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Delighted with the safe environment - Aberdeenshire,

I'd always had free-ranging hens in the past and eventually they all succumbed to Mr Fox. It was very traumatic and we didn't keep any hens for quite a few years after. This year we decided to go for it again as we really enjoyed having them about the place. We went for a 3x3x2 run which is attached to a mk2 eglu cube. It's great to have a safe space for the girls to spend time in and the height is a massive convenience for us, not having to scramble (sorry, had to get some eggs in somewhere!) about bending down to the floor. I put the run together on my own, lots of concentration and yes I studied the instructions and laid everything out on the lawn and cardboard boxes before starting. It looked daunting to begin with but I did it over two days, so it helped to get going on the second day as I knew what I was doing by then. I can't remember how long it took but it wasn't two full days, just parts of them! It's a clever bit of kit and the height gives lots of scope for branches and we have an old step ladder that Betty likes to perch on the top step. Wish we had this the first time around.

Great product, easy to assemble - Texas,

I purchased this because I wanted to be able to walk in where the chickens are and let them have ample space. I do not want to free range b/c of predators and this is a great option. Easy to assemble with 2 people. I did add hardware cloth around bottom like others have suggested to further predator proof this (only complaint/drawback). I added a clear tarp to the top to prevent rain from coming in. Chickens are happy!!

For anyone wondering if the walk-in is worth the extra money -

My husband and I couldn’t agree about the walk-in run. He said the extra height would be much more comfortable when cleaning out the hens and while I agreed I wasn’t sure that was worth the extra few hundred pounds. We have a 2 x 3 x 2 walk-in run attached to the cube. We bought seven new hens although we’ve had hens for the last 12 years. The first thing that we noticed is that they absolutely adore perching! We have both the omlet perch and also a load of branches arranged in a higgledy-piggledy fashion and they really enjoy flying up there. I had no idea how much time they would spend up there and it really extends the floor space as there are often only a couple of hens scratching about on the floor. Unfortunately only a couple of months later Beyoncé the hen has died. We went to collect Lady Gaga yesterday and were aware that introducing one hen to 6 established hens is very tricky. We cleaned out our Eglu Classic ready to keep them separate but the man we bought her from suggested that we give it a go and then just remove her if they weren’t getting on. The height of the walk in run has been excellent for this. We sneaked her in overnight and in the morning whenever she was getting a few too many pecks she would fly up to a perch for a bit of peace and quiet! We have even moved a food and water container up there so that she can stay out of the fray or come down whenever she wants! I’m really pleased that we purchased the extra height of the walk in run. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody with a larger group of chickens as it really does give them more space

Secure run - Tennessee,

I needed a walk-in, raccoon proof run and this has worked perfectly. Even when we're out of town, the chickens can go safely to and from the coop. A little tedious at times with the assembly, but I'm very pleased with the final product.

Great space for the chickens to roam safely - East Sussex,

We bought the walk-in run with our first Cube when we got our first set of chickens. The run definitely needed 2 people to assemble, but was fairly simple to get up once we got started. The ideal situation would be to have the run on completely flat ground (and the instructions do say that), but we had to set the run up in a field which has a small incline and a LOT of molehills that made it a bit more challenging. We got it assembled and as flat as we could and, 6 months on, it's standing just as firmly as when we set it up. It's great to be able to go in and mingle with the chickens without them flying away and in a safe environment for them. We've had no issues with foxes (despite them being around) and the chickens love their space.

Love my walk in run - East sussex,

Bought the walk in run to go with my Eglu cube. One of the Best Purchase I did in the lock down. It does take some time to built it. I did put everything together my self except from the roof as needed tall husband to do the roof. The hens now have a permanent run & I can walk in & handle them easily without them escaping out. Make sure you built it on the place where it needs to go as you cannot easily move it once built. Also bought automatic door which is a godsend in the morning. I have a camera in the walk in run so I can check that the door works every morning. Highly recommend all Omlet Hens products that I bought!

Walk in run 2x3x2 -

Gives my 4 large chickens a good amount of space, I don’t feel guilty now when I go off to work and leave them in run. However they still like/shout for free range garden time when I get home! Was easy to connect to the mrk2cube coop

- California,

LOVE everything about this run. Easy to assemble. My 6 chickens now have room to roam around without being in my garden and destroying all veggies hahaha. I also appreciate awesome customer service Omlet provides. Awesome buy!

Walk in run -

Excellent run to give my hens more usable space, the full height run is fantastic for getting access to clean. My hen are safe and secure definitely should have got one of these from the start. Fairly easy to build.

Perfect run -

This is a great, sturdy and spacious run - easy to put together for me and a 6 year-old! The gate is really secure and easy to fasten. I feel confident that the hens are safe in the run when I am not around to keep an eye on them.

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