting! - An Omleteer,

Although our Eglu Cube is still in excellent shape, the shade faded and developed tears after a year or so and we are now having to order a replacement. How about introducing some more funky colours/patterns for the cube shades?
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

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