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Finally a safe sturdy chicken run. - Maryland,

I now have little doubt that my chickens will always be safe because of the Omlet enclosures. It took a little time to set up but it is rock solid and seems to be predator proof. After loosing several hens to racoons and feral cats, I now feel much better with my hens in the new run instead of my old one cobbled together with chicken wire and 4x4s.

Sturdy and secure - Tennessee,

I assembled this all by myself - yes, it would have gone much quicker with two people, but one person can do it. The trickiest part was figuring out which clips go where, and since my terrain isn't perfectly flat, I added more zip ties for additional security. The yard is much sturdier than I anticipated - this is a simple way to give your chickens a comfortable place to wander. I've ordered a swing and perch for added fun!

Very pleased -

Although all the boxes on arrival looked daunting, it was actually fairly easy to put together - ideally with more than one person. We took our time with it as it was not urgently needed. It is very sturdy and so far I am happy with the security. On completion we had mislaid some of the skirt supports (our fault) but a quick email had some replacements winging their way to us. Superb customer service both before and afterwards by Omlet. Thanks very much

Sturdy structure and looks good -

We can't free-range our chickens very easily as there are a lot a foxes about, so this product has been great in giving the birds a bit more room and allowing us to walk in with them. Construction took two of us a few hours, but it wasn't too difficult once we got going with it.

Great quality! -

We ordered a 9 x 13 x 6 ft chicken run for our three hens. My husband and I put it together ourselves. Took us 11 hrs to complete, as it was a large size but for being beginners at this type of assembly we were very happy with the included instructions, and felt they were sufficient enough to guide us through on our own. We did end up adding zip ties to ensure no spaces were left in between the connecting fencing (as we live in a high cayote, racoon and wild animal area). It turned out great! We also bought two dark green covers with gutters (from Omlet) that have been a life saver for shading our birds from the hot summer days (the 2 covers perfectly shade half of the chicken run). Just a heads up that you may experience delays (due to Covid) if you live in the US as we do. We ordered in April and recieved ours three months later. We ordered a food and water feeder at the "same time" as well, that is not expexted to deliver until October 2020. I do believe the products are 100% worth the wait!

3x3x2 Walk-in chicken run - Leicestershire,

This is perfect for my 6 hens. It's good quality and perfect for my needs.

Game Changer - Colorado,

This walk in run is a game changer. In the winter, we need our chickens to stay in a smaller area because our weather can change in an instant and we need our girls to stay warm and safe. The run gives them a way to have a bit more space and freedom, but keeps them out of harm's way. We have coyotes and raccoons that live close by and despite their best efforts, the run has managed to stay secure. It attaches to the Eglu runs easily and quickly, making it a wonderful and durable option for chicken keepers.

The height and double-doors are AMAZING! - Connecticut,

I love love love the height and double-doors of this run. I won't lie, I didn't love putting it together (not because it was hard, just time-consuming), but if you just focus on one step at a time, you'll be done before you know it. The chickens love it too; we do allow them to free-range, but we leave the bottom door open so they can come and go as they please, which they do!

Very happy with my secure run - Maryland,

I'm a happy customer! I love the walk in aspect of this run, no need to hurt my back when it's time to clean out the run! The run itself is very secure, and the doors latch tightly to prevent predators. Highly recommend!

Love it! -

Totally love the walk in chicken run that attaches to the cube! I spent a day with a couple of very good friends putting it together which made fun!

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