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Many uses! - Cricket, East Yorkshire,

I bought some of these in case I lost some, and for a specialised shade I made myself, and they also work to attach the 'end of run' poles to the side of the Eglu Cube.
Review for: Bungee

At last - spare bungee hooks - Sue,

I've been waiting for bungee hooks to show up in the Omlet shop since 2007. I used these to securely attach a new 'window clear' tarpaulin to cover most of the 2m run attached to my Eglucube. Now my girls are protected from cold wind and driving rain. You can never have too many of these and a few spares tucked away is always useful. I've even used them to attach bird feeders to tree branches. Thank you Omlet.
Review for: Bungee Hooks Pack of 6

Does not last very long - George, Kent,

In the cloudy UK, this canopy might be quite long lived, but I found here in Canada that after one year it totally bleached out and started to fall apart. We do get a lot of sun in the summer and clearly the UV light does cause substantial deterioration in this product. In North America I would expect to replace this canopy every two years.
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

works well - Callum,

works well , 6 supports the winter cover really well.
Review for: Bungee Hooks Pack of 6

Ok - Geraldine, Kent,

Does what it is supposed to do, but they do not really last as the sun always breaks down the material and they then split
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

Great Product - Bev, Cornwall,

This shade came free with the omlet go run and I think it is a great little shade... Easy to fit and provides the birds with a nice shady area and also offers a bit of protection from the rain - although to be fair I think a full size version would be better in the rain. This is not meant to offer the full protection of the full cover so in fairness it does the job it is designed to do!. Good little cover.
Review for: Shade - Eglu Go - Summer

Does the job looks good - Andrew, Kent,

I wish they didn't eventually fade but hey they are out in all weathers.
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

Not as expected... - Sara, Kent,

Unfortunately, whilst the description says that it 'is the cube shade that comes with the eglu cube'... it was quite smaller than the original shade that I got with my cube... I had hope that this would be a replacement for my now faded shade - but it will probably have to be an additional shade for extra protection. Also, sorry to say this Omlet, but it wasn't complete. It only had three fastenings instead of four... So it has been attached with the old (faded, dirty, rusty) bands with the three new kept as spares in case the old one perish.... Oh dear!
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

shady chickens :) - An Omleteer,

Me and my five chickens love the gloriously sunny weather but on an extra bright day when we are relaxing the eglu shade is the best tool which keeps us cool in the shade! :D
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

Shade -Cube - An Omleteer,

After 18 months the Shade split open 3ft across. Colour faded quite a lot also.
Review for: Shade - Cube - Summer

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